Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Is Bill Chalker Up Too?

Well like normal I get my daily fix of UFO information from UFOUpdates, it’s a great site, full of interesting bits and its measure of ego & vanity. But I digress, well out of the blue the “Great Master of Everything” the one an only Bill Chalker, had a post SEE I crawled my way through all the vanity and ‘Boo Hoo’, poor me rubbish and got to the end… asking myself “Myself - What The?”

Wikipedia's 'UFO History Wars'?

The Great Master of Everything

Seven entries got my eye:

1. “and much of it replicates the information that has emerged through the recent Australian Disclosure project.”

Well? Bill make it sound like the information was hidden, special, and the Project found the ‘lost treasure’. Sorry Bill, all old info, and God it’s all out due to the 25 or 30 year Australian Government rule… Good try at exclusivity, chump!

2. “I say "anonymous" as the author uses the handle "Vufors". Iconnected the well known group VUFORS to check if my suspicionswere correct, that this was not the work of the VUFOS committe.”

What was that!!!!

I thought I was bad… but he must have been in a pissed off & rushed… with all the typos…

VUFORS help you Bill.. not very likely. They still see you as trouble… “MALFUNCTION JUNCTION”… oh bearded one. More like they gave you a good old ‘BUM STEAR’!

3. “anonymous fragmented content and style that often appeared on the demented Paul de Blog Australasian Ufologist blog site..”

Gee what can I say… I’m famous!

4. “With my book, The OZ Files, back in 1996 I try to provide a
modest popular history.”

Yes back to his views, the history in his first book is a two page summary… great historical doco that entry.

5. “Some of my other contributions on Australian history are tofound on the web at sites like Project 1947 and my own web site:”

Just in case you had not been told for the 100th time… king vanity.

More "I" & "Me" lists.

6. “I am passionate about theopen and transparent documentation of UFO history. An anonymous party..”

And please tell us about your DNA secret collage group who work through you, for some reason… you know Bill… the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG) thingee.

And finally,

7. “Clearly many additional sources have surfaced, but some seem rooted in a lack of transparency,..”

But this is the best one.

You see in Bill’s head, he thinks that he has all the possible historical, data, event and outcomes that can possible exist… and no one else can have new data…

I must follow this up a little more, as when you see Bill and his “little AUFORN Queensland editor general DH”… you have some thug & bully works in the pipes.

Poor BILL, you just don’t get it do you!

Hall The The Agent/Tracker?

The BS Tracker

"Further, while in charge at NICAP I had NICAP investigators tracking and investigating Adamski all over the country, andpersonally investigated him when he was in the Washington, D.C.,area. We caught him in lie after lie, contradiction aftercontradiction. Actual thorough investigation, not wild-eyed andarbitrary assumptions about how honest or dishonest aliens are."

Hall was able to get someone to track George Adamski all over the USA? Now that is a "blowhard full of BS". No limits to this blob?

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