Monday, February 07, 2005

Old gaol alive with restless Souls
Sunday Herald Sun - Victoria - 06 feb 2005

Supernatural sights: Paranormal investigator Darren Done claims to have evidence of ghosts in Old Melbourne Gaol.Picture: Tim Carrafa

A TEAM of ghost hunters believes it has uncovered chilling new evidence of paranormal activity at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Nocturnal investigations at the historic building -- where 136 prisoners were hanged -- have revealed at least three mysterious events. The latest ghostly encounter happened last Saturday night when a group of six people on a paranormal watch saw an unexplained light cross a walkway.

Paranormal researcher Darren Done, who led the team, said:

"It had all the appearances of someone crossing the walkway with a candle, . . . but whereas a candle would illuminate the area around it, this didn't."

Mr Done said group members tried to rationalise the occurrence, but came up with no explanation other than a ghostly presence.

The team also photographed mysterious orbs in the gaol, which Mr Done said were believed to be a sign of paranormal activity.

Using powerful microphones and surveillance cameras, Mr Done, 38, has conducted several ghost hunts at the former prison building, which was built in 1840.

His first ghostly encounter at the gaol was in the early hours of June 21, 2003, when the ghost hunters were startled by a cry for help.

Research revealed a prisoner, known as Lucy R, had committed suicide in the same area on June 21, 1865 -- 138 years to the day before the cry was heard. The group returned on the
anniversary last year and initially believed nothing occurred, but when reviewing audio tapes recorded on the night, heard a voice saying "get out", Mr Done said.