Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fortean Times UnConvention

While I was in the UK, I had the luck of being able to attend the Fortean Times Unconventio 2004. That was a treat for me, being a FORT fan. However, after the two day conference I came away being rather blue. With all the wonderful things that go on in this world the selection of speakers and topics was appalling.

Ten minutes with that super dill Mr Andy Roberts, was long enough for me and I discovered that a quick exit for a drink was always a good move. The sad part to all this was the speakers in someway produced such a bad program, the public looked low on numbers as well, I can understand why. Even with the dull program, I was surprise that very few attended, as I know many people do follow FORT, it seems to me as if Fortean Times is not vert FORT like, more a club of skeptics.

Saturday 30th October & Sunday 31st October - 2004
At Friends House, 173/177 Euston Road
Opposite Euston Tube/Train Station. The British Library is just up the road.

* Jon Downes - The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
* Paul Devereux - Culture Shocks
* Gary Lachman - Mussolini's Mystic
* Ken Campbell - Live on stage
* Peter Brookesmith - My Family and Other Ghosts
* Ian Simmons - Skinwalker Ranch
* Marina Warner - Ectoplasm
* Gail-Nina Anderson - Sirens and Harpies
* Peter Lamont - The Indian Rope Trick
* Richard Freeman -Sumatra 2004
* Jan Bondeson - Kaspar Hauser
* Alan Alford - The Singing Pyramid
* Andy Roberts - Space Babies
* Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull Update
* Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe - The Knights Templar

Bad show guys... change your direction your on a looser with that format.