Monday, January 17, 2005


You have probably been following the dustup on UfoUpdates, between two icons of Ufology, Stanton Friedman and Dick Hall., over nothing important it’s more to do with style and approach.

From my small window, Stanton wins hands down. Dick Hall, for all his weight in gold is not that precious. Sure the man has been around for many years, but his work, can I say this, very limited. His book, looks great, feels great, but it’s really just a well ordered list of facts - no meat.

Stanton closed this dustup with this apology.

You have to go back to the start to get the full reasons for the rift.

The best part and the one that I agree with, was this exchange from Stanton to Dick.

“Do you mean we shouldn't complain about your ignorance based on
no knowledge? We should just accept your pronouncements and
ignore the evidence?”


That’s our Dick, lots of puff!

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