Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Queenslands Glennys Mackay In Texas

"Glennys Mackay is an ordained spiritual minister from Brisbane, Australia. She was born in Hobart Tasmania and spent her early years on her parents farm. Glennys had an amazing childhood. She was born with natural gifts as a psychic/healer and used to heal sick animals on her parents farm. She was able to see into the future where her perception on many worldly things seemed to frighten her relations, especially when she saw Relatives and other people in spirit along with predicting future events. Glennys Married George Mackay of New Zealand, and spent 20 years living there raising their three children (2 girls 1 boy). Her major UFO experiences happened while living in New Zealand." SEE
I like Glennys, but I must say some of her listed credentials are just... can I say it...?
No... Well we all know what she is like and behind all that rubbish filler beats the heart of what I think is a very good person. Her ego needs all this crap to function so thats OK with me... as long as her tall tales are keep it a safe place, I am happy with that. I have met some people who think the sun shines out of her butt... and some who just hate her. Glennys can rub people that way, then if she likes you she will be your very best friend. The photo above is a good example of her ego at work that image must be 30 years old now. So I wonder what she would have been like if Glennys went down the other path?

Pseudo-Skeptics: Staring at Defeat?

The field of parapsychology has been seeking acceptance in the scientific community for quite some time. From the first experiments of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), through J.B. Rhine's ground-breaking work at Duke University in the 1930s and to the end of the 20th century, psi research has struggled to be taken seriously by the establishment. However, in the last 15 years the psi community has gone on an offensive, and the tide appears to be turning. - READ THIS STORY

The Eltanin Enigma
From FT 183 - May 2004
Fortean Times has just placed this up. Have a read. PAPER

ABOVE: The mysterious object, at a depth of 13,500 ft, 1,000 miles west of Cape Horn, snapped by an automatic camera trailed by the Eltanin on 29 August 1964.

The Skeptical Websites Done?

Skepticweb is blank (perhaps hacked), Dangerous Ideas has definitely been hacked, and the Hall of Ma'at has disappeared (hacked as well?).

Have a look!

THANKYOU: http://www.dailygrail.com/

Could a single dark matter particle be light-years wide?

In 1996 Discover magazine ran an April Fools' story about giant particles called "bigons" that could be responsible for all sorts of inexplicable phenomena. Now, in a case of life imitating art, some physicists are proposing that the universe's mysterious dark matter consists of great big particles, light-years or more across.

Scaled-Up Darkness
By George Musser

UFO group wants to hear your story
Monday, 30 August 2004

QUIRINDI residents who may have seen something out of the ordinary a week ago are being urged to contact a group of Sydney UFO researchers.

The Independent Network of UFO Researchers (INUFOR) has put out the call after being contacted by several Quirindi people who reported a close encounter of the unusual kind on Sunday, August 22.

INUFOR co-ordinator Moira McGhee said the residents had contacted her with reports of seeing "small, silvery craft in the sky and a white, sticky substance falling to earth". "This is reminiscent of a similar incident in 1998," she said.

On that occasion, on August 10, 1998, Quirindi residents on the outskirts of town reported watching "about 20 silvery baubles" high in the sky for about an hour-and-a-half, with a "cobweb-like substance" falling to the ground as the objects manoeuvred around.
At the time, Ms McGhee said the reports of the objects and the associated "angel hair" were similar to other unexplained reports from around the world.

Ms McGhee said in the most recent case they had been unable to explain the substance or the objects and would appreciate hearing from anyone who witnessed any other similar incidents.
INUFOR can be contacted on 02 4757 3848 after 7pm. LINK


Saturday, August 28, 2004


The Melbourne UFO Triangle video has taken its toll on the gals & lads at Phenomena Research Australia - PRA, since they posted a link to the WWW for video downloads. The system has come under great stress. At a whopping 200 download/hour the site has taken 3500 downloads. The problem is this, the files are just too big and people need to wait. “Normally a video file would be about 300-500Kb but we have two at over 1.5Mb”, PRA Director John Auchettl told me today.

“We have had a melt down with this set of downloads. In the last 24 hours the site has crashed 7 times and been taken off line to stop the flow. The bandwidth has been jammed. To add to our problems PRA have had around 400 emails from all over the world asking for a copy.”

“If you have not got your copy then just wait around, over the next 48 hours the flow should fall away and the slower systems can get in, but at the moment people with ADSL or Cable are take up the space.”

“Life is not getting easier with the web, it seems that when we post something up these days we get killed with the load and its not getting less but more”

I guess for poor old PRA - 'Success spawns success', only the best can do this - great job.

NIDS Investigations of the Flying Triangle Enigma
National Institute for Discovery Science - August 2004

Map #1: Triangle sightings in the NIDS database

The United States is currently experiencing a wave of Flying Triangle sightings that may have intensified in the 1990s, especially towards the latter part of the 1990s. The wave continues. The Flying Triangles are being openly deployed over and near population centers, including in the vicinity of major Interstate Highways. The behavior of these Triangular aircraft does not conform to previous patterns of covert deployment of unacknowledged aircraft. Neither the agenda nor the origin of the Flying Triangles are currently known. FULL REPORT

Doctors might soon ask, "What's your sign?"
By Erika Niedowski - The Baltimore Sun
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Governed by Neptune and symbolized by the fish. Compassionate, introspective, artistic. Often dreamy and impractical. May be prone to schizophrenia, epilepsy or bipolar disorder.

It may sound like some kind of new, madcap astrology, but several scientists are becoming convinced that our birth month may predispose us to particular diseases.

Studies have shown that schizophrenia is more common among those born in late winter or early spring. Multiple sclerosis is associated with births in April, May and June. And epilepsy occurs more frequently in those with birthdays from December to March.

Researchers compared the birth dates of 886 narcoleptics being treated at sleep clinics in Montpellier, France; Montreal, and California to those of more than 35 million people in the general population.

The distribution of births was strikingly uneven, with the number of narcoleptics born in March (11.9 percent) significantly exceeding the number expected in the general population (8.5 percent).

Conversely, researchers found a significant drop in the number of narcoleptics born in September (5.6 percent) compared with the number normally expected (8.7 percent).


Scientists vote "Blade Runner" best ever sci-fi film
Thu 26 August, 2004 11:00

LONDON (Reuters) - "Blade Runner", a bleak vision of the future set in Los Angeles, has been voted best sci-film of all time by a group of international scientists, according to a poll published by the Guardian newspaper on Thursday.

Stanley Kubrick's classic "2001: A Space Odyssey" was voted second, while Luke Skywalker's moral journey through "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back" -- the first films in the Star Wars trilogy -- helped secure third equal spot.

"Blade Runner is the best film ever made," Dr. Stephen Minger, a stem cell biologist at King's College London, told the newspaper.

"It was so far ahead of it time and the whole premise of the story -- what is it to be human and who are we, where we come from? It's the age-old questions," he said.

The newspaper interviewed 56 eminent international scientists for the poll from fields as diverse as quantum physics and zoology.

In fourth position was "Alien", directed by Ridley Scott, in which a bloody creature bursting out of John Hurt's chest has become one of the most enduring images of modern cinema.

"Solaris", directed by Andrei Tarkovksy secured fifth position.

"The 1972 Solaris is perhaps the only film to address the limits of science set by our constrained human perceptions, categories and tendency to anthropomorphise," said physics professor Gregory Benford, from the University of California.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had his day made, finding himself in sixth position with "Terminator", released in 1984, and "T2:Judgement Day", released in 1991.

"The Day the Earth Stood Still", the tale of an alien landing in Washington to tell earthlings to live peacefully, secured seventh position while HG Wells' "War of the Worlds" came in at eighth.

"The Matrix", starring Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computer hacker who discovers the world he lives in might be artificially constructed, was voted ninth best sci-fi film.

In tenth position was Stephen Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", an ultimately positive reflection of what it will be like when aliens get here.

The poll also found that Isaac Asimov was the scientists' favourite author, followed by British writers John Wyndham and Fred Hoyle. STORY

Bookie offers 10,000:1 for aliens
The Australian - From AFP August 26, 2004

AN online bookmaker is taking bets on the outcome of 10 big scientific endeavours, including the search for life on other planets and the quest to harness nuclear fusion as a substitute for oil.

British bookie Ladbrokes has set starting odds of 10,000:1 that the US-European spacecraft Cassini-Huygens will discover "intelligent life" on the Saturnian moon of Titan by 2010, the British weekly New Scientist says.

It calculates odds of a 100:1 that a fusion power station, using the same energy source that powers the Sun, will be built by 2010.

Odds of a mere 6:1 are being laid on the discovery by the same date of the Higgs Boson, a sub-atomic particle so elusive that frustrated physicists call it "the God particle."

Ladbroke's website is offering the odds on 10 multi-billion-dollar "monster" schemes that have been launched in space exploration and fundamental physics, identified by New Scientist in this Saturday's issue. STORY


Thursday, August 26, 2004

UFO Triangle Formation - Video Sample
Melbourne Australia
23 Aug 2004-08-24
© Phenomena Research Australia


Meteor sighting resembles fireworks display
26/08/2004. ABC News Online

There were reports of a meteor in the skies over central and southern New South Wales and Victoria last night. Police stations from the New South Wales central coast to Shepparton in Victoria received calls about the object. Sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick from Goulburn Police saw the object at 11.30pm AEST while on patrol.

"To the north of the town, I saw a very bright light in the sky - similar to a very large flare. It just illuminated the entire sky for a very brief time and disappeared," he said.

Sergeant Fitzpatrick says it looked like a fireworks display.

"Well it had a slight tail...it was like a skyrocket, but extremely large." SEE PAGE


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

11:00am 24 Aug 2004

I have just got some info in from Phenomena Research Australia (PRA) about two large formations of light over Melbourne. They tell me the object were in two groups of three lights and each group was in a triangle formation. PRA have a copy of the video and so does Channel 7 TV.

PRA Director John Auchettl, has informed me "a check of ATC (Air Traffic Control) Melbourne show no aircraft at that location or in formation at that time".

"This morning on the Breakfast Show - Radio station 3AW Melbourne, spoke to the couple who took the video and they said it was quite a surprise and very spectacular, offering no explanation. Other called did come onto the talk back line to support the sighting. "

When I get more data I will post that for you.


Monday, August 23, 2004

And Uncle Barry lost his.

The skeptic tragic play in 4 parts.

King Richard Saunders:
Just met Don Lane. He looked at my Skeptics Badge and said "What's that?" I told him how I was and he had a laugh. "Tell the skeptics Ihave a soft place in my heart for them." Post 26118

Tim Harding:
I'll never forget Don Lane losing his cool with James Randi on his TV show, swiping Randi' props off the table and shouting at Randi to "Piss Off!". It was not a good look. Maybe he now feels guilty about his appalling rudeness to James Randi. I have strongly disliked Don Lane ever since, so as far as I'm concerned, the feeling is not mutual. Post 26123

Barry Williams:
I did an interview with Don Lane on the radio years back where he admitted (off air) that he had made a goose of himself over James Randi. Post 26130

Tim Harding:
It is good to hear that Don Lane is repentent about the 'Randi Affair', but I suspect that he got a lot of flak over it from the TVstation management and it probably damaged his career. That may be his main regret. Post 26133

Oh Dear, what a lot of rubbish. Done Lane said what to you Barry? Well it sound good Uncle Barry but keep shoveling that line. We all believe you - well "Off Air" anyway.

Flying Saucers are Real - 1950
Author: Donald E. Keyhoe
ISBN: 1596050020
Subject: Paranormal
List Price: $12.95 USDFormat: Softcover, 180 pages
Original Publication date: 1950

"Donald Keyhoe was there first. He didn't invent the UFO phenomenon, but he became its first authoritative private spokesman. In 1949, True magazine asked aviation writer and retired Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe to look into the flying saucer enigma, which had burst onto the scene just two years previously. With information from his friends in the military, Keyhoe concluded that the objects came from outer space and that the Air Force was covering up the story to prevent panic.

"The article caused a sensation and a year later Keyhoe expanded it into this landmark book, The Flying Saucers Are Real. In a personal, no-nonsense style, Keyhoe provides the details of his investigation: he talks with the witnesses, reviews the history of the phenomenon, and attempts to pry open the secrecy lid the Air Force had clamped down on the subject. Keyhoe would go on to write four more books on the subject and in 1957 he became director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, without a doubt the most influential private UFO organization of all time. But it is this book, which sold a half-million copies, that inspired hundreds of people to take up the UFO cause and established the core elements of UFO mythology, which the government has attempted to counter--unsuccessfully, I might add--to this very day."

-Patrick Huyghe, author of Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat

About the book - CLICK

Icecream Hands - BROKEN UFO
Icecream Hands are the greatest guitar pop band from Melbourne, Australia. Their latest album Broken UFO is out now through rubber records!! ... from the critic and fan-acclaimed album "Broken UFO" is "When The Show Is Over".

The CD single ... You can purchase "Broken UFO" online at : http://www.chaosmusic.com/shop

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has decided to post up information on the UFO crash claims at the Podkamennaya Tunguska ground site in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Thats the way... Lads!

Good work every bit counts. Have a look. LOOK


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Taken this past Friday 20 Aug 2004

UFORQLD - Dr Martin Gottschall
Part 1 is entitled "Gravity is a Force after all". It starts with the proposition that in a gravity field the speed of light decreases in a manner dependent only on the value of the gravity potential. This allows us to explain gravity in terms of forces which we already know from other contexts, and leads us to the unification of all the forces of nature.

READ - Part 1

From: Bob Bruce [mailto:qskeptic@uq.net.au] Sent: Sunday, 22 August 2004 11:38 AMTo: qskeptics@yahoogroups.comSubject: Re: [qskeptics] Outa here !


I'm unsubscribing from this list.

Dear All,

This is a revolting development.

Opinions are well developed cognitive designs that bolster our own world view and are generally held strongly by anyone who has the moral courage and tenacity to expose them to anyone else.
Many people without this courage tend to keep what meagre (not in a pejorative sense) opinions they have to themselves.

Many Skeptics hold strong views often contrary to popular opinion, intuition and conventional wisdom (or lack of it). The scathing attacks, however, we tend to proffer as 'argument' therefore aim at our opponents very basic world view and provoke predictably strong responses.

If we continue to mercilessly annihilate, expunge, disintegrate, dismember, denounce and defrock all opinion and opinion holders other than those consistent with our own precious world view then we will continue to remain on the fringe and be lampooned by the media and those that listen to them. There are not thousands of people flocking to join the Skeptics and few Skeptics enjoy the pillorying we get from various quarters even when we are right.

When we have dissembled someone, rather than convinced someone, rightly or wrongly we have failed to achieve a useful goal. All we have done is create an 'enemy' and although that is unavoidable sometimes in the long haul we make our overall job harder.

Am I proposing a compromise then? Hopefully not. However, we must realise that as openly opinionated people we represent a social rarity and rather than dogmatically thrust our opinions on unwilling ears we have to be circumspect and couch our arguments in inoffensive terms. Having reached an impasse we have to accept individual differences and continue to refine our terms of reference so that well defined issues can be settled - insofar as we are dealing with
rational things and beings at least. Dealing with ignorance in the most naive sense is like raising children, we have to train and treat people very gently or we will be labelled brutal
bombasts and we will simply be relegated to the pages of history. It is a very arrogant and nihilist attitude that forces reliable information onto unwilling listeners, knowing that to disregard forthright advice will lead to failure, proving also to be the listeners 'fault' . Shoving truth down peoples throats and forcing them into reality creates an imbroglio in which they
will invariably try to reject 'truth' in the most ridiculous and fanciful ways, even with their lives.

We cannot fairly push people that far.

We too have many lessons to learn and we have some high stakes to hold and nurture.

Bob Bruce qskeptic@uq.net.au


Thursday, August 19, 2004

UFOs are Real. So Now What?
Dateline: Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Nevertheless, we should distrust sure fire answers. This applies not only to those who ignorantly debunk the subject, but those who, like those early Christians (and millennialists of today), tell us that they are certain of what lies just ahead."
Have a read - not bad.
"Thorough and Monumental." —Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut
"Superb! The seminal work for this generation."—Don Ecker, Editor, UFO Magazine.
"The best history ever written about UFOs."—Whitley Strieber, author of Communion.

MUFON International (the Mutual UFO Network)
Michael Brownlee - UFO UpDates
Special to http://www.cosmictribune.com/

PART 1: Introduction

PART 2: From Research To Exopolitical Activism?

PART 3: Abductions - The Weight Of The Evidence

PART 4: The Human Response To An Extraterrestrial Intervention

Mrs Lynne Kelly B.E. (Elec), Dip. Ed., Grad. Dip. Comp.,M.Ed.(CHIP)

"Having attempted to educate thousands in my time as a teacher, that is the stuff dreams are made of." (REF: qskeptics message - 26836)

"I am the most idealistic teacher around. 30 years of believing the dream was possible - and still do." (REF: qskeptics message - 26840)

Did yoy say educate thousands in my time as a teacher?:

Lynne CV has these items:
Bachelor of Engineering (electrical) Monash University, 1972
Diploma of Education Rusden State College, 1973
Graduate Diploma of Computing Deakin University, 1984
Master of Education (CHIP) University of Melbourne, 1994

So where and what did you teach, Lynne?

And today after 30 years on well, our Skeptic Lynne is what? Well the The Principal of Virtual School for the Gifted, and what is this all about - who can tell? So when it comes to the claim she "educate thousands" I am very skeptical about that. Sound good.


Monday, August 16, 2004

The US PhysOrg.com has this image of two rods from the crash sit. I think? Interesting but like most we have a lot of time to wait and see.

"During the press conference in Krasnoyarsk, Yuri Lavbin, the head of the last expedition, confirmed that parts of an extraterrestrial device had been discovered. The new expedition, organized by the Siberian Public State Foundation “Tunguska Space Phenomenon” completed its work on the scene of Tunguska meteorite fall on August 9."

Churches look to galactic neighbourhood watch

The church has joined the traditional knot of scientists and philosophers looking for signs of life in the cosmos, writes Lucy Beaumont.

This Tuesday night, as part of National Science Week, a panel of philosophers and scientists will gather at St Michael's Uniting Church and ask: "Is there anyone out there?" What the eminent speakers will be concerned with though, is how earthlings would take the news that they are all alone in the universe.

Brad Gibson, professor of astrophysics and deputy director of the Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, believes that life indeed exists. "Whether that is of the single cell or bacterial-style life form or the three-headed monster variety, my biased opinion is that the former is more likely," he said. Humanity's quest to locate its galactic neighbours had only just begun, said Professor Gibson. FULL STORY

Marc Abrahams IN MELBOURNE
The man who celebrates the world's most bizarre research projects knows a bad idea when he sees one, writes science reporter Stephen Cauchi.

The former software developer, who is in Melbourne for National Science Week, is the world's leading expert on oddball science. Abrahams, who lives in Boston, edits the satirical journal Annals of Improbable Research, which documents real but intriguing (and often funny) scientific experiments. And, every year, he organises the "Ig Nobel" awards at Harvard University, celebrating the wackiest science of the year.

Abrahams, 48, graduated from Harvard with a degree in applied mathematics. He worked as a software developer in the 1980s but in 1990 switched careers and became the editor of the Journal of Irreproducible Results. FULL STORY


Saturday, August 14, 2004


It never ceases to amaze me how skeptics see science as some how immune to any critical thinking. This blind faith in science is oddly enough religious. When you see daily events where science jack boots change onto the general populus and without exception, not one murmur of caution from the skeptic cult about how these changes will effect us all, then one must question the mentality of the so called skeptics or our “keepers of the truth”.

Take the recent change in British policy on human clone research.

Not one post, not one howl from the skeptics?

The very next day after the UK announcement, skeptic Dr Paul Jewell in Message 26760 decided to pipe up with some words of wisdom nay advice, after some poor lost skeptic sole tries to blunder through the anti church dribble skeptics love to feed on.

"Religion has some good stuff about how to treat other people. Don't murder, steal or generally harm another person.......that's cool”

“Well, no. That's not religion's stuff - that's ordinary people stuff. Iwant to challenge religion's constant claim to the ownership and authorityof morals.”

“Quite often a religion will assert some value that is worthy and that we can all agree with (Don't harm people) but we simply don't need the rest of religion's trappings in order to be moral. Morality is better if notconflated with religion.”

Did he say “challenge religion's constant claim to the ownership and authorityof morals.” Oh yes he did.

Pray tell Dr Jewell how about the moral issue with human clone research?

Not a word. In fact this dim light has no comments to issue. A staff member of Flinders University Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law, Theology and a weird membership with the Australian Bioethics Association one would expect some ethical comment on clone technology. Even an examination of his papers provides nothing to back up his righteous blab or moral position. Yes his beloved science struts around hiding ownership and the authority from us all. I support this type of research but we need voices to challenge all the claims and assumptions this type of research jack boots common man with.

So where are you Dr Jewell? That’s right not one word in the belfry of “skeptic chapel”.

So what does this moral preacher talk about? Well take a look you tell me:

“Ethical Strategies for Dealing with a Changing World”
“Humour in Cognitive and Social Development: Creative artists and Class clowns.”
“Gifted Education in a Democracy: Refuting the Critics.”
“Medical Records, Patient Autonomy and Professional Judgement”
“The Fallacy of Availability”
“Measuring Moral Development”
"Martial Arts and Critical Thinking in the Gifted Education Curriculum"
"The Fallacy of Availability"
"Measuring Moral Development: Feeling, Thinking and Doing"
"Leaders and Followers"
"Varied Cultures, Different Concerns"
"Debating Policy Issues"
“PEP Dance Lower Primary Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation.”
"May the Desert Bloom: Policies for Gifted Students in Australian Universities"
"Giftedness Through Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Caring Thinking"
"Making Sense of the World: Constructivism, Creativity and Intelligence"
"Thinking Strategies: Critical Creative and Caring Thinking""A Reasoning Taxonomy for Gifted Education"
"What Every Expert Thinker Needs"
"Moral Reasoning: Dancing with Birds"
"Rules for Reasoning"
"Snake Oil, Sophistry and Sterile Syllogism"
"Constructive Critical Thinking"
"Cross Cultural Communication about Critical Thinking"
"The Hidden Premise"
“Critical Thinking in Religion Studies.”
“By What Authority? Anarchism, the State and the Individual”
"Comprehensible Language"

It’s about time this skeptic cult member places a post up on his skeptic cult message site that addresses real issues, before taking the high ground on the failings of religion of which there is many issue. Try addressing some urgent science problems if you can Dr Terra Nulla?

Dr Paul Jewell
Sturt Buildings
Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law, Theology
Flinders University GPO Box 2100 Adelaide South Australia 5001 Australia
Tel:(08)8201 2576 International tel 618 8201 2576


This is from Royce J. Myers III and the fall of another BS fake! I stoped following Ban Burischs crap long ago. For a so call man, under Government control, Dan had a very big mouth. Ufology has a bag full of these shits, so when they get caught its an all round good day. See how they squeal. So good bye BS Dan.

"Dan Burisch was mankind's last hope to save the planet and ET from a cosmic catastrophe...at least that's what he and his suppoters would have you believe.

For those of you not familiar with Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain), he claimed to be a Ph.D. microbiologist working on a top secret black ops project involving an alien named J-Rod. Burisch's story has been promoted by several people including Linda Howe, Bill Hamilton, and Ron Garner (former Reed UFO Fraud supporter) among others, as being authentic and verifiable. Others have had something to say about it for some time now and with the latest issue of UFO Magazine (see below image), another UFO fruitcake and his story has been sent packing down the dirtroad that brought both here."

And this from Ufologist Robert Gates
Subject: Re: Burisch Story Exposed - Gates

Can you see the pattern here?

1) Somebody tells some incredible story. For example think ofthe terms Burisch, Reed/Raith, Shargel and others.

2) The story can't be verified or checked out, usually thereason given is because it is some super secret black projectthat nobody can talk about.

3) Researchers don't check much into the back ground of theperson telling the story, and don't verify any claimeddegrees...after all the black government covers all of that up.

4) Researchers promptly start promoting and distributing thestory all over the Internet, talk radio and many other sources.They do so in such a fashion that it is believed to be absolutefact, never to be doubted.

5) Story disentegrates and those people who promoted, distributed, and defended are rarely to be found, prefering tomove on to the next person telling a story or news item. Inessence slink into the shadows.

I Agree!


Thursday, August 12, 2004

UFO 'wreckage' found in Siberia
From correspondents in Moscow - August 12, 2004

RUSSIAN scientists claim to have discovered the wreck of an alien device at the site of an unexplained explosion in Siberia almost a hundred years ago, the Interfax news agency has reported.

The scientists, who belong to the Tunguska space phenomenon public state fund, said they found the remains of an extra-terrestrial device that allegedly crashed near the Tunguska river in Siberia in 1908.

They also claim to have discovered a 50kg rock which they have sent to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for analysis.

The Tunguska blast, in a desolate part of Siberia, remains one of the 20th century's biggest scientific mysteries.

On June 30, 1908, what is widely believed to be a meteorite exploded a few kilometres above the Tunguska river, in a blast that was felt hundreds of kilometres away and devastated over 2000 square kilometres of Siberian forest. AUSTRALIA NEWS LIMITED

Read the original in Russian

Skeptic Lynne Kelly has her brain pickled by aliens.
Look at how clever I am. See this proves ghost
stories are not real - so there!


"Rendelsham Forest has been fully explained - I cover that on page 198."

That's it - all done - great work Lynne, was the weather in the UK fine as you did the field work? I wonder if all my UNI Grads could all write just one paragraph, that's all we need, and present that to me when they want their papers marked!

"Paul, here is my one page solution can I have a PhD?" - What a lot of rubbish!


"Pilots are not trained to recognize these things. They are trained to fly planes. It is worth talking to Mark Mayer, wearing his ex-Qantas-pilot hat, on this topic. I talked to a number of pilots about this when I was writing the book and none gave me any reason to expect they would be in a position to identify unusual objects - they are just trained what to do if they did: take evasive action if necessary - and file a report. Which is what the people in this show did."

What are you on Lynne?


GROUP/CAPT - "Come in FlOff Mark Mayer"

GROUP/CAPT - "Why did you turn your B747 270 degrees?"

FlOFF MAYER - "Oh I don't know sir? There was this big thing infront of me!"

GROUP/CAPT - "We had no air traffic in you area at the time so what was it man?"

FlOFF MAYER - "I don't know Sir? I was only flying the B747, that's all I can do sir"

What a DICK HEAD idea. Pilots do have brains with ideas and opinions you numnut!

Why shouldn't aliens look like us?
Duncan Steel - Monday August 9, 2004 - The Guardian
Duncan Steel is a space researcher based in Adelaide, Australia

"There are good scientific reasons to believe that extraterrestrial life forms might resemble human beings Would extraterrestrials look like us? Why not? In sci-fi movies, aliens are often basically humanoid in size and shape, like the Klingons in Star Trek, or various characters in the Star Wars films. Even the robots are built on anthropomorphic lines, because there's an actor inside that suit, whether it's furry, scaly or metallic." FULL STORY

No more natural selection in our brave new world - After this news. And who said they would never do it?

Britain Grants Human Cloning License
Wed Aug 11, 8:28 PM ET Add Science - AP to My Yahoo!
By EMMA ROSS, AP Medical Writer

LONDON - Britain granted its first license for human cloning Wednesday, joining South Korea (news - web sites) on the leading edge of stem cell research, which is restricted by the Bush administration and which many scientists believe may lead to new treatments for a range of diseases.


Opportunity rover pictures show result of airbag retraction. Pattern of perturbed martian soil might be indicative of a microbial mat that covers the landing area, claims a NASA Mars researcher. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell

NASA Scientist Sees Possible Mat of Martian Microbes By Leonard DavidSenior Space Writerposted: 09 August 2004


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Astronomer sheds light on 'UFO sightings'
ABC Online, Australia

UFO spotters will not need to report a red flare and a fast moving white light in the sky over Darwin tonight - they have already been identified.

The white light will be the International Space Station, on one of its rare transits that is clearly visible across the Top End.

The red flash comes from an Iridium flare, generated by one of 70 satellites launched by the now-defunct phone company in the 1990s.

Charles Darwin University astronomy tutor Geoff Carr says the two phenomenon are often mistaken for 'close encounters'.

"You'll see a tiny light and that will brighten up enormously," he said.

"It looks almost like a flare, one of those out of a flare gun, and then it will just disappear and people have rung me up saying 'I'm sure I saw a UFO last night, it just skirted into the atmosphere, then it took off', so you know what they're talking about when they do contact you, because you know when they're visible."

Are there alien messages in our DNA strands?
August 09 2004


Sydney - Forget waiting for ET to call - the most likely place to find an alien message is in our DNA, according to an expert in Australia.

Professor Paul Davies, from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University in Sydney, believes a cosmic greeting card could have been left in every human cell.

The coded message would only be discovered once the human race had the technology to read and understand it.

Writing in New Scientist magazine, Davies said the idea should be considered seriously.

For more than 40 years astronomers have been sweeping the skies with radio telescopes hoping to catch a signal from an alien civilisation.

So far the search has been in vain. But Davies believes it is wrong to assume that extraterrestrials who may be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us technologically will have chosen to communicate by radio.

Leaving artifacts for humans to find once they are sufficiently evolved - like the obelisk in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey - might be a more attractive strategy, he explained.

But ensuring the survival of such an artifact over possibly millions of years would be difficult.
A better solution would be to incorporate information into the human genome, allowing it to be copied and maintained over immense periods of time.

One way to do this might be to deliver alien viruses which could infect cells with message-laden DNA, said Davies.

Scientists have recently discovered large sequences of "junk" DNA that contain no genes and appears to be very stable.

"If ET has put a message into terrestrial organisms, this is surely where to look," said Davies.
A computer could be used to find obvious attention-grabbing patterns within these stretches of DNA, he said.

If a sequence of junk units of DNA were displayed as an array of pixels on a screen and produced a simple image "the presumption of tampering would be inescapable".

The DNA code was easily big enough to contain a decent-sized novel or a potted history of the rise and fall of an alien civilisation.

Davies added: "Trying to second-guess alien communication strategies is fraught with uncertainty, so we should try everything we can afford. The truth may be out there somewhere - or it could be a lot closer to home."

Witching Hour For Mayor
Herald Sun Melbourne - By Kate Jones, tribunal reporter
"A BATTLE between a transgender witch and a Christian councillor will unfold in the discrimination courts this week.

"Olivia Watts is taking on Casey mayor Rob Wilson under Victoria's new religious vilification laws, claiming he incited hatred against her pagan religion when he outed her as a witch in a 2003 press release."

"Entitled "Satanic Cult Out To Take Over Casey", Cr Wilson's statement called on local church leaders to hold a "day of prayer" to ward off occult forces."

The Big Picture: Britain's X-Files
8:30pm Wednesday, 11 August 2004

How do you like this for a write up? Tony Johnston review in the Sunday Herald Sun (6th July 2004) open with this:

"Anyone who has ever had the slightest tingle of excitement when confronted with the subject of UFOs and the like, will love this humourous, very British look at the phenomenon."


Now when has the BBC done docos that are humourous? - This would work: "In our next chapter of 'BBC THE WORLD AT WAR', see our humourous take as the Germans attack England, laugh along as a V2 hits another street and kills 50 brits..." Yeh right!

And the photo with this rubbish, talk about loading the questions?

Tony Johnston you need your brain checked in old son, "are you an alien?"

Question if UFO are not real then whats with all the police? Now go do something else rather than follow up on pranks! Or do you have a reason to do thus crap? God help us all.

Police talking to teens about pranks at Waihopai spybase
New Zealand Herald

"Teenage pranks at the Waihopai spybase near Blenheim have landed two girls in trouble.
Police will meet the girls' families tomorrow after the teenagers allegedly posted fake information about the spybase on a website about UFOs."


Friday, August 06, 2004

The Fourth Australian National UFO Conference was held on the 5th and 6th of June 2004 in Sydney, Australia. CLICK TO SEE - Thanks to Sheryl.


Stanton T. Friedman v Robert Sheaffer
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 251,236
Top Secret/MAJIC
By Stanton T. Friedman, Foreword by Whitley Strieber
ISBN: 1569247412
Format: Paperback, 272pp
Pub. Date: May 1997
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 644,628
Making of the Messiah: Christianity and Resentment
By Robert Sheaffer
ISBN: 0879756918
Format: Hardcover, 192pp
Pub. Date: October 1991
Publisher: Prometheus Books

New South Wales UFO - 16th July 2004
Have a look - CLICK

Photographs of Australiaby John Davies
"I found these a few miles north of Broken hill in a place near Silverton"


1,609 titles with the keyword = UFO
178 titles with the keyword = SKEPTIC

Dawkins book Selfish Gene's (1976) basic theme was this - we are prisoners of our DNA.

"Dawkins says he is now no longer so aggressive, a claim that is manifestly untrue. In his last book, A Devil's Chaplain, he quotes with relish a Spectator review that 'to be Dawkinsed is not just to be dressed down or duffed up: it is to be squelched, pulverised, annihilated, rendered into suitably primordial paste.' "

"He is spectacularly combative, picking fights not just with churchmen but other evolutionary biologists, in particular the late Harvard palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould."

"The two clashed violently over Gould's ideas that evolution proceeds in strange jumps and starts, known as the theory of punctuated equilibrium. Dawkins denounced Gould's ideas and writing as being filled with 'forced analogies that obscure rather than illuminate' and 'bad scientific poetry' (a real Dawkins put down). Their battle divided US and UK researchers into deeply divided camps (Steve Pinker and Daniel Dennett with Dawkins, Steve Rose and Richard Lewontin with Gould) and is considered one of science's most unpleasant disputes."

"In 1995 he was given an Oxford chair, endowed by Microsoft millionaire Charles Simonyi. He has maintained his fusillades of anti-cleric abuse, once utterly crushing the Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries (a former scientist), in a debate over the common ground that exists between science and religion (no guessing what Dawkins's view was)." FULL STORY

Full name: Clinton Richard Dawkins
DoB: 26 March 1941, Kenya
Education: Oundle School; Balliol, Oxford (MA, DPhil, Msc)
Publications: The Selfish Gene (1976); The Extended Phenotype (1982);
The Blind Watchmaker (1986); River Out of Eden (1995); A Devil's Chaplain (2003)

The laid-back sorceress with uncertain spells
By Martin Flanagan
The Age - Melbourne Australia - Jul 25, 2004
Picture:Michael Rayner
Caroline TullyThe witch who looks better in black

"Caroline Tully thinks religion is more in the nature of a poetic attempt to describe reality.

"She says modern witchcraft came out of Britain in the 1950s as a mixture of folk belief, ceremonial magic, secret societies and freemasonry. It received an enormous impetus in the '70s from feminists who saw it as a forbidden system of female knowledge and power. Traditionally, she says, witchcraft was equally open to men "but women love it. It has places where women can have power and spiritual authority."" READ


Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Big Picture: Britain's X-Files
8:30pm Wednesday, 11 August 2004
ABC Channel 2 The Big Picture will be showing a documentary called "Britan's X Files" next Wednesday night.

"Exclusive new research reveals for the first time, the truth behind
the numerous UFO sightings reported in Britain between 1950 and 2000
and examines why the Government refused to admit it was undertaking
investigations into them. Britain's X-Files screens Wednesday, 11
August at 8.30pm on ABC TV."

"In 1950, a spate of UFO sightings by RAF pilots inspired the British
government to set up the top-secret Flying Saucer Working Party. In
1952, UFOs re-appeared over southern England and sensationally, over
the White House in Washington. As panic escalated, Winston Churchill
demanded to know what was going on and the Ministry of Defence set up a
permanent UFO Investigation Unit. We now know that over the next 50
years, the government unit secretly investigated and dismissed hundreds
of UFO sightings."

"Why did it take so many years for the government to admit its
activities? This film travels back in time to examine the political
climate in the early 1950s.The government's policy of official secrecy
was in line with that of the American government and this strengthened
the public belief in a global cover-up of the existence of aliens. But
could their intention have been different? Was their aim in fact to
disguise the fear that gripped top politicians and military personnel
both sides of the Atlantic, that the Russians had developed a powerful
new fighter aircraft? And could the sudden appearance of UFOs over
Britain have been a consequence of this Cold War paranoia, rather than
aliens visiting Earth?"

"Features eye witness accounts and interviews with former Flying Saucer
Working Party
members to examine whether rational explanations stand up
to scrutiny."

Produced by Mike Wadding
Series editor: John Farren

Debbie Payne has just posted her next Newsletter 15. It can be found at the Disclosure Project web site. I have given Debbie some stick over the past month, but support her, go have a look. Debbie is the power house behind AUFORN, she is a real mover and shaker. Apart from her, nothing much comes out of AUFORN, that is of any value , unless it is a web cut and past job.

"In this issue we present 15 pages of notes on our 18 hour examination of RAAF UFO files undertaken at RAAF base Edinburgh, South Australia."

Have a good look down the list in Newsletter 15, see that, yes VUFORS! That's right they were the best, back then.
"Can you tell me about Bill Chalker entry in the files... oh non? It must be in there some where... try the next page... NO? Have another look... NO! But I thought he was the first and only one? - Yeh right! -

I like this little section, tells it all, just how real disclosure likes to works:

"As previously reported, restrictions were placed upon our examination of these files. As the RAAF would not photocopy the documents on these files for us, we were only allowed to examine the files and take written notes (minus any identifiers of names). At the end of each visit a RAAF Security Police Officer examined our hand written notes to ensure that we had not written down the names of any individuals."

Oh dear! Been there, seen that, done that... have a copy on file - would you like to see? - NO Paul get a life you glove puppet numnut!
Good work Debbie.