Wednesday, February 09, 2005


That out of date war horse is at it again, it seem as if age has got the better of our Dick Hall. He seems to grate more than a few on the forum and it is not getting better for poor old Dick! Take this recent exchange at UFOUpdates, most interesting read.

"Dick, once again you have made a claim unsupported by any evidence about secret science:

1. Many great scientists have done outstanding science in secrecy.. think Glenn Seaborg, Enrico Fermi, Luis Allvarez as the tip of the iceberg... all were Nobel-ists.

2. In the second place, it is clear that it is Air Force Policy not to admit to flying saucer reality.Should they advertise in the papers... "wanted scientific analysis of possible trace effects produced by flying saucers?" We are looking for any scraps of info that might help us understand the technology... call this toll free number....

3. The woman in question was local and available and talented. The point of her work was to provide rapid information... not to submit a paper for a scientfic journal to be sent all about for "Peer review" and eventually to be published or maybe not. Classifiied research is done to provide information rapidly to help in problem solving... not for publish or perish. For all we know several others may have done small pieces of some what related research. The USAF certain;y had plenty of very talented people in New Mexico and elsewhere to look at the big picture.

In short then, plenty of real science is done when the results are concealed from the public. There are plenty of scientific peers working in secrecy.

Remember, one can't tell one's friends without telling one's enemies. Secrecy is an important way of protecting our security.

Is all classified research first rate? Of course not. Is alll unclassified research first rate, even if published in a peer reviewed journal? Of course not.

I was fortunate in my 14 years of work on classified programs to work with a number of outstanding scientists and engineers. We had access to exotic materials, topnotch instrumentation, advice from very sharp people.

How much time did you work on scientific programs, classified and unclassified, to provide a basis for your conclusions? I asked you this before... no answer then.

You have been on the outside and the shades are drawn. How can you make a judgement in this matter?

Stan Friedman

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