Wednesday, April 28, 2004

UK NEW MAGAZINE - "UFO Monthly.com"

Well as I have said, after the sudden death of Graham Birdsall (49) Sept 2003, his pet magazine soon came to an end. This is not uncommon as the life of a publication usually balances on the editors skills. Russel Callaghan, Birdsalls right hand man gave the editors job a go, to his credit the product was not that bad, in the end Grahams family realised to do this job one needs passion and they did not have their late fathers drive for the UFO subject, so they closed it down.

So Russel Callaghan and friends have come back with a NET based magazine they hope people will pay for - to fill the void. I do not think it is going to work, people do not like paying for NET products, let us wait and see.

The last magazine was important source material for my blog, this one may do the job; Have a look.

"UFO Monthly will feature articles, reports and information relating to the UFO and associated subjects. It is a downloadable 'Glossy Magazine' style publication and issue 1 is free from this site from 27th April 2004 further issues will be made available for download on the 27th of each following month for a small fee of UK £1.50."