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Stole? Mmmmmm.... How about this Harry Turner misplaced the files? If one thinks that "possession is 9/10 of the law" then Harry had the files so he may have thought they were his... I don't know? There was a struggle and a lot of mail between people in Victoria over missing files and how to get them back.

Now, remember the collection of data was not an art at that stage, and most of the information was input to 3 main areas - Press, Defence Intelligence Army/Navy/AirForce & Groups. That input always went south to Melbourne (it had all the head departments at that stage). So Harry via Melbourne University found easy entry into the information trail. He arrived, met a few people then suddenly... He was gone!

This was not the only case by the way! Our old friend Edgar R. Jarrold had some thoughts along Turners lines, and there was a big exchange of letters to control the data. Jarrold was given the big flick after he began a song and dance with Department information.

Thus on the 30 July 1954:

Turner sends a letter out to people who have an interest in ufology and the RAAF HQ. In that letter he asks for help to do a study into the UFO Phenomena. In that letter you see Item 2.

"2. Act in liaison with Victorian Saucer Investigation Committee (a private organisation consisting principally of engineers and amateur astronomers)".

SEE: NAA file record 162.

He makes contact with other people (like Jack Seers, Brian Boyle etc) and another group (Aeronautical & Meteorological Phenomena Research - AMPR - Aka: PRA) and then went to these people & groups to collect their files. Why not, he looked OK so they went along with his idea.

Then on the 5th Aug 1954:

The Minister gives the OK!

SEE: NAA file record 161.

Thus on the 12 Jan 1955:

The RAAF have left an interesting record for the files, where Harry Turner writes a quick note in long hand and this was addressed not to RAAF HQ, but a person. In fact it was for one of the UFO Group members who worked there. After months Harry and that report were not found, the RAAF wanted their files and the groups wanted their files and a report so they went looking for Harry. He was gone and the files were gone and no one could find Harry. So the word went out and after some time he was found on a ship to the UK! When he was located there was a bitter exchange of letters on the report and the files. Harry said he had left them in a "Bundle" at RAAF HQ. The staff did find a some of the files that he had, but they were a very small set of the total and the groups had similar problems.

SEE: NAA file record 60.

SEE: NAA file record 61.

He was told to get them back!

If you read the letter you will see:

"My sincere regrets at handing this bundle of trouble over to you."

Harry did not want to make contact with the people who gave him the files. You see hints of this in this line:

"When I made my final hurried visit to RAAF HQ to return the files, you were away...

It was not over, mind you. Harry still had files even while he was in the UK and so more problems came up. When the important files were asked for the normal reply was "they were in the bundle".

So we find them lost or misplaced even taken without authority, what ever you like went "walkabout".

Oh... these actions lead to the starting of VUFORS by a number of Melbourne Uni people, Peter Norris etc (another story).

In the end you have a odd letter to the Minister of the 16 Dec 1954, RAAF DAFI reference the no show report a little arse covering letter, do you think?

SEE: NAA file record 67.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004


The comments have been acid even fierce, and that is how it should be. I read them all and have got some new ideas to follow up on. If your 'Joe Public' looking in, this Blog seems to be the only live show on this winter, as we have little to no public chat in the UFO ZOO. Thanks to all good or bad!

More please!

Based on a presentation by Debbie Payne at the Australian National UFO Conference
June 2004

It's up, go see: "DISCLOSURE AUSTRALIA - The journey so far". Thanks for that Debbie. I have read it, as you said, the slides would have improved the paper, and I must say it is not uncommon to find a lecture format does not translate well into an article format, with this in mind it worked out well.

Now, I do have a few reservations with some ideas in Debs paper... I have been thinking about how I could (or should I) fix or expand the ideas, but I may do that later.

However, it's up and that's positive. THE PAPER.


I had a great day today (tax time), after weeks of shop front walks, reading computer magazines, going over the net looking for product ratings & articles, today was my big day and I purchased a new computer for home. I went down and put in my "build it" order and paid for the lot. I get it tomorrow, and it's got the lot: CHIP - Intel Pentium 4 3.2G-E (800Mhz FSB) Prescott, MOTHER/B - Asus P4C800-E-DLX, RAM - 1GIG DDR PC3200 400Mhz Kingston. VIDEO - ATI Radeon 9800XT. Weeeeeeeee ----- this thing is a rocket!!!!!

Back again, what I wanted to tell you was this, after looking at all the computer parts etc I am amazed to see the ALIEN MOTIF run through just about all the basic raw computer products. I wonder why?


Monday, June 28, 2004


Thank you for all the comments, a sudden increase in that area, again thank you. But back at my post dated - Monday, June 14, 2004 TWO LIGHTS IN A DARK UFOLOGY WORLD, in the comments we have this:

"I guess its hard for Sheryl to write reviews about people she don't like very much like Mary - Diane - Debbie - Bill C and - George. It would kinda choke her up to write positive things about the great talks these guys gave. Especially when all promote a subject which her group is not to familiar with. "sharing". Sheryl disgusted the crowd when she down played the important of Debbie's talk and AURAs work "very sad". Anonymous | 06.25.04 - 6:36 pm |"

If you think all is well in AUFORN then why do we all feel the push and shove of the few in their upper ranks. Lets face it why does VUFORS, PRA, UFORQLD and UFORNSW the big four ignore this so called network supporter of "all Australian Ufologist". Lets be frank, there is no real love there. Also I am surprised that someone would find Mary that ego driven - I hope not, I have found her very free of control. I may be wrong but I have seen a few emails where Bill C has a go at Mary and her US Doctor friend, so lets get real. But I don't know why we have to hug & kiss each other, it feels rather fake and shallow.

Question: When you say "she [Sheryl] down played..." what exactly do you mean? From my lofty towers at camp IKNOWITALL I see Sheryl (UFORQLD) & Debbie (AURA) as the only two who get into any discussion or provide platforms for discussion. I don't expect them to love each other to kiss ass (That's Co-Editors Job) so pray tell what conference monster do yay hide?


Sapphire, Inc Australia, Home Entertainment Solution - the big computer hardware production group have these images as their product logos!

IMAGE: Alien Figure (Man)

IMAGE: Alien Figure (Woman)


Sunday, June 27, 2004


A new book called "What Might Have Been" by Andrew Roberts, has this wonderful cover on it. The book is a collection of imaginary histories by leading historians. It is a WHAT IF book, some wonderful spins on what history may have been if we could twist some past variables. Have a look at this cover!


"What Might Have Been" by Andrew Roberts, Weidenfeld & Nicholson,
1st April 2004 Hardcover 188 pages - ISBN 0297848771


In this weekend edition of the Age Good Weekend (26 June 2004) "My Life In Lingerie" on page 24-27, Mark Dapin the past editor of the glossy men's magazine RALPH (from 1998-2002), has this to say about an editors job:

"Editing a magazine is a fantastic, frustrating, exhilarating, all-consuming, intoxicating, terrifying, fascinating, soul-destroying, addictive, magnificent waste of time" p26

So Robert Frola, your in good company, magazines are hell!

Dapin also points out what it is like to write a book about ones life or work:

"Perhaps writing is worse than treachery, perhaps it is theft. We burgle parts of other people's lives, for comedy, poignancy or dramatic effect, and we have no shame: we even rob the dead." col 1 p25.

And about front feature pages, he has this:

"...as everyone who wrote features for Penthouse learned, "If it bleeds, it leads"."col 1 p26

Robert more blood & guts, that's what you need at your magazine HQ, and you may like to find a good sub-editor and speller - give Co-Editor Diane Harrison the flick.

You can read Dapin life story in his new book "Sex & Money" - Allen & Unwin $29.95.


Friday, June 25, 2004

MAGAZINE NOW OUT - Australasian Ufologist

While I am on the subject, I purchased the latest edition of the Australasian Ufologist Vol 8 No 2 - 2004. And with an eager heart went through the 64 page looking for enlightenment. Hell what can I say; it was like always, just disappointing. Full of overseas & Web item. I have read all the Mexican data Mr Robert Frola you have in this copy, you don't need to do it again. The problem, your very light or shallow on new Australian data. It does say "Australasian", Robert!

Would you believe just about nothing on the Sydney Conference. That "Box Browne Master - Mr Non Digital" of the snooze, George Simpson, well he did have a try. So I should be pleased with that. But George, get some life into your work.

A quick overview of this edition - "Standard dry no guts".

The image of dear Robert on page 3 tells the real story, magazine and conference in one. Do I have to wait another 3 months for the next one?


In the Australasian Ufologist (Vol 8 No 2 2004) p37 col 2 para 5 and also in Newsletter 12 - April 2004 Keith Basterfield wrote:

"Another source of pre-October 1953 reports of which we are already aware, is a listing attached to Harry Turner’s 1954 report to the RAAF after he was asked to examine two RAAF files. A copy of Turner’s report was located on RAAF file 554/1/30 part 1. Here we find a list of 20 sightings between 16 July 1950 and 31 August 1953. Out of the reports found on B5758, control symbol 5/6/AIR part 1, only one, namely 3 May 1952 from Kew, makes Turner’s list. None of the others between 1950 and Oct 1953 on Turner’s list, turned up in file 5/6/AIR. This indicates to us that there are more undiscovered RAAF/Department of Air files on the subject."

Basterfield notes in Turners report of the 20 case studies only one was found in the RAAF files. Basterfield then extrapolates that the lack of files is an indication of missing reports still in the RAAF file system, waiting to be found. Well... I have had Turners Report for some years now, like a lot of others, but you will not find the missing case files. Why, well that's easy, because Harry Turner stole them from another group.

Yes, that's right, Mr Turner back in the 1950s approached the RAAF and two UFO groups in Victoria asking for access to data for a study. The two groups were happy to help and gave him a good collection of defence files that were collected by interested Defence & Government workers, who had formed these first UFO research groups(1950-51). Turner got his hands on the case stories and after many months nothing was returned, in fact no one could find Turner, he went missing. To shorten the story, Turner produced his short report, but left out a good part of the data and the sources. With some effort he was forced to return the pre 1953 files he had taken, and told go away & not to ask again.

Yes, the slippery Mr Harry Turner rushed off into another project, the lesson well learnt by the members and after that no more deals with Mr Turner.

So look hard Keith, but the files you want are safe in another location, with a lot more things Turner took and wanted to keep.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Steve Roberts the Vice President Victorian Skeptics (Born 1950, PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry 1975. Came to Australia from the UK in 1984) has this to say about the City of Whittlesea UFO picture in his little report called "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!":

"Other people were also present and they also saw nothing. I am confident that the image has not been digitally altered."

Then this:

"The UFO is out of focus and blurred in all directions, whereas everything else in the picture - from the distant trees to the gravel at the photographer’s feet, is as sharply focussed as the camera and JPG imagery can achieve. The only way for the UFO to be out of focus is for it to be very near the camera - within about 25 cm, which would make it about 5-10mm in size. I confirmed this by looking through various digital and 35-mm SLR cameras at distant scenes and nearby objects."

Now hang on there Steve! Make up your mind altered image or blurred focus?

Can anyone tell me how he confirms his theory by "looking through various digital and 35-mm SLR cameras..."

Your good Steve but not that good!

What a load of...

New Paranormal Research Group
Orange - NSW

Debra Goninan and Russell Dunn are forming the Central West’s first paranormal research group. For more information phone Debra or Russell on 6360-0768.

IMAGE of Debra & Russell

News - Local - General News


Tuesday, June 22, 2004


At last I have Steven Spielberg's "alien abduction opus" series "Taken" in my hand from Amazon (UK), and it cost a few $$, so shop around. I had a bit of a look in last night, and it look very good. For me this will be a weekend sit down job, in one long visual hit. As a reviewer states - "In a nut shell Taken is about Three families experiences of Aliens. One family being taken by Aliens, another investigating Alien existence and the last being visited by Aliens. Each family has been scared by there experiences which carries on through there childrens lives,until 50 years have past."


I see some reviews see the start as a bit slow, now that may be a problem for me, as slow starts are always hard to take. I have placed a lot of hope on the fact Dreamworks studio has had a big part in the production, I love their work. They have created this epic 10-part story or chronicle of the 50 years of habitual abduction over several generations of three American families.

Release Date: May 5, 2003 - ASIN: B000088T1K - £20.97


Monday, June 21, 2004

THE Flying Saucer POLKA

God save me from this burden.
Listen to our theme song I bring you the "Flying Saucer Polka" Click and Listen.

Hell the Australian Skeptics have nothing like this to be proud about!

Doh Doh Doh, Dah Dah Dah, Boo Boo, Hi Oh I am a num nut....

Polkas for a Gloomy World By Brave Combo
Audio CD (June 20, 1995)

Winter Solstice 2004

Yes today's is the shortest daylight day for us in OZ. Now we are on our run back to summer and the heat.

Researcher Debbie Payne Conference Paper

Firstly, thank you Debbie for the time and effort. DEB posted this to my comments - "Well, I've altered my presentation to more of an article, but it's not the same without the visuals. Take a look at the slides on our web-page, Disclosure Australia. Due to govt. copyright laws we can post it there, but i can't post it anywhere else. The text may eventually appear in the UFOlogist mag with some pics. Deb - Fly to Spider | 06.21.04 - 12:00 am |"

We all had a look, in and out, up and down but not one slide. The go show became a not show?

Need more disclosure!

I love this type of electronic art. This example was a commission for Wired Magazine - Nanotechnology and biomimetic design issue.



An American cryptozoologist - an expert who dedicates himself to analysing evidence of the existence of strange creatures - is flying in with a film crew to prove or discount the big cat's existence. More than 600 sightings of the big cat have been registered by Hawkesbury Council in the Hills and Kenthurst district over the past three years. Now expert Todd Jurasek has been invited by Rex Gilroy, an Australian specialist in hunting mysterious creatures, to try to establish if the animal is real.

Mr Gilroy said: "We will be bringing a cameraman with us for two or three weeks and going into the Wollemi area and a gully at Kenthurst where evidence of regular appearance and permanent residency is said to be."

IMAGE: Our big white hunter just loves a camera,

REF: Trackers bring out the big gun, June 21, 2004

The AUSTRALIAN & President Dwight Eisenhower Fang

The Washington Post ran this in their Health section. Peter Carlson, Washington Post Staff Writer article "Ike and the Alien Ambassadors: The Whole Tooth About the President's Extraterrestrial Encounter" is a good read. I am interested in the fact the Washington Post decided to mark this event. You may not agree with either the +- theory, yet does it strike you odd or a little strange, Ike skipped out to have a fang fixed, and we find - "Some facts are beyond dispute: Eisenhower was on a golf vacation in Palm Springs on Feb. 20, 1954. After dinner that night, he made an unscheduled departure from the Smoking Tree Ranch, where he was staying. The next morning, he attended a church service in Los Angeles. Also that morning, his spokesman announced to the press that Ike had visited a dentist the previous night because he'd chipped a tooth while eating a chicken wing at dinner. - However we have no dental record from Dr. Francis A. Purcell office," then without the fang proof what do we have?

But, Michael Salla, a former American University professor who got his PhD in government from the University of Queensland, yes he is Australian thinks the whole event is odd and Ike was out with the Roswell Aliens.

Have a read.

Ike and the Alien Ambassadors
The Whole Tooth About the President's Extraterrestrial Encounter
By Peter Carlson
Thursday, February 19, 2004; Page C01
Fifty years ago tomorrow -- on Feb. 20, 1954 -- President Dwight Eisenhower interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., to make a secret nocturnal trip to a nearby Air Force base to meet two extraterrestrial aliens.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

In the YASS TRIBUNE COMMUNITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS - Monday, 17 May 2004, we have this:

"May 26: Belles of St Clements, Mothers group meet 10am St Clements Hall, UFO to bring along. Enquiries Carina 6226 4246."


339 UFO Stories

Did you know, there have been 339 UFO stories published in the main stream press since 14th June 2004. That is in 339 in 6 days!

Who said the topic was dead! Quite amazing.

Exhibition traces UFO signs in Slovakia
Slovak Spectator, Slovakia - 14 Jun 2004

""THE SLOVAK National Museum in Bratislava recently opened an exhibition entitled Crop Circles displaying the pictograms and agro-symbols that unidentified flying objects have left on Slovak territory.""

This is something active we could do in Australia. Such events are important, they slowly break down the barriers and help in their little ways. Good news.



Writer & Ufologist Timothy Good, was recently in Helena to interview Leo Dworshak (June 10) about his encounters with extraterrestrials. Good heard of Dworshak's experience through a man named Lucius Farrila, who runs a UFO news clipping service in Arkansas. "I find this one of the most compelling contact stories I've investigated," Good said.

It was on a summer night in 1932 that Dworshak and his brother saw a spacecraft land near their North Dakota farm. The first time they ran off in fear. The second time, Dworshak said, they entered the ship.

"The inner shell seemed to be standing still, or perhaps, turning the other way," he said. "It was totally silent and produced no cloud of exhaust or smoke."

Dworshak chronicled the encounter in his book, "UFOs are With Us—Take My Word." The book has become something of a cult classic among believers around the world, and the letters have rolled in from as far away as Australia. ""

Interesting! Life has been very good to good! (Sorry, I had to do that).

SEE: Full Story

Adelaide Advertiser UFO

That meteor event in NSW was strangely reported in the Adelaide Advertiser with the following header: "Big UFO `explodes'".A few short lines with little data. And that was it? I wonder why UFO was used?

The Story - 18 June 2004

Sunday Herald Sun - "Ready to trap 'big cat' alive" By ADRIAN TAME - June 20, 2004

""ALAN Phillips believes he has found the lair of a big cat he has been hunting for six years. The Corio man is now convinced that one day soon he will trap the beast alive. Mr Phillips, 55, a freight rail repairman, first sighted the creature six years ago, when he fired on it, causing it to "stagger sideways," before disappearing into nearby rocks. Since then he has seen it three more times, most recently three weeks ago near Lara -- shortly after he discovered the creature's lair.

IMAGE - Closing in: Alan Phillips at the lair he found.
Picture: Faith Nulley

"It was in a rocky area and was strewn with bones, mainly sheep, rabbits and foxes," he said this week. "There was also the remains of a kelpie-sized dog with a rope and the clip off a dog chain still around its neck. You're not telling me a feral cat could have done that," he said.

"I reckon the dog went into the lair after the bones, and the big cat caught it there and killed it."

Mr Phillips said his best sighting of the cat was from only a few metres away, when it came out of a gully and stood looking at him for 30 to 40 seconds. On another occasion he saw it leap through the air for a distance of five metres before landing on rocks and scuttling away. From his four sightings Mr Phillips estimates the cat is 1.5m long, black with about eight white spots ringed by brown. The beast has a distinct "stringy" tail that stands straight up and appears to have been severed halfway along its length.

"I know it doesn't sound like a panther with the spots, but it's definitely not a feral cat -- much too big and powerful. Maybe it could be the offspring of a big feral cat and a panther," he said.

Late last month Mr Phillips took two wildlife experts, Michael Helman from Parks Victoria, and David Burrell from Leopold Wildlife Rescue to see the lair. The three men found droppings and paw prints about 10 centimetres across. Mr Helman said he felt the prints were too big for a feral cat. Mr Phillips no longer wants to shoot the cat, and is building a large trap to capture it alive.

"It knows me now, so it won't be easy. It's come up behind me once, and it could have jumped me if it had wanted, but it chose not to," Mr Phillips said. ""


Thursday, June 17, 2004

House-Sized' Meteorite Hits Menangle - NSW
Australian - From news.com.au staff and AAP - June 17, 2004

A METEORITE reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police have said. A driver on the Hume Highway shortly after 9pm (AEST) near Menangle reported an object the size of a house falling from the sky.

The object fell east of the Hume Highway, possibly in an escarpment near the top of a hill at Bulli, police were told. The meteorite was described as glowing silver in colour and similar to an artillery shell when it exploded with a bright flash on impact.

Workers at the Sydney Airport Tower said they saw a meteorite about 9pm, police said. No other reports were received by police and extensive police patrols of the area for more than an hour did not turn up the space debris.

"We went out to check if it was something bad, like a plane," said a police spokesman.

"However we didn't find anything - there was no bloody great rock sitting in the middle of the highway, anyway".

Police intend on talking to the original witness again later today in an effort to pinpoint the impact site, but admit that unless someone literally stumbles over the meteorite, the chances of finding it are slim.


While we are on this theme. A year back or so, this image called "The Indiana Bill" appeared around the "Halls of Ufology", soon after this exchange of ideas. The play opens with Rebecca Langs reference to the word "Indy":

REBECCA LANG: "Bill, I'll definitely look those tomes up! I too have a deep abiding interest in Shamanism (reading Black Elk Speaks just now). I may chase up the Nature magazine too, Indy ;-)"

And the reply was thus:

BILL CHALKER: "The April/May 2002 issue of the Australian glossy magazine "Nature & Health" has an article called "Alien Concepts" by Wendy Champagne (3 page article) which features coverage of Peter Khoury, John Mack and myself. A small error crept in where Wendy dates Peter Khoury's 1992 experience as 1993. Overall it is a reasonable but light intro into the subject matter. I'm not sure what to make of Wendy characterising me as having "more of an Indiana Jones role." I guess it's better than a lot of the other things I've been called!"

Now with that in mind, take a good look at this wonderful image, it is full of great sight metaphors.

IMAGE 03: The Indiana Bill.


I have just noticed Skeptic Richard Saunders eyes in this photograph. They are rather odd do you think. Take a look at that dead devil look he has. Oh No!!!!! I think it's the D$#@&. But I had no proof, and like a good skeptic I needed to do some tough leg work and even a bit of thinking!

IMAGE 01: Blow up of Richard Saunders.

With out taking my lunch (two ham sandwich with rye) I rushed over to our very expensive research facility and with the help of no less than 15 Skeptics, three PhD and one Prof - put the image under strict photo analysis using the best system available the "Lynne Kelly Book Protocol Mark III". And yes... Oh yes... I was right! Take a look at what we found, tell me what you see ;).

IMAGE 02: What we found Richard Saunders.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Oh... Lynne Kelly, yes you have made it now, big time - p.86 of this week's issue of New Idea.

Australian National University - Teleportation

"The quantum optics group at the Australian National University has leapt ahead of the rest of world with a new feat. It has just demonstrated how teleportation can make encrypted or coded information 100 per cent secure. Last month, the ANU announced it was "the first in the world to demonstrate the sharing of secrets via teleportation. The experiment was conducted by Dr Thomas Symul and PhD student Andrew Lance in collaboration with the University of Calgary, Canada.

For decades it was not even known whether a simple particle such as a photon — the particles of which combined to form light — could be teleported, let alone complex things such as atoms or large groups of atoms such as people. This is due to a long-standing rule of quantum physics called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that the more accurately a particle is scanned, the more its state is disturbed by the scanning process. Not enough information can be extracted, and so a perfect copy cannot be made. But in 1993, scientists worked out a "Heisenberg compensator" using another longstanding quantum rule — entanglement.

In 2002, the ANU teleportation project leader Ping Koy Lam predicted teleportation of a single atom within three-to-five years.""

"To boldly go . . ." The Age - By Stephen Cauchi - June 14, 2004.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A British blogger's comment today. This man, feeling like a miserable failure himself, was cheered up by the following practical joke: "If really fed up you could try putting in, miserable failure, (no quote marks) into Google and pressing the 'I'm feeling lucky' button."

"A tongue-in-cheek comment by programmers is worth thinking about: 'Sometimes you have a programming problem and it seems like the best solution is to use regular expressions; now you have two problems.' Regular expressions are amazingly powerful and deeply expressive. That is the very reason writing them is just as error-prone as writing any other complex programming code."

The following irregular expression also seems apt:


"A tongue-in-cheek comment by programmers is worth thinking about: 'Sometimes you have a programming problem and it seems like the best solution is to use regular expressions; now you have two problems.' Regular expressions are amazingly powerful and deeply expressive. That is the very reason writing them is just as error-prone as writing any other complex programming code."

The following irregular expression also seems apt:



Monday, June 14, 2004


Thank God for people like Debbie Payne, (who will be placing her paper up on the net - See Comments Window Below) and Sheryl Gottschall, who writes a great summery coverage (Not up as yet?), however, these two ufologists seem to be the only sane minds in the gaggle of 200 who take the time to either engage ideas or put fingers to keyboards (Re the Conference) - Lads it is now over 11 days since the first PowerPoint or OHP vision hit the wall and still nothing on the Sydney Conference? I have seen some arse kissing email but that's not new or is it news.

Statistical Flaws Revealed In Top Journals' Papers

Two of the world's top scientific journals, Nature and the British Medical Journal, have been found guilty of routinely publishing figures that do not add up.

The evidence comes from Spanish researchers who found a surprisingly large number of statistical errors in the two journals. They warn that the same may well be true of other mainstream journals.

"It's a warning to be more careful," says Emili García-Berthou of the University of Girona, who discovered the discrepancies. "Our concern is that these kinds of errors are probably present in all numerical results and all steps of scientific research - with potentially important consequences."

As well as warning researchers and editors to be more careful with data, they also urge the publication of raw data online. "If we had that, we could check the results," García-Berthou says. "Some journals already publish supplements online, but it's rare, and I think it should become commonplace."

1. The Weekend Australian, 12 June 2004, p18
2. NewScientis - Statistical flaws revealed in top journals' papers - 28 May 04
3. http://www.nature.com/nsu/040531/040531-3.html


The next Skeptics Convention will be in Sydney, over Nov 12-14, 2004.

As more data comes in I will post it to you.

(Or how my dog has more brains and ate his work)

Dear Richard Saunders, a lost sole, a happy man who believes in nothing - has again listed a day out with the lads, to discuss science and reports or even analysis from field work and research... well don't hold your breath it will be another "Richard Saunders get together magic show!"

If you have little to do then:

When: Wednesday the 16th of June – 6pm
Where: Crown Hotel, Cnr. Goulburn & Elizabeth Sts. Sydney CBD.
Upstairs in the Library Agenda: More Spoon Bending and General Conversation
More and more people are coming along... lots of magic as well."

Why has got a UK yahoo address?

Ahhh to be a Skeptic - just bliss!


"Lynne Kelly is a science writer and teacher who delights her students with scientific explanations of the seemingly inexplicable. She has been teaching science, mathematics and computing for over 30 years and was a founding member of The Australian Skeptics. She is available to talk about Bigfoot, ouija boards, UFOs or any other seemingly paranormal phenomena."


All good and well, but how about some critical thinking, where is all that so called scientific research skeptics like Kelly keep pushing around the halls of the Williams, Klass or Randi... not one bit, just nothing? The book is an out of date cut and paste collection of old stories. Kelly in her wisdom or old age, has fallen for the numnut quick fix, using a collected set of clips from her files (I would say), edited them together and then selling the rubbish onto "Allen & Unwin" to be sold as her work. If you don't believe me have a look at the data, very little is current, very little is Australian and to explain away subjects Kelly's text is old time info, not a new word or idea just the same old published arguments.

Firstly the book has no index? Why not "Allen & Unwin".

The UFO & Abduction section is a hoot. Take the Western Australia Knowles Encounter case, Kelly has no reference or data from the very detailed 400 page VUFORS & Auchettl Report. These sections are a re hash from the pages of the Australian Skeptic Magazine - what a disappointment.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

400 HITS
Well I am impressed! Thank you for the time and please come back. I like the return trade. I trust and hope just one of my posts changes or helps you see any issue I decided to look at, in some new way, form or light then that will be my reward. I did not expect to reach the 400 mark on the counter so soon, but there you have it!


I am also grateful fore all the comments - Good or Bad - get them in. I do read your posts and I trust you will all have a say, so give it your best shot. Do not worry about the page format, you can make a comment without any email address, name, URL etc added in. Just place your words in the comment window and hit the send button.

Again - Thank you.


Is there anyone with a picture or a report? The conference is just on 7 days old and nothing from anyone? How odd - was it that bad! I hope not.

Hi Debbie Payne (and others) those of us who could not make your "Sydney Tea Party" I think we would be most interested in reading your conference paper, how about posting it up to your Disclosure web page re: site. I wonder if that would help.

Please no back slapping short emails, get some guts into it, review the event!


Yesterday (Friday 11th) I ran into Cameron Harvey who was just about to go into the Monash Admin block. A past member of VUFORS, Cameron was responsible for some of the analysis work on the Maureen Puddy Encounter, Melbourne 1972. I see Cameron around the place and when I can we get down to the cafe for a coffee and a chin wag. So what's new in Camerons world of the odd - well nothing, still reading, still thinking, and he still has no real idea why we all follow what Paul Norman calls "The UFO Trail".

I see many past present and important "Faces in Ufology" move through the green cement jungle around Monash. Usually from PRA but a few old VUFORS hard nuts.

Barry Taylors New Video Analysis
I just had a look at Ufologist Barry Taylors colour enhancements of the Mexico Video, and they came out great. Well done Barry. Barry knows how to do this type of analysis, and he does it very well. I may not always agree with some of his observations, but at least he offers some ideas for us all to look at. I still have no idea what the video tells us, and most skeptics and critics are just as stumped as I.

Download Enhancement of "TWINS" video in Windows Media Video - wmv format (1.44MB) Right CLICK and 'save target as' to download video file


Thursday, June 10, 2004

UFOs And Digital Camera Policy

In a short article by Rebekah Prole on digital photography (see Ref 1) and its role in Ufology, I noted what could be seen as a paradox. In the middle of the article Prole had this odd paragraph:

"These amateur ufologists love the haven of amateur UFO groups. These are exclusive groups that want to own ufology. They never share data and they exclude other excellent researchers from talks or presentations that might disagree with their pet theories. Not to be mixed up or confused with real UFO groups (rare as that is) that do an excellent job in the field of ufology. Which UFO group do you belong to?" Col 2, Para 3.

Then in her last paragraphs we find this:

"The real ufologist will get back to doing the real work. The amateur will simply get mad, refusing all data and continue to push their pet theories onto all of us." Col 3, Para 4.

Oh... then we have another odd comment "Without prejudice etc" and an odd "Disclaimer" that rabbits on.

The paradox you ask... well the only ufologist or group that has said or even been negative about digital photography has been AUFORN via their photo expert & representative George Simpson (listed in all press articles as "Australian UFO Research Network director"). If we used Rebekah Prole concepts or requirements to define amateur ufologist and UFO groups (as a function of their digital policy), then the only one that fails the test is AUFORN.

Why? Well this is why, these extracts were in the press/news for the general public and skeptics to grind over.

This international report:

""Australian UFO Research Network director George Simpson said a digital photograph was not considered acceptable evidence of a flying saucer."They cannot be verified. They are too easily manipulated on the computer and you don't have a negative."" (Ref 2)

And this local report:

"But the Australian UFO Research Network Victorian director George Simpson said a digital photograph was not considered acceptable evidence of a flying saucer. "They cannot be verified. They are too easily manipulated on the computer and you don't have a negative," he said. (Ref 3)

Using Rebekah Prole arguments, it looks as if AUFORN needs some updates and policy changes. Rebekah view - they are not real, amateur , exclusive, & exclude!

1. Digging Deeper - In search of Healthy Debate - Rebekah Prole - "To Digital Or Not To Digital" The Australian Ufologist, Vol8 No1, 2004, p34
2. MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 23 (UPI) Washington Times - http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20040123-042813-4786r.htm
3. Herald Sun - "UFO picture a saucer wonder" - Kate Uebergang urban affairs reporter - 24jan04 - http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/


Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Neil Kearney who I think has a spot on CH9 is on a quest, to travel Australia wide. In last Saturdays Herald Sun he describes his travels from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie and the Nullarbor Plain... in that article two facts got my eye.

The image on that page has a bill board about UFOs, I took a copy from Phenomena Research Australians server (Thanks PRA) - you can see that road sign.


The other point, also seen in the image was this:

MAMU - Pitantjara People

"At Yalata roadhouse, near the Aboriginal community south of Maralinga, I spotted a hollow piece of wood, almost two metres long. The Aboriginal craftsman had carved two snakes on to what was already a beautiful shape. I remarked to the roadhouse attendant that this bit of timber looked like it had a story to tell. He thrusted one end to my ear and motioned me to listen to the deep, thundering noises. "Mamu", he enthused, explaining that the Pitantjara people believe the rumbling sounds emanate from the demon's trapped within."

An interesting cross in the road for any traveller.

REF: Neil Kearney - "The Bold And The Barren" - Herald Sun 5 June 2004 p27

DORIS STOKES - A Skeptics Argument

A few post back I gave you a quick critique on Lynne Kelly book "The Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal", to cut to the chase in the Sunday edition of the Herald Sun, 6 June 2004 p94-95, you can find a long extract from that book. I am not going to dwell on the extracts in that article you can do that, I just want to point out a very quick example of how Lynne Kelly's arguments are just stupid!

For example the English psychic Doris Stokes, who spent some time in Melbourne and was on the Don Lane Show (CH9) - IMAGE - got a big hit from Kelly. Now I am not going to defend Doris Stokes and what she believes in (Oh! she is dead) yet I get very P**S O** when I see rubbish like this,

"Stokes enjoyed a lucrative career but stacked her audiences with people she knew"

What a lot of rubbish!

Take a look at the audience in this image below (Again thanks to PRA). Your right that is an audience of 5000 people, more than a collection of close friends.


So she stacked this audience did she? Give me a break Lynne Kelly. I wonder how she was able to also stack the CH9 Done Lane show.

If Lynne Kelly (the Scientist) needs to use this as one of her explanations then she better have some data to back it up. I should point out the Great James Randi (one of Kellys heroes) got a verbal beating by no other than Don Lane on one of the 1980s Don Lane shows - when Randi tried the same lame trick to explain away Doris Stoke, Done Lane gave Randi one in the neck, and gave him the big push off the program (as I would have), you need to remember Randi is a hoax he plays tricks that is his game, nothing scientific about that ploy, if you want to get Doris Stokes you better use some logic and science, until then Lynne Kelly is like Randi a magician, and a poor one at that. I also need to point out Don Lane believed Doris Stokes claims.

As for me.. was she psychic... well I have no idea and I can tell you Randi and Kelly don't have the answers. Hell do I need to know or kill the idea, when or if Diris makes me feel safe, happy, sad, bad or good? - NO!


Monday, June 07, 2004

The Power Of Intuition

John Weir, a lecturer in engineering design at the University of Melbourne.

"Intuition, or the ability to reach a correct solution without formal analysis, is an extremely useful skill for engineers,"

While most people won't be designing suspension bridges or skyscrapers, we've probably all had intuitive experiences — like the mother who senses that her child is desperately ill despite medical advice to the contrary, or the traveller who abruptly cancels his plans just in time to avoid jetting into a war zone.

However, we're apt to dismiss our insights because the inexplicable nature of "intuition" has long left it languishing on the lunatic fringe.

Yet there is nothing magical about intuition, says Janice Langan-Fox, associate professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne.

"Anything seems magical if we don't know how it happens (or) where the knowledge came from," she explains. "There appears to be no 'rational' process for the sort of knowledge we suddenly have as a consequence of intuition."

The sixth sense
June 7, 2004


Saturday, June 05, 2004


Am thinking about you all day, at the Sydney Conference. I hope you enjoyed your Dinner tonight. After reading Lynne Kelly book today I could of wasted my time in Sydney... no its off to bed for me - hi ho hi ho.

SHERYL GOTTSCHALL please post a detailed report, soon - Please!

The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal
Author Lynne Kelly - ISBN: 1741140595

I just got my copy of this new book (June 2004) by Lynne Kelly, her PR blurb reports "Lynne Kelly has been teaching science, mathematics and computing for over 30 years. She holds degrees in engineering, education and computing and is well qualified to present clear, scientific explanations to claims of the paranormal which appear to defy the known laws of science." Great, but that does not make her a good author, believe me. For a teacher with a degree, I found her arguments poor and simple. In fact I was having trouble just keeping the book to my face, I lost interest very quickly. From my position it felt very odd, that a science teacher wanted to explain away these subjects, when she had a raft of other mysterious scientific topics to lean on or take from - has she another agenda? But one thing did shine through, Kelly does not know very much about these subject or anything related to strange phenomena and can I say sciences big trick the mysterious uncertainty principal - explain that one Lynne.

The books listed subject category is "Popular science", I can see why. When it come to any good arguments or research and dissection of any complex phenomena, and if you don't think these subject are complex then your not very informed, then you will love her romp through "lala land".

The PR cover reports this:

"A humorous debunking of 27 paranormal phenomena that appear to defy the laws of science - from walking over hot coals to spontaneous combustion - with rational explanations provided for each..."

"Lynne Kelly's Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal is a lovely book. It covers a wide range of paranormal "mythconceptions" in an entertaining and comprehensive way. The fascinating topics include the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Astrology, Nostradamus and Spoon Bending. The Universe around us is magnificent enough to fill us with awe and wonder - and this book shows us that we don't have to rely on second-rate re-hashed myths."

Chapter 17 UFO encounters of the first kind-sightings
Chapter 18 UFO encounters of the second kind-physical evidence
Chapter 19 UFO encounters of the third kind-alien contact
Chapter 20 Alien abductions

Go over and look at the book when your next in a local bookshop, but just leave it there, find something more challenging. I would say in about three months you will get it on sale for $5.

Sorry Lynne next time find out more about the subject before you try and write about them. So what is my view... well 250 pages of rubbish!

Stars ----- (nil)

Author Lynne Kelly - ISBN: 1741140595 - Imprint: Allen & Unwin
ED: June 2004 - Ch 27 - 250 pages - Publisher: Allen & Unwin (Australia) Pty Ltd - Online Price: $19.95

Angus & Robertson
Allen & Unwin

Leopards are Prowling Britain, Survey Suggests

With our recent Victorian horse mutilation (Dandenongs)you may like to read this. I find it refreshing that the National Geographic Society covers these stories. They have done work on Crop Circles and many other odd phenomena, I am still waiting for the UFO story, however, 1000 marks on this fine effort!

James Owen in England for National Geographic News - June 3, 2004

"If it is true that big cats haven't lived wild in the U.K. for 2,000 years, then, judging from the results of a new survey, a lot of large house cats now roam the British countryside. Organized by British Big Cats Society (BBCS), the nationwide survey recorded 2,052 unconfirmed sightings of big cats in just 15 months, between January 2003 and March of this year."

That is a lot of sightings! Very odd.


Thursday, June 03, 2004


I have been very slow at getting new post up to the blog over the past few days. The weather has been fine in Melbourne, in fact great - but some of the people I work with are not "full Bottle", why I have no idea - The Full Moon? That makes it hard.

I have also had my mind on the Sydney Conference and can not wait to read the reports, as I said in my early posts, it is going to be a dull old day(s) at this conference, mind you some speakers may recover the situation, but they have a job ahead of them.

Just got my next edition of ForteanTimes No FT182. Great cover looks good inside, may comment later on it.


Last week Ch7 ran a story on a Horse that had been mutilated. The farm was in the Dandenongs Hills (East of Melbourne) and from the report the owner of the horse reported large paw marks on the back if the dead horse. The also said that it would have to be a large animal to bring down his prize horse.

I called VUFORS and they are not going to do anything - but Phenomena Research Australia (PRA) they have been up there looking into this case. If I can I may post some images from the TV program.

OZ Encounters - UFOs in Australia (1997)

At last my order from Amazon.com for this DVD arrived. This production was on TV some years ago, but I never got a chance of using the VCR to record it. So I decided to get a good clear copy - thus the DVD. I looked at it last night and as I remembered, this is a top quality production. There are other programs on Australian UFOs but this one is the best detailed account of case studies.

COVERList Price: $9.98
Studio: Winstar Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: March 13, 2001
ASIN: 6305069727