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John Howard our Oz PM at work with his Treasurer, the right Hon Peter Costello.

Need I say more?

New Intel laser tech could bring
Photonics to the Masses
By Wolfgang Gruener

Santa Clara (CA) - Optical components that provide high-bandwidth data transmission today are mostly used in the telecommunications industry and are often too expensive for mainstream technologies. Intel now claims to have found a way to use silicon as optical material - a discovery that could lead to cheaper lasers as well as faster and more capable networks.

Intel calls its "breakthrough" research the "first continuous silicon laser" which allows amplifying photons within silicon material to create a laser output beam. Silicon so far was considered to be unsuited for such an application due to its nature to create strong electromagnetic interference and absorb most of the source light.

The laser announced is based on the so-called Raman effect, published by Venkata Raman back in 1928 and a first laser that was built on this theory in 1962. The effect is based on the discovery that light is pumped into a material and amplified by oscillating photons between two mirrors thus creating a intense light source and allow a laser beam to exit on side. This effect is about 10,000 times stronger in silicon than in glass fiber which allows amplification to be created in centimeter rather than kilometer distances, according to Intel.


Exotic FISH Pictures
Strange fish from around the world. Thailand, Malaysia, Persian Gulf and now Guyana!



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A sad day for me… Paul Hester (46) - who was the drummer in Neil Finn group Crowded House, died on Friday, in Melbourne, while he was out for a walk with his two dogs. It also seems that he took his own life... I find that so hard to believe...? I can't work this one out at all.

Great Band All Great Man -- And Oh very sad!



Two-limbed tiptoe aids octopus camouflage
Narelle Towie
Novel underwater walk helps creatures slip away unnoticed.




An EASTER Reflection

Life’s too short so, kick back, have a rest and eat lots of chocolate!


Friday, March 25, 2005

Heavenly light show caught on film
Mark Peplow

Thundercloud discharges have been imaged in unprecedented detail.


In these three video segments, each sprite lasts between 16 and 50 milliseconds. The field of view is about 2.5 kilometres across, although each sprite can grow as long as 60

© R. A. Marshall and U. S. Inan / Stanford University

Magnetic Stimulation Alters Brain

HealthDayNews - Just two minutes of magnetic stimulation can alter the brain for an hour, according to a University of College London (UCL) study in the Jan. 20 issue of Neuron.



Rat brain flies jet
By Robin Lettice

Rat hippocampal brain slice. Astrocytes were stained with anti-GFAP antibody (glial fibrillary acidic protein, red), neurons were stained with anti-neurofilament antibodies (green)

Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to fly a fighter plane.

Scientists at the university of Florida taught the 'brain', which was grown from 25,000 neural cells extracted from a rat embryo, to pilot an F-22 jet simulator. It was taught to control the flight path, even in mock hurricane-strength winds.

"When we first hooked them up, the plane 'crashed' all the time," Dr Thomas DeMarse, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Florida, said. "But over time, the neural network slowly adapts as the brain learns to control the pitch and roll of the aircraft. After a while, it produces a nice straight and level trajectory."

The brain-in-a-dish was DeMarse' idea. To produce it, 25,000 rat neurones were suspended in a specialised liquid to keep them alive and then laid across a grid of 60 electrodes in a small glass dish.

The cells at first looked like grains of sand under the microscope, but soon began to connect to form what scientists call a "live computation device" (a brain). Electrodes monitor and stimulate neural activity in this network, allowing researchers to study how the brain processes and transfers information.

The scientists hope that their research will lead to hybrid computers with organic components, allowing more flexible and varied means of solving problems.

One potential application is to install living computers in unmanned aircraft for missions too dangerous for humans. It is also hoped that further advances will help in the search for cures for conditions such as epilepsy, The Age reports.


"The algorithms that living computers use are also extremely fault-tolerant," Dr DeMarse said.

"A few neurons die off every day in humans without any noticeable drop in performance, and yet if the same were to happen in a traditional silicon-based computer the results would be catastrophic."

The US National Science Foundation has awarded the team a $500,000 grant to produce a mathematical model of how the neurons compute. ®



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Conan O'Brien interview with Bill Gates 2005

Paws for Concern in Bush
Geelong Advertiser
Wednesday, March 23

PAW PRINT: Glenys White holds the plaster
casts she says provides proof giant cats exist.
The plaster cast was taken several years ago
from a footprint on her Barwon Downs farm.

MYSTERY surrounding the Otway big cat has intensified after two Colac policeman claimed they spotted the beast near Birregurra.

Graham Honey and Greg Bakker were driving on the western outskirts of Birregurra when the beast crossed the road in front of them.

Mr Honey said the animal was about the size of a border collie or labrador.

"The driver said `what was that?"

"I was thinking (the same thing)," Mr Honey said.

"(It was) too big to be a feral cat, but was getting up towards the size of those pumas.

"You would probably like to see one right up in front of you in broad daylight, but I can't explain what this thing was."

Mr Honey said he came forward with his story after seeing an article in the Geelong Advertiser about a cyclist who came across the beast.

That cyclist, Nicholas Pearce, 24, of Winchelsea pedalled for his life after he came face to face with the animal he believed to be a black panther or puma in Bambra State Forest.

Mr Pearce said had got off his mountain bike to have a drink when he heard a rustling in the bushes.

"Then suddenly this big cat, black as the ace of spades, came into the clearing, jumping over a couple of logs and was coming straight at me," Mr Pearce said last month.

"I got a really good view and it wasn't a feral cat. It was bigger than a labrador, it was very scary," he said.

Hundreds of people claim to have seen the beast. Among them is Glenys White.

From her laundry cupboard, Mrs White pulls out a cake tin that she believes provides vital evidence the beast exists.

The evidence is a plaster cast as big as a hand taken several years ago of a footprint on her Barwon Downs farm.

Her husband, Graham, made the cast from the large footprint etched into a hard clay surface.

The cast shows front paw and back paws of the creature.

But big cat expert and former Melbourne zoo keeper Simon Townsend believes the cast is not of a big cat print.

Mr Townsend believes one of the casts is from a dog and the other a wallaby.

But the family have good reason to believe the cast is of a big cat footprint.

Mrs White and her daughter were walking at the top of a hill on their farm about 10 years ago when they noticed the beast in a gully below.

"He was quite big," Mrs White said.

"Jet black - not quite a metre high with a thick tail."

"He was just in a gully probably hunting rabbits, he was hunting like a cat."

Mrs White said her husband would often see what he believes are the creatures eyes when he is out hunting at night.

"(He said they were) like reflectors on a sign," she said.

At night sometimes the family will hear a deep growl that they believe is the big cat.

The beast is well known in Barwon Downs and surrounding Otway townships.

Mrs White tells the story of a person driving nearby who lost their side mirror after the creature jumped up next to their car.

At the local store the proprietor counts herself among those to have seen the creature.

It ran in front of her car when she was driving home from Lorne late at night.



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Sleep Study Ghost
During a sleep study this ghost was caught on a Sony infrared digital camera:

Photo #1 shows the ghost entering the room.

Photo #2 shows the ghost floating up to the bed.

Photo #3 shows the ghost standing over the patient.

Photo #4 shows the ghost beginning to leave the room hovering over the patient in a squatting position. Notice you can see feet on the ghost.

Photo #5 shows the ghost flying out of the room in the same squatting position.

All five pictures were taken from one second of recording. In real time it looks like a boomerang going across the screen. The image of him standing over the bed is truly spooky.

(C) John P. libertyinpawpaw@aol.com


Let The Revolution Begin

You know I am not a fan of Dick Hall...

They Cut Him Out!
Dick Hall Not Going To Talk - What Again!

So what's new you ask... well for good reason the DH mob are locked away in the past. That's why I like researchers who keep up to date, for example; Phenomena Research Australia (PRA), UFO Research Queensland (UFORQLD) & UFO Research NSW (UFORNSW) - So am I alone on this? Well... No! Take this recent blogpost, take what you need from it, you don't have to agree too everything, but have a read, this is good food for the mind.

LINK: http://rrrgroup.blogspot.com/
(Also over in the <-- left Margin)

The UFO Void
By Christopher Jay

"Is anything going on in the UFO world that matters?

"Old UFO cases are being dredged up to re-activate a moribund UFO community; the premise is that "new technologies" might discover something that inept investigators missed early on.

When one listens to the Toronto-originated radio show "Strange Days Indeed" hosted by Errol Bruce-Knapp (who maintains the popular UFO UpDates e-mail list), they will hear a couple hours of prattle, opinionizing of the dreariest kind.

This is what happens typically at other UFO venues: Rense.com for instance. The discussions are rife with hearsay and purloined misinformation from questionable sources but accepted as gospel by those promulgating themselves mostly.

Discipline is sorely lacking in "ufology." Casual investigations, enhanced histories, and foolhardy theories abound, and have abounded since 1947.

Some of the RRRGroup, Rich Reynolds in particular, admire Stanton Friedman because he has dedicated himself to the UFO mystery without recompense equal to his dedication and hard work to unravel the UFO enigma.

But Stan Friedman is locked into cases and episodes which, if clarified by further investigation, will do nothing to explain the UFO phenomenon in real terms. I'm referring to Roswell and the MJ-12 documents.

If a flying saucer crashed near Roswell and if MJ-12 actually existed, what has that to do with the intent or purpose of unexplained things which are purported to be flying above and sometimes landing on this Earth?

The continuing concern to prove Roswell and MJ-12, even Aztec, does nothing do explain or understand a phenomenon that is being un-served by those now in control of the discussion, men and women who are incapable and unable to muster the discipline or intelligence to cope with something as bizarre and evanescent as UFOs.

It will take an upheaval of gigantic proportions to unseat the ego-fettered and so far useless group who have, because they are basically ignorant, about everything, screwed up the study of UFOs so badly that scientists and thoughtful hobbyists have got to start from scratch.

And that task must be assumed by the "Young Turks" as Alfred Lehmberg calls them.

Let the "revolution" begin."


Monday, March 21, 2005


Big cat sighting
20 Mar 2005

TWO police officers on their way to work near Colac in western Victoria are the latest in a long line of people to have seen the area's big cat.

Sen-Constables Graham Honey and Greg Bakker were driving on the western outskirts of Birregurra late last month when the creature ran across the road in front of their car. "It was about ten metres in front of the vehicle and we both had a decent look at it," Sen-Constable Honey told the Sunday Herald Sun.

Sen-Constable Honey said he and his colleague had not gone public with their sighting until they read of similar accounts shortly afterwards.

"We've had our legs pulled about it by our mates. Why would you invent something like this? I can get my name in the paper any time through my job," he said.

Big cat researcher Michael Moss is planning to set up a state-of-the-art night camera in the Birregurra area this month to catch the big cat on film.


Fireball Sightings Log


"From North of the Fireball Trajectory: This beautiful photograph of the 7/23/01 daylight fireball was taken by Paul Brown of Rochester, New York, caught fortuitously as he was out taking pictures of his children in his backyard that Monday evening (about 6:18 PM EDT). The image was captured while facing generally to the southeast, with the fireball following a roughly downward and left-to-right path."


Avalon Airshow 2005 - Melbourne



Saturday, March 19, 2005

Possible UFO Landing

Mmmmmmmm.... I don't thinks so.... looks like a road side workers light system.... I wonder?

"I was driving home from work around 5:20 PM, enjoying the sunset while driving. I noticed a strange object maneuvering among the contrails in the sky and thought I would snap a photo while driving. This photo was taken at the corner of Tenaya Way and Cheyenne Road outside of Las Vegas, on March 2, 2005. I was on Tenaya getting ready to turn onto Cheyenne.

When I got home, I noticed I didn't get that craft but got something else in the lower left-hand corner. The weird thing is, the area where the lights appear in the photo is a flood control basin, so there aren't any lights there.

If this is what I think it is, it's mind boggling. There are what I believe to be 3 craft that are distinctly visible. I would be very interested in what others have to say about this photo. Thank you. "

Sincerely, Scott -

Camera Info: I was using my Sony DSC-P92 digital 5 megapixel camera. EV was at 0 and shutter speed was 100. (The first image is the full shot, underneath are cropped and close-up images)


Aliens From The Sea

Fairy Shrimp

UFO Review issue 9

UFO Review issue 9, March 2005 is now available.


"Give the guy a chance"
Interview with Dr. Michale Salla who tells us what it is like to be one of the most criticised individuals within Ufology. An in depth overview of Exoplitics, an explanation of what it's about and where it's future lies.

Assemblage of comments about the Jennings UFO special

Crytptozoology Corner;
Strange, terrifying creature seen in garden pond.

Kithra casts an eye back over "Grandma on the telly" and Alternative 3

Mystery booms heard across London. Case solved!

"UFO Recognition Part 2"
Second part of a three parter from Bill Hamilton about how to recognise the beggars when they're flying around.

"Searching for the Truth"
Editorial from Dennis Balthaser

"India chosen nation for ET visitation. Aliens to share secretswith our leaders"
Exclusive report by Rashid Rabbitveryfast

"The abductee who looks forward to being taken"
Interview with best selling author Lisette Larkins about her life, philosophy, her early years, what makes her tick, and even a bit about ET.

"Did a UFO Crash in S.E. Missouri in 1941?"
Fascinating reader submitted article by SeekingMoInfo


Friday, March 18, 2005

13 Things that do not make sense
19 March 2005
News service Michael Brooks

  1. The placebo effect
  2. The horizon problem
  3. Ultra-energetic cosmic rays
  4. Belfast homeopathy results
  5. Dark matter
  6. Viking's methane
  7. Tetraneutrons
  8. The Pioneer anomaly
  9. Dark energy
  10. The Kuiper cliff
  11. The Wow signal
  12. Not-so-constant constants
  13. Cold fusion



Proof of Tassie tiger photo seems extinct
17 Mar 2005

A MYSTERIOUS Tasmanian tiger photo by a German tourist is looking more like a hoax than proof the famous marsupial is alive.

News of the photo emerged late last month when the man's brother in Victoria claimed to have a copy of the picture.

The colour photo was said to have been taken in remote wilderness near Lake St Clair.

But little has emerged to prove the photograph is genuine since it was first reported.

Leading Tasmanian wildlife biologist Nick Mooney said the process was ongoing.

.... and more



Thursday, March 17, 2005

A father, son and their 'UFO'
Friday, 11 March 2005

IDENTIFIED: Paul Cremin and his 13-year-old son Aidan with their ‘UFO’,
the kite they were flying on Sunday night that got the whole city
talking when it sparked reports of a spooky sighting.

It was independence day for Dubbo, and Paul Cremin didn't even know.

It wasn't until his friends showed him the photograph in yesterday's Daily Liberal of an unidentified flying object that he realised he had spooked all of the city.

"My neighbour came over laughing with the newspaper," he said, blushing.

Mr Cremin and his 13-year-old son Aidan fly kites and model aeroplanes as a hobby.

Last Sunday night, for five hours, he was flying a 'delta coyne' kite 140 metres in the air - directly in the part of the sky that Suzanne Fuller and her family reported seeing a UFO.

"We couldn't stop laughing when we read the story," he said.

"I called the police because I didn't want anyone to worry, and the policewoman couldn't stop laughing either."

Suzanne Fuller had called police on Sunday night to report seeing the object "about 50 miles away" in sky's south-east.

Shaky video footage of the object was later viewed by police who made an official report to Air Services Australia (ASA), and sent them a copy of the tape.

"It looked like a bird, but much larger... with a flat top and a deeper shape at the bottom," was how Mrs Fuller described what she had seen in the sky "for five hours".

It just so happens that's an almost exact description of the Cremin's kite. Mrs Fuller also said that she had seen a light from the object flashing on and off, once the sun set. But that too has now been accounted for.

"We use a torch to try and spot the kite in the sky once it gets dark," Mr Cremin said.

"Reading that they saw it move a bit to the left, and then back again, I knew it was the kite. It does exactly that," he said, shaking his head.

Police had commended the Fuller family for reporting the incident, and were themselves unable to explain the strange object in the sky. That is, until they got the call from Mr Cremin.

A member of the local area command called Suzanne Fuller to tell her that the object had been found.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TIME MACHINE! ForTimeTravel?
On sale eBay.

This is a great odd item (Thanks PRA for the link), all very Fort... I would love to follow up on such a wild story.. you never know what you would find.... its a great read go and have a look!

"Hello, I am selling what I believe to be a time machine that was built in the year 2239 by Dr. J. S. Strauss. I found the machine under my house when I was doing remodeling to the bathroom. The machine was hidden in a old rotten wood chest along with some other findings that I believe to be related to the machine like old pictures, letters, ect. I dont know to much about time machines or electronics, but from my observations I believe that the machine might have caught on fire, at some time or another from the looks of the inside, and is now in a non working condition. It also looks like there might be some parts missing on the inside, but I dont know. The time machine itself is not to heavy it weighs 20 pounds and it is 18" high by 23" wide and 11" depth.

From what I put together from all of the findings is that Dr. J. S. Strauss who built the machine in 2239 went into the past to the early 1900's and the time machine broke down or caught on fire or something. From the pictures and letters it looks like he was living in southern california for a while, it looks like he also met some friends and a girlfriend there.

I found the time machine in december of 2004 and I have tried to get it to work but I could not, I even called my best friend who has worked on cars, even he could not get it to work. I know this time machine might be one of the most important discoveries of all time, but if I cant get the time machine to work, then its not worth that much to me, so that is why im selling it on ebay. Also I figured I could get a little extra money so I could finish remodeling my bathroom."

Here is a list of things you will get:

1- the time machine

2- a letter dated july 3, 1930 by J.S.

3- a poem that seems to relate to time travel.

4- a check dated dec 23, 1926 with J.S. signiture

5- a photograph of mal, floyd, reuben dated march 16, 1930

6- a photograph of who I think to be Dr. J.S. Strauss dated Jan. 1926

7- a small key for some kind of suitcase

8- two small bottles

9- a blank book of matches

10- a book of electronic inventions with the name Glenn Thompson written in it (who I think to be a guy who had the machine for awhile in the 1970's.)


ODD BALL ITEM - Masonic Links?

Notice the owl on the US$1.00 dollar bill.

"The demon goddess Lilith is represented throughout history as an owl."

What do you think?

Theory of everything' tying researchers up in Knots
Keay Davidson, Chronicle Science Writer
Monday, March 14, 2005

The most celebrated theory in modern physics faces increasing attacks from skeptics who fear it has lured a generation of researchers down an intellectual dead end.

In its original, simplified form, circa the mid-1980s, string theory held that reality consists of infinitesimally small, wiggling objects called strings, which vibrate in ways
that yield the different subatomic particles that comprise the cosmos. An analogy is the vibrations on a violin string, which yield different musical notes.

Advocates claimed that string theory would smooth out the conflicts between Einsteinian relativity and quantum mechanics. The result, they said, would be a grand unifying "theory
of everything," which could explain everything from the nature of matter to the Big Bang to the fate of the cosmos.

http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi file=/chronicle/archive/2005/03/14/MNGRMBOURE1.DTL

Lawrence Krauss argues that string theorists have produced no
satisfactory explanations for anything. Photo courtesy of
Case Western Reserve University

Michio Kaku suggests that humans might eventually travel to
alternate universes, perhaps via wormholes. Photo courtesy of the
City University of New York


Sunday, March 13, 2005

UFO captured on film hovering high in city sky
Thursday, 10 March 2005

"A black triangular object that made a number of movements and then speared off out of sight behind the trees."

That's how police have described footage claimed to be of an unidentified flying object (UFO) that was reported to police, and shot on a video camera, by a Dubbo family last Sunday night.

"I've never seen anything like it," Suzanne Fuller said.

"It was hovering there for five hours, and it was completely silent."

The police arrived to the scene at 8pm, viewed the videotape, and filed an official report to Air Services Australia (ASA), a federal airways monitoring bureau.

"It looked like a bird, but much larger, the size of a car, with a flat top and a deeper shape at the bottom."

Mrs Fuller also put a call into the UFO Researchers Independent Network, and described what they had seen to Moira McGhee.

"They said it looked about 40 to 50 miles away to the south-east," she said.

She said the family saw something between 7pm and 8.15pm. At first a male family member saw what he described to Ms McGhee as something "that looked like a stationary chopper".

"Now remember, it was still daylight at 7pm," she said.

Mrs Fuller said that together with her husband, and three daughters, they continued watching until after 11pm.

"Once the sun set, there was a light like from a lighthouse flashing on and off, every couple of seconds," she said.

"The police were here, and they said they had never seen anything like it before."

"Every now and then, it would move to the left again, and then back to the same spot again."

Duty Officer Inspector Alan Cusack commended the family for reporting the incident.

"We take these calls on their merit," he said.

"The family were genuine in their concern, they called the police and they did the right thing.

"We have proceeded in investigating the matter by referring the incident to the ASA and sending them the videotape for inspection."

Inspector Cusack said the ASA told police that there were "numerous reports of objects flying in the southern regions of Australia".

The sighting is not the first one in Dubbo. In 2002 a woman reported seeing an object "as large as a house" hovering in the sky about 500 metres off the ground, and allegedly moving and changing colours.

Ms McGhee said another sighting 10 years ago had a number of people in Dubbo report seeing an object "as big as a supermarket" in the sky.



Friday, March 11, 2005



In our comments section our intrepid “UFO Desk Hunter” and master of all old facts, Bill Chalker, posted this odd reply within of his SOP glove puppet rants…

"Again central is the hair sample and the DNA work which is not subject to halluncinations. An earlier probable PRA "glove puppets" trotted out claims of a litany of errors in our DNA work on a skeptical web site. I also address this in my forthcoming book "Hair of the Alien". Pity he really lost the plot imagining a "chinese man of mystery" having sex with both Peter & Vivian Khoury to account for his convoluted and deluded take on the story - a defamatory claim, made without foundation. The Chinese man was a lab worker who had no contact with Peter or Vivian, but this didn't stop this critic's leaps in logic." - Bill Chalker 03.04.05 - 10:56 pm

After reading the above, I was lost folks, let me say I had no idea what he was talking about… with a bit of snooping and a few emails I have discovered the foundation to his odd psychosis.

It seems that Bill was taken to task; because of all things - his idea of what a scientific paper looks like is no where based in reality… Give the paper a read www.cufos.org/strange_evidence.pdf, it's a scramble between the “I’s” (Qty 292) and the “Me’s” (Qty 59) the paper in question, lacked any coherent structure or direction and for a so called scientist well… I can see why he got it in the neck... don’t give up you day job Bill.

However, the part in question (below) appears in the text, without any clear identification of who or whom the said "Chinese man" is… so that’s the point Bill… you took a sample off him but you never introduced him? Now you have but that's oh so late for the, Oh yes “lab worker”.

"Because of the subsequent clarification of the nature ofthe anomalous hair DNA sample, additional controls fromblood samples were obtained from the young man, his wife,and a Chinese man who spent some time in the same roomas the alien hair (but who never contacted it directly)."
"Strange Evidence"
By Bill Chalker
IUR SPRING 1999 - p16 Col 1 Para 2

I did a search of the document for the word “worker”, as you guess rightly = ZERO!

Now lets see that again “a Chinese man who spent some time in the same room as the alien hair” how descriptive and accurate was that folks.

Oh Dear!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Top 30 Problems With The Big Bang
Latest from Dr. Tom Van Flanden
  1. Static universe models fit observational data better than expanding universe models.
  2. The microwave “background” makes more sense as the limiting temperature of space heated by starlight than as the remnant of a fireball.
  3. Element abundance predictions using the Big Bang require too many adjustable parameters to make them work.
  4. The universe has too much large scale structure (interspersed “walls” and voids) to form in a time as short as 10-20 billion years.
  5. The average luminosity of quasars must decrease with time in just the right way so that their average apparent brightness is the same at all redshifts, which is exceedingly unlikely.
  6. The ages of globular clusters appear older than the universe.
  7. The local streaming motions of galaxies are too high for a finite universe that is supposed to be everywhere uniform.
  8. Invisible dark matter of an unknown but non-baryonic nature must be the dominant ingredient of the entire universe.
  9. The most distant galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field show insufficient evidence of evolution, with some of them having higher redshifts (z = 6-7) than the highest-redshift quasars.
  10. If the open universe we see today is extrapolated back near the beginning, the ratio of the actual density of matter in the universe to the critical density must differ from unity by just a part in 1059. Any larger deviation would result in a universe already collapsed on itself or already dissipated.

Its a big read and full of references... take a look.

Meta Research Bulletin 11, 6-13 (2002)


Bloggers: a Law Unto Themselves
Monday March 7, 2005
The Guardian

If your into blogs or just hate them, this is still a good read...




Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Robin Williams' robo-world
By LOUIS B. HOBSON -- Calgary Sun

In Robots, the new animated feature from the creators of Ice Age, which opens Friday,
Williams supplies the voice of Fender, a robot whose life is quite literally falling apart.

Williams says he first met Duchovny in 1994, when both were filming in Vancouver.

"I was shooting Jumanji and was a huge fan of The X-Files, so I visited the set one day. David refused to believe I was there.

"He thought they were playing some kind of UFO joke on him. A kind of 'Mork from Ork is here' thing.

"David and I have been friends ever since."

November 4, 1867
Chatham, England

"On the afternoon of Monday the 4th, between the hours of three and four, I witnessed a very extraordinary sight in the heavens. I have not heard of any one hereabout having seen it. The facts are as follow:

At the time above mentioned I was passing by the Mill by the Water-works Reservoir. On the gallery I noticed the miller uttering exclamations of surprise, and looking earnestly towards the west. On inquiring what took his attention so much, he said, "Look, sir, I never saw such a sight in my life!" On turning in the direction towards which he was looking, the west, I also was astounded -- numberless black discs in groups and scattered were passing rapidly through the air. He said his attention was directed to them by his little girl, who called to him in the Mill, saying, "Look, father, here are a lot of balloons coming!" They continued for more than twenty minutes, the time I stayed. In passing in front of the sun they appeared like large cannon shot. Several groups passed over my head, disappearing suddenly, and leaving puffs of greyish brown vapour very much like smoke. "

The Editor of the journal added that several others had observed the black discs and concurred with Beveridge's description."

(Beveridge, James E.; "An Extraordinary Phenomenon," Symons's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, 2:130, 1867.)


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Critics silenced by scans of hobbit skull
NATURE - Rex Dalton
Comparisons with pygmies and chimps bolster new species claim.

A computer-generated model of the skull of Homo floresiensis, our diminutive human relative, confirms that the controversial specimens from Indonesia do indeed represent a new

The study of the creature's brainpan shows that it was neither a pygmy nor an individual with a malformed skull and brain, as some critics contend. This lends support to the discovery team's assertion that the metre-tall specimen belongs to a species distinct from Homo erectus.

A skull and bones from eight H. floresiensis individuals were unearthed in a cave on Indonesia's island of Flores over 2003 and 2004 by a team of Indonesian and Australian researchers. The new species, which may have been alive as recently as 18,000 years ago, was reported in Nature 1,2 last October. It generated huge fanfare among scientists and anthropology buffs.

But a handful of critics have questioned the scientific description, contending that the specimens represent a tribe of pygmies, with at least one member having a deformed skull and brain, a condition called microcephaly.

Now the study published online in Science, by US researchers collaborating with discovery team members, effectively dispels that criticism 3.

"We have no doubt it is not a microcephalic," says lead author Dean Falk, a palaeoanthropologist at Florida State University in Tallahassee. "It doesn't look like a pygmy either."

Star cast

The research explains how a computerized tomography scan of the H. floresiensis skull was used to create a facsimile cast at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Then the cast, in particular, the area where the brain fits, was compared with casts from a chimpanzee, H.erectus, a contemporary Homo sapiens and a microcephalic from Europe. Analysis was also done on a number of other specimens, including those of human pygmies.

The comparisons show the creature that lived on Flores Island "is definitely a new species", says Falk.

Ralph Holloway, a palaeoanthropologist at Columbia University in New York, agreed with the interpretation by Falk and colleagues. "I think she did a good job in her description and is right."

For discovery team members, the conclusion was welcome news. "Together with all the other evidence, this paper makes it very clear that H. floresiensis is not an aberrant individual with a pathological condition," says Michael Morwood, an archaeologist from the University of New England, Armidale, who was co-leader of the team.

Morwood was also excited that the Falk cast seems to indicate advanced development of the front lobes of the brain, where reasoning occurs. Such brain development could be evidence for his theory that the species was able to make or refine stone tools, such as those found with the bones.

Brown P., et al. Nature 431, 1055 - 1061 (2004). Article PubMed ChemPort
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Falk D., et al. Science published online. doi:10.1126/science1109727 (2005). Article


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Six-Legged Frog

A six-legged frog has been found at a restaurant in China.

According to Information Daily, the frog was bought by the restaurant from a market in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province.

The frog looks the same as others in the restaurant's tanks, except for two extra legs under its jaw.

Professors at the Pharmacy College, Jinan University, say gene mutation, chemical pollution or radiation could be responsible.



Friday, March 04, 2005


The Peter Khoury case is interesting, but that's all. One very big inbuilt error that takes the whole case down in a heap before it could fly, for any profession, was the fact that:

Peter was on MEDICATION!

The fact that he was on a “lot of medication” just rules him out as a object for any serious investigation.

I think it was this very point (and a few others technical problem with the DNA analysis) that kill the case, for the serious minded. I was amazed when Bill took the case on after knowing full well, that he would not be able to remove the question of drug induced errors, how could Bill account for any drug side effects - got me? - in the end even in the report he say nothing about this point? = Fail!

I think the whole case fails just on this one point alone.


This is from Bill Chalkers very own report, link at bottom:

BC: Peter, we have talked a few times in the past about this experience from June or July of 1992. [The actual date was July 23, 1992, as confirmed by his diary.] Can you tell me,
in your own words, what happened then?

PK: Well, basically it was at a time I had had head injuries and I was on a lot of medication, and I was pretty sick.

BC: What were the head injuries about?

PK: I got attacked at a job site by three guys. I was hit with shovels on the head; trowels were thrown at me. So I had pretty bad injuries. I suffered a lot of pain. I was on a lot of medication. Because of that I would vomit constantly, particularly in the morning. I know there was one time I vomited about 10 times, and that was just while driving Vivian from home to the station, which is about three minutes away by car.


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Mystery of canine ‘suicides’ at eerie bridge

The ancient burgh has had its ups and downs. Being turned into a corner of Glasgow by the makers of River City may have been the last straw.But can it have affected Dumbarton so badly that even the dogs have lost the will to live?

Animal experts admitted yesterday they had no explanation for a spate of what appear to be canine suicides – all from the same spot.

At least five dogs have jumped to their deaths from a bridge over a burn at Overtoun House in the past six months.In the most recent case, a woman out walking her dog watched in disbelief as her pet suddenly vaulted over the parapet and plunged 40ft to its death.

The bridge attracts visitors and dog-walkers, but it already has an eerie past. It was the home of Lord Overtoun, owner of a huge chemical works and pillar of the Free Church, and was the location for a BBC TV series Tales from the Madhouse.

But neither the dogs' shocked owners nor animal behavioural experts have been able to explain why the pets have turned the beauty spot into Rover's Leap.

Joyce Stewart, a leading animal behaviourist who regularly works with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), said the pattern of deaths at the bridge was abnormal.



Thursday, March 03, 2005

Optical Camouflage


Optical camouflage is a kind of active camouflage.


This idea is very simple. If you project background image onto the masked object, you can observe the masked object just as if it were virtually transparent.

This shows the principle of the optical camouflage using X'tal Vision. You can select camouflaged object to cover with retroreflector. Moreover, to project a stereoscopic image, the observer looks at the masking object more transparent.

Optical camouflage can be applied for a real scene. In the case of a real scene, a photograph of the scene is taken from the operatorfs viewpoint, and this photograph is projected to exactly the same place as the original. Actually, applying HMP-based optical camouflage to a real scene requires image-based rendering techniques.


Engineers Devise Invisibility Shield
Philip Ball

Electron effects could stop objects from scattering light.

"The idea of a cloak of invisibility that hides objects from view has long been confined to the more improbable reaches of science fiction. But electronic engineers have now come up with a way to make one."

"The concept could find uses in stealth technology and camouflage."
John Pendry
Physicist, Imperial College, UK



Listen to this recent interview with Hilly Rose and Fate Magazine concerning research into Ancient Astronauts, and the Sumerian culture.


Jason Martell


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Good, The Bad, And The Terrible Of A Disjointed Primetime Filler Piece
Royce J. Myers



"Clearly, rational and objective observers watching the first half of the program would conclude that the core of the phenomenon is real and of ET origin, particularly if they aresufficiently well read to realize that the testimonies offered represent just a tiny fraction of the rugged observational evidence available today.

Yet, from the third quarter of the program, rational and objective observers unfamiliar with the full dimensions of the evidence would likely conclude that even the most secretive
of government agencies has nothing under wraps.

Michio Kaku's comments are quite profound, as they represent the beginning of a wedge in the "mainstream" physics community concerning the appraisal of UFO evidence."

Joe Firmage
Larry W. Bryant


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Nothing New..

This letter (Below) is in the current edition of Australian Ufologist ( Vol8 No6 2005 March p57 col 2 ) and Oh Dear.. Bill Chalkers seems to get it in the neck, again. Good questions Mr Cathcart, - those endless same old talks, - and problems with those so called DNA tests done by Bill. - Yes I agree! Can I say the word test... not very open, independent or scientific are they…

How he things he was going to get away with a home made DNA test lab, only God knows.

Public Forum
Constructive Criticism

Dear Mr Frola

Attendees of the talks given by Lloyd Pye, Valery Uvarov and Bill Chalker at Lidcombe Catholic Club on 2 October 2004 may have felt slightly appalled at the trio's session. In animals but not plants Pye successfully argued the macro mutational impossibilities of Darwinian Theory but two thirds through his talk brought his credibility into question by withering into absurd diatribe about the great pyramids, a twelfth planet, humans as a gold mining slave species and the skull of a severely deformed child; undoubtedly one of the 4000 genetic defects possessed by humans.

Uvarov presented an excellent treatise on Tunguska and related events but suddenly transformed himself into a rabid evangelist bashing the fear of God into us. Someone should tell Uvarov that the Jews created God, then God created imbeciles, the Black Plague, tuberculosis, McLeods Daughters, Alexander Pudkin, George Bush and Osama Binladen.

Bill Chalker retold the story of the alien hair sample and his continuing search for evidence of a crashed saucer in the outback. Bill, at some stage, should consider giving a more detailed talk on exactly how the Polymerise Chain Reaction works and the chemical mechanics of obtaining a DNA profile.

There are unresolved issues mildly affecting Bill's credibility at the moment. These include whether the alien hair sample was also independently analysed, the refusal to divulge his monetary grant sponsor and whether he considers two or three years of searching the saucer wreckage to be a wild goose chase with the witnessed event being no more than an alien generated hologram to cultivate fear and confusion.

Robert Cathcart
Coomba NSW

Australian Ufologist - Vol8 No6 - 2005 March - P57 - col 2

Tiger photos sought by state
01 Mar 2005

THE Victorian man at the centre of the thylacine mystery was urged yesterday to release his hotly debated photographs for forensic examination.

The State Government said a letter would be sent to the man, urging him to "break his silence and make further contact with the state that the tiger called home".

This came as leading Tasmanian wildlife biologist Nick Mooney said the man's account of the sighting -- and two photographs submitted as proof -- amounted to one of the most
convincing cases for the species' survival that he had seen.

But the fundamental question of whether the digital images could be authenticated came no closer to being answered yesterday.

Acting Environment Minister Steve Kons said the Government and all Tasmanians were keen for answers.
"I appreciate that the man has come forward and contacted the scientists in the state initially but we need him now to release the images for further analysis," said Mr Kons,
adding it was equally possible it was a hoax.

It has been claimed the pictures were taken by the man's brother, described as a German tourist, while on a recent bushwalk in Tasmania.

Mr Mooney, as part of the Department of Primary Industries' Nature Conservation Branch, said he was in contact with the man.

Mr Mooney has investigated hundreds of thylacine sightings for the State Government and yesterday said this case was "particularly exciting".

"Even without the pictures involved, it was quite a detailed report as far as the animal goes," he said.

Mr Mooney said he would not reveal the identity of the man to allow independent questioning by the media.

Mr Mooney was part of the team of experts called to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery last week to inspect the photographs.

The team decided the animal pictured, though partially obscured, was unmistakably a thylacine.