Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Glennys Mackay Robbed By XFriend?

In 1996 Glennys Mackay put on a MUFON UFO conference in Brisbane Australia - "The Australian International UFO Symposium" held from 11 to 13 October 1996 at the Mercure Hotel, Brisbane.

Read about the Conference:

At that conference Glennys alleged that someone close to her and from one of her 'inner helper(s) team 1996/97' had stolen approximately $10,000 from their door takings. Glennys reported, that in front of only one other person (Now an acid tongue X-Helper) that she placed the cash in a cash bag, then put that into a box under a covered table for safekeeping. It was not until the inner helper team started the clean up and close up stage that the money was discovered to be taken.

Glennys Mackay never called the police to report the alleged theft that day, even though she had her suspicion it was one of her then close friend and lady helpers. Glennys reported that "this person was the only one that knew about the cash".
It's very interesting that "The Ferret" (aka you know who) admits to being one of the workers. In fact she brings the subject up... to attack Glennys Mackay... how odd? Go have a read. Why, is this person so interested in Glennys Mackay's lost money.... Mmmmmm we smell a rat?


Why not report the case Glennys?

It was too late everyone was gone even Ms %$@&&* - "She did leave suddenly and early for some reason, but I had called the police early that day as David Summers editor of Exposure Mag had his car stolen, the Police came to the venue to interview him as he had had his computer and a number of other things stolen. So if we had known then... but I did next day... but it was too late".

Glennys had to pay the speakers out of her own pocket, it was her conference, I guess it’s in her helpful and kind nature, especially when you trusted someone (Acid Tongue) with the cash location then that person burns you. Not unexpected, that close partnership with the then friend broke up and to this day is very “Acid”. That "Acid tongue X-Helper" tries to deflect the money story back onto Glennys in the form of all types of personal attacks, go read the comments http://ufoferret.blogspot.com/2007/10/smoke-mirrors.html - I guess that's what a guilty conscience does. But Glennys, you should have reported it to the police that day.

Well that’s the allegation from Qld, in a nut shell. Believe it or not? The word from Qld is that the "Acid Tongue X-Helper" is at the Ferrets comment page, go read.