Saturday, May 29, 2004


Yep as I have reported the cunning children from the "Dr Evil & Frow Brow" family have written a "dastardly evil plot" to rid Mr Colin Norris of his life work. These are the secret transcripts from ASIO, ASIS and CIA tapes.

DEBBIE: We had discussed leaving his research to the Mortlock Research Library in Adelaide where any member of the public could view it's contents without it leaving the safety of this institution, but his son (who has little or no interest in the subject) won't allow it. As the rightful heir of Colin's possessions he will keep Colin's research and I have no idea what he will do with it.

BILL : Debbie, given your long involvement with Colin's group you may be able to answer some queries: 1. What involvement did Colin Hayvice have in Colin's group and "sorting out" his files?

GEORGE: I wouldn't be surprised if his son puts everything into garbage bags and dumps the lot when the time comes.

DI: George That's exactly what I heard his son would do if he got his hands on it, lets hope the gossip is wrong.

GEORGE: I have some ideas regarding this that we can talk about next week. See you in Sydney.

GEORGE: Diane, yep...this is typical of what people do when family members pass away..just throw out nearly everything. He's still here for now anyway, what are we talking about...

What are we talking about, the children from the "Dr Evil & Frow Brow" want his file num nut! So the "dastardly evil plot" well be executed in Sydney next month. The plot thickens - Help!


""The fine print in a flyer promoting a national conference on UFOs in Campbelltown next weekend contains a cautionary note. The current list of speakers could increase or decrease if unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the organisers should eventuate. For those dealing with claims that include alien abductions, the warning may be wise. Up to 200 people, including speakers from the United States, will attend the two-day event at the Campbelltown Catholic Club.""

And so on....

This was in the Sydney Morning Herald today. I wish them well but what a lot of lost abduction time. And any big notices for the public to grab... well this was the big news.

""Bill Chalker, a qualified Sydney laboratory chemist who runs http://www.theozfiles.com, will tell the conference about technology that can test physical evidence of alleged encounters. He says he has already had hair samples, recovered from two alleged NSW alien encounters, DNA tested.""

Our very own laboratory chemist? What that is all I can give you for the promo. But more our BCLC will "tell the conference about technology that can..." God no back to bed!

PS: What exactly is a laboratory chemist, a fat or sausage tester?

REF: It's Campbelltown, Jim, but not as we know it - By Richard Macey - May 29, 2004


Thursday, May 27, 2004


I have met Colin - Melbourne Contact 97 UFO conference. From what I can remember Colin was a guest speaker and was over thanks to PRA (Phenomena Research Australia), I believe they flew him in. However, I did speak to him while he was with John Auchettl (PRA) and he was very interesting, I had a good old yap..

Just a warning Colin, I have just read some emails and it looks as if the jackals are out waiting for your death so they can get their hands on your files... well hold on you bumbs, the files are not going to you, plan all you want. So F*** O** Bill!

An Alleged Non-Human Caught on Film

Country - Parque Forestal - Chile
This photo was taken at 17:40 hrs approximately from the corner of JM de la Barra and Av. Cardenal Jose MarEDa Caro, in front of bellas Bellas Artes and looking east. By German Pereira A. - Civil Engineer.

It looks very poor quality for a Civil Engineers attempt. Not clear and why all the blur, if it was on auto, and lets face it all of us who have a digital camera only use the auto mode... so why the side effect blur...Who Knowns?


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The George Negus Tonight History transcripts from the ABC Broadcast 6.30pm on 24/05/2004 are as follows:

Ufo Man - Colin Norris.

Port Arthur Ghosts - Tour guide Todd Darling.

Disappearing Islanders - Yawujibia people vanished from High Cliffy Island - Sue O'Connor is an archaeologist at the Australian National University in Canberra.


NSW researcher Barry Taylor has looked at the Mexico video and taken a series of grabbed stills from the footage, using false colour enhancement procedure he reports "To my surprise, they resulted in images identical to the hoax device..." He posted his computer work to this LINK - I must say I see no hoax, for many reasons one is the speed of the objects, but I had a good look at what Barry produced and I think he has made an error by using images off a TV screen, rather than raw feed images. Barry's images are small & second hand. When I do a similar computer enhancement I do not get what he has found/produce. I wonder why. My image are from the direct live CH7 News feed and they were clear. So I wonder what has happened? I wonder if PRA (Phenomena Research Australia) has done like work, I may follow this up later.


The below speakers list looks rather good. Some speakers are not my cup of tea, yet it looks like an event worthy of a visit, even if it is all the way up in Queensland. Good one Duncan.

Friday 24th—Saturday 25th—Sunday 26th September 2004
The Chifley at Lennons, Queen St., Brisbane, Australia
Duncan M. Roads, Editor, NEXUS Magazine
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
Tel: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr Nick Begich (USA) - The world's leading activist into the HAARP project and other dangers of the misuse of Tesla technology by secretive groups.

Jim Marrs (USA) - Best selling author/researcher of conspiracy power groups, and their suppression of UFO info and related technology.

Valery Uvarov (Russia) - Head of Russia's UFO and anomalous archaeological research will share amazing info.

Wal Thornhill (Australia) - Internationally acclaimed researcher of the electrical nature of our solar system, and the cosmos.

Prof. Siegfried Tischler (Austria) - Internationally recognised expert on oil geopolitics and the future.

Lloyd Pye (USA) - Author and researcher puts the case for an ET origin of mankind whilst destroying Darwin's theories.

Nanci Trivellato (UK) - Leading researcher and presenter into all things connected to Out-of-Body experiences.

Richard Alan Miller (USA) - Highly respected researcher into Earth frequencies and their effects on living things, ie mind/mood control.

Malcolm McClure (Australia) - Your rights under Common Law, and what they don't want you to find out. Empowerment at its best!

Eve Hillary (Australia) - Respected medical researcher and activist exposing the growing suppression of natural health products and devices.

Jain (Australia) - Author and lecturer on Vedic Maths, Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Resonance, Harmonics and more.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I just read that Hollywood's favorite Screen Kills are:

1. Janet Leigh - Psycho
2. Slim Pickens - Doctor Strange Love
3. King Kong - King Kong
4. Alan Rickman - Die Hard
5. Beatty & Dunaway - Bonnie and Clyde

But it was the movie by Stanley Kubrick "Doctor Strange Love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964) - It had a lot to say - back in the 60s. The wonderful list of actors, especially Peter Sellers as the mad German Nazi scientist in the USA HQ bunker. Peter also was the RAF Group Capt exchange officer. But it was Slim Pickens (1919-1983) as Maj. T.J. 'King' Kong take on the US mind set. When Pickens rides the HBomb to the Russkie target, great shot great ideas equals great movie.

Noo-cyu-ler war, toe ta toe with the Russkis.



Australia or South Africa are possible sites for the worlds biggest radio telescope, a top German astronomer Anton Zensus said at the Cosmic Frontiers conference in Berlin last week. 15 nations are involved with the plan, to produce the 1 square kilometer array interferometer collection area. It will be more sensitive than anything we now have. REF: Herald Sun 24 May 2004 p23.


Monday, May 24, 2004


Just recently Evangelist John Chapman gave the opening address to a 4 day recreating Australia conference at the Melbourne Concert Hall to 500 church leaders from Oz, NZ & USA he noted:

"If heaven is better than Australia, it can only be marginal".

See AGE 13 May 2004 p3

Well I knew that!


George Negus Tonight (GNT) History on ABC TV on Monday May 24, 2004, 6.30pm was not that bad. Well I could have done a better job at the production. As stories go with some TV programmers the UFO subject came over as say a little nutty to interesting. It seems from the words of George Negus that he is a skeptic; well he reported that he was an Honorary Member of the Australian Skeptics.

I was surprised how time has gone, Colin Norris is 84... God! But he looks very well and in his odd way came over as an interesting person, someone who you would like to have some time with. The old ABC film of Colin from the 60s was great... he is truly one of the originals.

The "Port Arthur Ghosts" segment was just average, the video taken by one of the people on the tour was very spectacular.

Lawrence Leung, don't give up your day job what ever that was? Just rubbish. Oh! did anyone feel that Leung was in fact a believer and not a skeptic? I did!

The clip on the "Disappearing Islanders" from Western Australia, well I knew about the tribe, but I have never seen a movie on the people, so the old black & white movies were great, they were big people.. Now, what happen to the reason for their disappearance... did she give that to us?

All in all this ABC production got - *** Stars - only because of the add on - old movies.


Saturday, May 22, 2004


Scientists have always dismissed astrology as a load of old bunk. Now, a British astronomer has said that there might be something in it after all. Percy Seymour. In his latest book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology, the former Plymouth University, England, astronomy lecturer, and member of the Royal Astronomical Society, argues that, while he does not believe in horoscopes, the movement of the sun, moon and various planets undoubtedly hold an influence over us.

Robert Massey, astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England:
"It's right up there with stuff like crop circles being made by extraterrestrials,"

Dr Mike Hapgood - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, England:
... says we have no real data on how, if at all, magnetic fields might affect human behaviour. "There's an interesting question there and it's not something that is well understood," he says.

Geoffrey Dean - Perth:
Last year, Geoffrey Dean, who left astrology to become a scientist in Perth, carried out what is probably the most robust scientific investigation into astrology ever undertaken. He led a study of 2000 people, most born within minutes of one another, and looked at more than 100 different characteristics, ranging from IQ to ability in art and sport, from anxiety levels to sociability and occupation — all of which astrologers claim are influenced by heavenly bodies. He found no evidence of the similarities that astrologers would have predicted.

Jacqueline Mitton of the UK's Royal Astronomical Society:
"The difficulty for scientists is that we know the strangest sounding ideas can sometimes turn out to be true,"

The Melbourne Age
Heavens above, the planets may affect us
May 21, 2004


Friday, May 21, 2004


Coming up on George Negus Tonight (GNT) History on ABC TV on Monday May 24, 2004, 6.30pm.

Port Arthur Ghosts
In 1833 Tasmania’s Port Arthur became a prison settlement for male convicts. Hundreds died in those early decades, but some wonder if a few of those old souls haven’t stuck around. Tour Guide Todd Darling believes there are ghosts and says, “You have to wonder how it is that people who don’t know each other and don’t know the story, from different places in the world, have come and seen the same thing ten years apart.”

Disappearing Islanders
In the early twentieth century a Pathé newsreel team visited an island in the north of Western Australia and made a film about the "giants" who lived there. Although this community has been identified, the people have since disappeared. What happened to them is still unknown.

Ufo Man
Those with an enthusiasm for Unidentified Flying Object research have called Colin Norris Mr UFO. After devoting more than fifty years of money, effort and even blood to the cause, Colin believes we are being watched.

Lawrence Leung
Lawrence Leung, 26, is a comic, writer, director, psychology graduate and occasional ghost hunter. Lawrence was a sceptic from a young age, for some reason not believing in Santa. Of late he has been entertaining audiences at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Festivals with his comic, supernatural-debunking show, ‘Sceptic’.


Thursday, May 20, 2004


Charles R. Smith thinks the Mexico Video was US fighter planes with special infrared emitting panels intended for formation flying using night vision systems. If you don't like that idea then take your pick - Fly Robot, "pulser" aircraft, Utah Donuts, squadron of new stealth strike, X-45 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) project etc.

How he came to this conclusion Smith does not tell and I am not that sure he actually knows, hell I am positive he knows nothing? SEE - Page

What goy my attention was the fact that Mr Smith is an example of a "Network Wank"! Even his Bio states "Mr. Smith's life sounds like a character in a Tom Clancy novel. He received a U.S. government "Top Secret" clearance as a top-level computer engineer for EDS." Blah Blah...

However today's Network Wanks need to be more than just qualified they need to have at least a string of specialised task to their name before any of the big networks will take them on as advisors or used them in a commentary role. So have a look at the list below, this is Mr Smiths "Areas of Expertise" - Go figure?

Information Warfare - Strategic, Tactical and Practical
Applications/Offensive-Defensive systems
Advanced warfare (energy weapons, genetics, nanotechnology and robotics)
Missile warfare, nuclear warfare, biotox warfare, WMD
Cryptanalyst Computer forensics encryption systems
Computer Programming, Systems Analysis, DP project management, Quality Assurance
Organized crime
Russian and Chinese military/intelligence operations
Privacy & Human Rights, Freedom of Information
Foreign & Domestic electronic surveillance
Super computers - High Speed Computing
INTERNET - Security on the Net/Tracking hackers and stalkers
Gaming System - Training Tools & Analysis Engines for management and leadership

BIO - Data


Monday, May 17, 2004


Making sense of the world by having fun with statistics.”

Go download one of their awesome flash modules.


Some of the many questions for which World Health Chart can contribute to the answer:

Which are the richest countries in the world?
Which are the healthiest countries in the world?
How does wealth relate to health today and in the past?
Has the world become healthier over the past 50-100 years?
How has the differences in health between countries changed?
How has each country developed over the past 50-100 years?

I love stats!


Sunday, May 16, 2004


Make some time this Monday night for the Bermuda Triangle Secrets Revealed - 9:30pm.

It is a old program 1996, not a bad production.


The Australian UFO Research Network has had some changes to its structure, the big surprise was Doug Moffatt, a hard worker from UFORNSW has decided to give up his links with AUFORN. I am told he has not posted any new data to the AUFORN news group for months. I wonder why?


But if you want to be a researcher with the Australian UFO Research Network you can not do better than their new Central Western NSW investigators credentials - Full time worker for the NSW Dept of Health, Debra Goninan of Orange NSW. This is what you need.

"Diplomas, certificates and awards in photography, journalism, parapsycholgy, Egyptology, ancient prophecy, Wicca, psychotherapy, crystals, aromatherapy, auras, and several other subjects of new age and esoteric interest."

Baroness (Professor) Susan Greenfield

""Prepares for a working visit to Australia, Professor Greenfield will take temporary leave of London and become Thinker in Residence for the South Australian Government.

Photo: Rick Stevens

She has been to Australia several times and has been a hit on the lecture circuit and with local media. Many of her concerns are universal: the impact of computers and other information technology on the way children learn; how effectively do universities liaise and work with the private sector; and how to best communicate science and its importance via the media.

"I want to democratise science," she said. "I want to make it accessible as it should be for anyone from any background, from any age, irrespective if they are scientists or not, especially if they are not scientists.

She argues the media is vital to change policy.

Outside my own area, I get all my facts from the media. So, therefore, the media is driving public opinion and therefore driving policy.""

The Melbourne Age - 15 May 2004 - p/Insight 5


"A WITCH support group has dropped its action against a suburban mayor after he denied saying the local witches were evil.

The Pagan Awareness Network has settled its dispute at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal with Casey mayor Rob Wilson. Cr Wilson alleged he had been misreported and couldn't remember making the comments.

But Mr Wilson still faces an action at VCAT in August from Olivia Watts, a transgender witch who claims his alleged comments made her an emotional wreck. The Herald Sun reported on Tuesday that taxpayers would bear the brunt of Ms Watts' $50,000 legal bill for her test case of Victoria's religious tolerance legislation. The public now looks set to foot the bill for a further $15,000 after Casey Council lost a costs dispute with the witches in a third dispute.

Pagan Awareness Network president David Garland said: "We now intend to turns our attention to matters in Casey."

He said this included organising a full moon ritual in Casey and deciding whether to sue the previous Casey mayor, Brian Oates. It is believed that Mr Oates has threatened the pagans with a defamation action if they pursue him at VCAT."

Mayor spared a hex debt
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - May 14, 2004, P11
Liam Houlihan and Matt Cunningham


Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Australian - 15 May 04

Q: What's your verdict on the UFO pictures?
Total votes: 2074
1423 68.61% They look like the real deal.
651 31.38% It's garbage. They're a deadset hoax.

A Yes!


The Australian press have covered the story not very well only 7 pages. The text has not been full on, very basic. Yet they have increased the word count. The Google news page count was 210 related articles as of 14th and 257 for today the 15th.

* Air force plane tapes UFOs
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - May 11, 2004
* Air force films UFOs
South Australia Advertiser, Australia - May 11, 2004
* Mexican air force films UFOs
The Australian, Australia - May 11, 2004
* UFOs filmed over Mexico
The Australian, Australia - May 11, 2004
* Airforce spots UFOs
The Age, Australia - May 11, 2004
* Mexico snaps UFOs
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - May 11, 2004
* Mexico Air Force video creates UFO stir
ABC Online, Australia - May 11, 2004


That was also very poor. Ch10 had a very good visual report but had it right at the end of the broadcast. CH9 nothing and CH7 a small clip... No Bill.


From: Diane Harrison
National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
Australian Skywatch Director
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004

"Australian TV have taken an interest in the footage. Channel 7 News aired it at 5.00 pm yesterday. Bill Chalker was asked to do an interview with Channel 7 re the footage and Australian UFOs. Channel 7 is the 3rd largest station in Australia so I expect the other stations will quickly take an interest in the footage. Its great to see some positive media coverage for a change."

So Bill Chalker was asked to do an interview with Channel 7 re the footage and Australian UFOs... What... Did you see Bill on Channel 7? Was that an AM or PM program, no one seems to know. Hell at least we know Bills got our best interests at hand, great mix the "Mexican video" up with some "Australian UFOs". Way to go Bill your our Oz representative!


Mexican Scientists Dismiss UFOs - it was, Gas, Meteor Fragments or Ball Lightining and or all of the above! Thats right the old chestnuts are wheeled out again.

Have another look old chap.

Image 1

Image 2

Journalist and long time UFO supporter Jamie Maussan announced that the objects were real and "intelligent." One thing I have noticed with Jamie, he never lets go when he has a good story so the above chestnuts will get look in.


Friday, May 14, 2004

BARRY WILLIAMS A Honorary Rationalist

A few weeks ago I was reading the Melbourne AGE (23 Apr) and there in the business pages was our friend, past president (?) or editor of the Australian Skeptics and long faced SANTA look alike Mr Barry Williams. Well I think it is Barry? Take a look.

Is this Barry?
REF: Picture:Louise Kennerley- "Equity firm plays it by the book" - The Age, Australia - Apr 23, 2004 - By Leonie Wood.

Did you know our Barry is a Honorary Associates of Rationalist International... What! Our Barry a rationalist.

This splash was listed for our Honorary Associates of Rationalist Internationa:

""Barry Williams is the editor of the Skeptic, leader of the Australian Skeptics, and the major force behind the successful World Skeptic Congress III held at Sydney in 2000. Barry joined the Australian Skeptics in 1980, and has been fully involved in its activities ever since. In 1990 he became Editor of its journal, the Skeptic, overseeing its transition from an in-house newsletter with a small circulation into a substantial journal with a wide readership. At the beginning of 1998, he combined this role with that of the full-time Executive Officer and continues in both positions today. With a background in engineering and commerce, Barry has maintained a practical approach to paranormal and pseudoscientific claims, reasoning that as most of these claims are aimed at people who do not necessarily have a deep understanding of scientific principles, then they should be challenged at a similar level also."" - (C)http://www.rationalistinternational.net/associates/b_williams.htm

At least we know our barry likes picture books, well books with pictures of ships.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

I just want to thank you all, for the wonderful traffic - to my blog. I expected about 1 or 2 hits a day, but 140 in 4 days, I am very impressed and happy that you find my information interesting. Please come back over the weeks as I will soon be looking at our local UFO magazine the Australasian Ufologist, and making comments on that.

Thanks George Simpson, I read your comment. Sorry if I made you mad but thats how I see it. Use the comment area again anytime.

In all I am a very Happy man!

Her Web Page

Patricia Piccinini was born in Freetown Sierra Leone in 1965 and arrived in Australia in 1972. From 1985-91 she studied economic history at Australian National University and painting at the Victorian Collage of the Arts. I just lover her work and so does the world. If you can find out more about her exhibitions.

She has a show on right now - "We Are Family" at the Bendigo Art Gallery until 27th Jun 2004.

This is from the Oakleycentre:

"Patricia Piccinini is an artist who explores the frontiers of science and technology through her sculptures, photographs and video environments. Since the early 1990s, Piccinini has pursued an interest in the human form and its potential for manipulation and enhancement through bio-technological intervention. From the mapping of the human genome to the growth of human tissue and organs from stem cells, Piccinini's art charts a terrain in which scientific progress and ethical questions are intertwined."

"Ideas about nature and its simulation are central to Piccinini's works, inviting us to question what is 'real' and what is not. Made with the aid of computer technology, they collapse reality and artifice, and propose that nature is as much a human invention as it is an empirical concept. In the artist's world, birds inhabit a computer-generated forest and the sun sets over a shimmering, digital ocean. A menagerie of human and animal life inhabits this wonderland, modified by and even given life from within the computer. From synthetic landscapes to artificial life forms, Piccinini creates a world in which fact, fiction and fantasy co-exist. She begs the question: what, in our rapidly changing world, constitutes 'the real' anyway?" - (C) Oakleycentre.com

We Are Family" - Take a look!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Some days I wish I could stay in bed. Today was such a day. A day from Hell. If you have ever worked with first year University Students then you will understand. I can not tell you how some of our best ever get to University is another mystery of life. You either love them or hate them... I could do without them, but they pay the bills. The best approach it the young mind, fill it with hope and new horizons, over the years I have been rewarded when a lost sole flowers into a creature that would make any parent proud. Today was not one of those days.

This video saved my day, it was spectacular. Mexico is surely the centre of the universe when it comes to UFOs. Errol Bruce-Knapp has a good copy, a big download but good for the files.

Take a look: = 18.6Mb

If you look at the end of every post you will find a comment link. Please use it!

The Age, Australia - Apr 30, 2004

""Rod Dickinson made a name for himself when he faked crop circles. But now the British performance artist has something more electrifying in mind, reports Peter Barrett.""

""A former painter, Dickinson became interested in exploring people's belief systems in the early 1990s, beginning by constructing fake crop circles in the fields of Wiltshire with fellow art pranksters. When he and his collaborators "outed" themselves in the British press they received thousands of abusive phone calls and emails from crop circle enthusiasts who felt betrayed. Co-collaborator John Lundberg refuted the claim by some that they had deliberately set out to debunk crop circles, saying they were instead more interested in the myths and folklore that build up around the crop-circle phenomenon.""

The Milgram Re-enactment will screen once only at ACMI, Federation Square, on Tuesday, May 4, at 7pm. Tickets cost $10 adult, $7 concession. For bookings phone 8663 2583 or visit www.acmi.net.au.

What can I say, the mans a hero... in his own mind. Rod Dickinson is a hoaxer, is that art?


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Great Blogger Relaunch
Even the blogger big wigs who run the system love UFOs, why not. Their update add for the new operation system has this?
Take a look.


Another Fort Gem...

By Liam Houlihan
Melbourne Herald Sun
- May 10, 2004 - p12

""AN exhibition that describes psychiatry as an evil profession with ties to Nazism was given a free week-long show in the City Square by the Melbourne City Council.

The exhibition Psychiatry Exposed: Don't Buy The Lies was flown in from Los Angeles and is run by the Scientology-sponsored group Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The vivid exhibition was last year booted out of Chicago's Thompson Centre. But for a week over Easter colour billboards depicting the so-called evils of psychiatry were set up in Swanston St.

Scientology was founded in the 1950s.

Its adherents equate medical drugs with illicit street drugs.""

Ok... No more visits to my Doc when ill... Not! Right in your face....!


(What will the men say? Don't I make you sick with this love in crap?)

Back to my thoughts. In my last post I made reference to Paul Norman, however, I did not add the acknowledgment on Paul's long service to Australian Ufology. Paul is a high flying star and I will be the first to say I will be sad to see him leave the field, so stay Paul. I can only emphasise his long time service and importance to Ufology and hope if we get a transition, Paul stays in the net work. As for Judith no comment!


Back at the same post it occurred to me, MUFON has no Queensland Director?

I thought Glennys Mackay was still in that position, so I wonder why she ended that arrangement. It is a shame as Glennys was a very good director and can I say organised and hosted one of the very best MUFON conferences I have been too. I remember it well, the trip from Melbourne to Brisbane and back was hell. Top marks to her crew as this was one of the very rare occasions when MUFON went out of the US. So is it just burn out or a good rest. I can understand, some times we all need to cut and run just to get a rest. Then come back fresh.

I see her name around the traps but - "Where are you Mrs Mac?"


This was posted out a few days ago and being interested in the magazine world I had a look. For a first try and because the Editor Stuart Miller is an amateur at this magazine production work, he did rather well... I would say three stars ***. The layout was way off - not good - just too simple. Stuart needs to change the format from MS-Word to PDF and add some art to the text - that would help.

The material was good, not great; I did enjoy the "FIRESTORM" - By Ann Druffel book review. Would I pay for this production...? I would say no. If he gives away a few more and the quality improves then I would consider it.

The contents are listed below, down load a copy and save it. Some good photographs of authors and researchers in this edition. As well as all that UFO Research Queensland's Sheryl Gottschall has a chapter.

Good work Stuart, just tighten it up.

Issue 1 May 2004

Published monthly.
Editor: Stuart Miller - E-mail: Stuart@uforeview.net

Click Here to Download Issue 1 - File Size 6.16MB

06 - Monster Man Speaks - Part 1 - By Stuart Miller
Major two-part interview with Nick Redfern on what he's been up to, where he's been, his new book and what he now thinks about the ETH.

20 - Attack Of The Red Cape - By Andy Thomas
Extract from Andy Thomas' book "Swirled Harvest" about the pitfalls of getting involved with loonies and the media simultaneously!

24 -What are the Triangles? - By Richard M. Dolan
We reprise renowned author Richard M. Dolan's fascinating analysis of Flying Triangles.

37 - Contact - By Stuart Miller
In the first of a series of articles on the implications for Mankind of contact with an extraterrestrial species, we look at the impact on religion.

51 - The Many Challenges of the Volunteer Ufologist - By Sheryl Gottschall
Devastating article by Aussie Ufologist Sheryl Gottschall on the pain and heartache of being a researcher. Enough to put you off ever looking at a UFO again.

54 - Book reviews
* FIRESTORM - By Ann Druffel
Publisher: Wild Flower Press, ISBN 0-926524-58-5
* CHALLENGES OF CHANGE - By Stanley A. Fulham
Publisher: Amisk Enterprises Ltd. Winnipeg, ISBN 09687321-1-9
THE PHOENIX LIGHTS - By Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, ISBN 1-57174-377-4

65 - News


Sunday, May 09, 2004


It must have been about month ago when I last saw Clive Yates (who is on VUFORS committee) and he looked great. Clive is a long time Ufologist in fact he is one of the first members of VUFORS. Clive is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and very polite so I can not help but see Clive as the future President of VUFORS - as Judith Magee and Paul Norman time ends. That could be months to a few years away but it is very close. When I last saw Paul Norman, he looked great for his age, yet the years are now on top of him and I don't see many more. Pauls work & research has fallen away to just a trickle so it would be a good time for Clive to take control.

As many of you know, this is a very sensitive issue with past VUFORS members and even in the ranks of today's members... it would be nice to see a good transition of power rather than a big end or struggle.

That brings me to my original idea for this post, I have notice Clive's name in a few major position or power shifts, and one of these is Clive link to MUFON. It now looks as if Clive will be taking a bigger role. Now that is good news!

More on this later.

Simon B. Harvey-Wilson Australia - Western Australia State Director
Moria E. McGhee Australia - New South Wales State Director
Paul B. Norman Australia - Victoria State Director
Clive V. Yates Australia - Representative


Saturday, May 08, 2004


And you said it could never happen.... well read on.

Mark A. Young, a professor in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University:

Young said he thought it highly likely that lifelike or organic molecules could have been delivered to Earth from non-Earth based bodies. “I don't think it's science fiction any more, to believe or to investigate that forms of life itself or pre-life molecules like viruses maybe could have come to the Earth from space. What's really impressive about life is how it can adapt to just unbelievable environments, and I think the ability for life to travel through space is possible.”

Links for this article
G. Rice et al., “The structure of a thermophilic archaeal virus shows a
double-stranded DNA viral capsid type that spans all domains of life,” PNAS,
doi:10.1073/pnas.0401773101, May 3, 2004.


This little snip on page 2 of the local Herald Sun (3.5.2004), is a gem. Have you ever noticed when big Corps have problems they tend to blame it on the small. In Victoria we have this wonderful excuse used by power industry spin doc, if you ever get a power outage than a tree Possum did it! Have you ever thought how one Possum can take out 20,000 home? Well TXU likes the excuse. They do not like to mention the power grid is in decline.

Another gem from page 11 of the local Herald Sun (3.5.2004). Australians don't like PayTV. The article said "47% of us probably won't ever subscribe"... I wonder why? I know why, who wants reruns and then have to pay. And what ever happened to the promise "No advertisement on PayTV".

PayTv use went from 19% to 25% - Death
Internet use went from 35% to 59% - We love our WWW/NET
Mobile phone use went from 46% to 72% - Love

Charles Fort was right!


Friday, May 07, 2004


I have to admit, when it comes to great syntax, text or words that impress I am not that good, so work with me try and live with my limits. As a wise man once said "I know what I like and I like what I want", not a bad maxim, well that is all you can expect from anyone who blogs so it should fit my daily plan. Compared to some full time bloggers, some have the word smith art down pat. So as odd as it may look to you I hope I can give the you some new angle on the subjects I will reassess.

Only new to the world of the Blog, I have a lot to learn. My major hurdle to date, well how much of my life should enter the blog pages. I am not quite adjusted to the idea of letting the readers know too much about my daily activities… that may change.

The great advantage of the blog environment is the ability to give a private view on current news or web activity, that is the big appeal to me. As I read a few other well established Blogs, I have noticed how I need to come back the next day just to see what has happened to that person. It has a vox populi appeal, in an odd way, yet if you stay around long enough and read the thoughts of the blogger, then it is quite appealing as a one to one form of cerebral contact, with the warm relationship feel as we all have with a family pet.

I hope I can last one month, let's see, I have some ideas on what I want to review and how to do that, I expect these restrictions to change with time, so please come back and look.


The counter to the left is just that a counter, no tracking format. I do not know if this was a good idea, but I have an urge or want, to see just how many people look in on my rubbish... or gems.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Mystery of Things
A.C. Grayling
Hardcover 229 pages (Pub: February 12, 2004)
Weidenfeld & Nicholson
ISBN: 0297645595

This book will expand your material. Grayling is a modem popular philosopher and this book covers a wide area of arts, history and science. The enigma of consciousness was well covered and he even has a try at the possibility of extraterrestrial life. It has only been on the market a short time so the web & press reviews are limited, take a look at this work next time you get to a book shop.

Nice Cover.

Australian National UFO Conference 2004
June 5 & 6 2004

Looking at the two day conference program does not inspire confidence. Some of the speakers are just no good for the full on conference environment. I can think of another eight Australian speakers who would offer better if not more interesting data. So on face value I see no reason for any enquiring mind to attend the full program, but and that is a big but, some speakers are value & worth the effort. For those of us who live some distance from Sydney the show is a no show. It is becoming more important when groups run conferences to have keynote speakers, so the USA speakers may (I hope) carry the day, the Australian lot are not that impressive.

Before I look at each speaker it is also important to remember the effort and time that must go into making such functions work and so I congratulate UFORNSW, they always come through with something for the public to look at.

The list below is roughly in order, so how do they stack?

Investigator and Researcher of the AUFORN "Disclosure"

I must say I have never met, seen or heard Debbie so I am making a value judgment with little supporting evidence. The only thing I have to go on is Debbies past research work and her papers title (For this event).

First impressions are "This will be a waste of time". What is new in the Government files or archives, what can she tell us that has not been seen or given to us by the Government? I find it surprising that Debbie would have anything new. From what I have seen from her work on the Oz Disclosure web page and newsletter, they have found nothing new at the archives. And the items they have posted are easy to get, right off the NAA web page. It is all so dull. Governments have a way of killing the subject, we all know that, so by looking at the very poor paper trail in Government Departments will alway give us nothing. As we have all found out, you can get 6000 page on UFOs from the files and learn nothing.

No Government is going to disclose good UFO data until they need to, and from what I have seen, when they do produce some paperwork, it is short and dull. The good data went with the original investigator. I have been told by other UFO researchers the files are not great because they have been cleaned out.

So this one will be a Yawn.

Author of "Mysterious Australia", "Pyramids in the Pacific" & "Giants of the Dreamtime"

Not Rex again!

This man can come up with the strangest explanations for a rock! He seems to find odd shapes in rock and in a blink of an eye links the formation to some distant past civilisation. I have no idea why other researchers do not challenge Rex in regards to the over the wall assumptions, but they don't?

He also claims that there is a UFO base in the Blue Mountains, I will comment on that at some other time, yet he does come up with odd ball thoughts and concepts. He seems to be a genuine sole but if you are looking for mana then purchase a hammer and every hour hit you're self on the head, you will learn more from that than hours with Rex.

That camera he has tightly strung around his neck has stopped the blood to his brain, please will someone tell him to take it off, get something smaller Rex.

Another Yawn.

Secretary, Australian Centre for UFO Studies/ Public Relations Officer, UFO Research Qld

Never heard Sheryl speak, I have read her papers posted up on the UFORQLD web page and some of her ideas in other magazines. Sheryl is always fresh and challenges the norm so you will get something out of her talk. One important function Sheryl does well is to provide the interested public with conference summaries. If you can not get there then her accounts are a great follow up read.

I did note that her husband Martin has had his name taken off the speakers list that is a disappointment.

No problem.

- Involving medical evidence - will bring copies of new book "SIGHT UNSEEN"

Yes I have seen Bud speak and he was very good. Would I go back.... no. He is one of those speakers that once seen, then that is enough. But if it is your first contact with Budd then yes!

A must for the new.

USA - USA based UFO Researcher who is suing NASA re freedom of information regarding the Kecksburgh UFO Crash.

Never seen Leslie talk, little to help the blogger, but if his subject is on Kecksburg, then Leslie will be a must see. I hope he has some good visuals/slides.

Co Editor of "The Australasian Ufologist Magazine & Editor of Hard Evidence Magazine


This will be as interesting as a rain soaked day. Apart from being a Co Editor and a all round organiser I have no idea how we will know more about the UFO subject after listening to Diane. Even with the power of a public magazine to vent her ideas I never read anything that is original or slightly helpful.

Take tea and come back after.

Victorian State Director AUFORN and columnist of "Now Then" - The Australasian Ufologist Magazine

Another Oh...

I have seen George talk in Melbourne at VUFORS nights, in his past life before he was heaved out of that organisation (VUFORS). If you read his page in the Australasian Ufologist Magazine, then you will understand. The man does not have one original or fresh thought, the data is dull and blahhh!

I have been told that people on a news group recently watch George make an ass of himself. George's knowledge of cameras, especially digital is just about nil and you may not find that important until you realise he sells cameras for a living. The point, if you don't know your job how can you talk about a hobby, quite odd. George seems to be taking a more "get out of Melbourne" attitude over the last year that's a positive effort. Recently he was invited to Sydney to speak at a UFORNSW meeting, and... well that meeting would have put you too sleep. What can I say?

Thus... he seems to be a good down to earth type of guy, but hell, not conference material.

Stay home.

Author of the book "Awakening" & Director of ACERN WA

Yes, more of Mary. I find her very interesting, for some reason she acts very shy and will not mix in with any public debate on the WWW/WEB, but that is how she is, not a bad trait. Mary has been on a few times in the past, but you will find her talk's always clear, visual and informative. However, her "Star Children" support/theory is right out in the "land of odd''. Just listen, you decide.

First timers then no problems if you have seen Mary presentation then save the money, get her book.

Author of "The OZ Files"

Please no more Bill Chalker. What is wrong with the organisers of some of our conferences, he is on every show we have ever had - This man is a serial space taker - odd cloth & colours, old slides, old data and a computer Power Point display that does not seem to work? How he gets his name on the conference agenda is a mystery. I have listen to Bill on at least 4 or 5 occasions in a conference environment but twice is enough five is murder. The title of his paper gives you a hint that it's going to be a bore. It's about time we got him a seat in the audience.

A good reason not to be in Sydney.


I hope it works for the organiser's sake, but I would say it will be the same old 50 to 100 hard edge followers, the post photographs & reports will glow but in the end we will be no further down the road. Next time get the best speaker in OZ! So that is your lot, as I have said, it is my opinion that you should save your money, if not then be very selective and thank God I am not near you but home with a good book.


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I have just got the speakers list for the next Australian UFO Conference in Sydney. A quick look at it... and it looks like I will not be going.

From the New York Times.

""A region of the brain that lights up when someone makes an error, scientists have found, also springs into action when another person makes a mistake.

When subjects were told they had made a mistake, the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of the brain involved in the perception of pain, became active instead — an activity pattern that was also duplicated in the observers' brains.

The study appears in the May issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience.

"It's as if the observers were making the errors themselves," said Dr. Michael G. H. Coles, an author of the study and a research fellow at the Donders Center, at the University of Nijmegen. "This could help explain how people learn by observing others."

The findings, Dr. Coles said, suggest that the anterior cingulate may come into play any time a situation turns out worse than someone expects.

If two people are racing against each other in a video game, for example, will one player's anterior cingulate still light up when the rival's car careers out of control?

"Is the anterior cingulate going to say that's good or bad, is it an error or is it a good outcome?" asked Dr. William J. Gehring, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Michigan who has researched brain responses to errors. "One of the interesting issues is that this sort of presumes that you are working toward the same goal."

If the anterior cingulate is more attuned to self-serving goals, Dr. Gehring said, it is entirely possible that it will remain quiet in the face of another's misfortune.""