Friday, October 19, 2007

The Bearded Burglar Snorzzz NZ

Please, NOT AGAIN Bill Chalker, when will you get new material. How does this chump gets a free ride to a NZ Conference to sell the same rubbish;

2007 'Future Perspectives' Conference Speakers

And what does he talk about… your right the Khoury Dick Hair Story, again!

“Bill Chalker takes you on an extraordinary odyssey researching the alien paradigm, anchored in the remarkable and provocative "alien hair" case (of abductee Peter Khoury in Australia). This particular case has yielded breakthrough evidence that appears to support the idea that alien hybrids might be at the heart of the alien abduction controversy.”
Snore… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr Peter & Mrs Bill Dickhair

Get some new material old cock!

Oh and it seems that the conference hit a bad spot with reporters and video producers.

Believers turn into sceptics after conference
The Daily Post, New Zealand - Oct 2, 2007

“Delegates at the UFOCUS New Zealand conference were less than impressed with American podiatrist Dr Roger Leir, who claims to have surgically removed alien implants from humans.”