Wednesday, January 12, 2005

By Jim Wilson

"In its latest report, titled "The Roswell Report: Case Closed," the Air Force sticks by its 1994 claim that the Roswell debris was nothing more than the remains of a Mogul balloon."

"As far as further debunking the Roswell episode, McAndrew was less successful. The questions he left unanswered, especially about the role of the Phillips Laboratory, AEC and CIA, make it hard for even a UFO skeptic to accept the report's conclusion that the Roswell episode should be stamped "Case Closed.""

The USAF report left out one small fact... Roswell was in 1947, all the "Crash Dummies" were in the 50's... "What!" - you say - "The dates are wrong...?"- Well yes thats right, but they went on to write this report even when the dates did not match up.

Great research chaps - NOT!

So who are the "Dummies" now.

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