Tuesday, January 11, 2005


This Government of ours, Mr Howard et al… has a lot to answer for, in today Age newspaper there were three big stories on the Unemployed, and what we get them to do for their $30/day is unbelievable.

Take this:

“Record numbers of young Victorians have started work-for-the-dole projects.Federal Workplace Participation Minister Peter Dutton said yesterday 9610 Victorians had begun projects this financial year, up nearly 2000 on last financial year.Australia-wide, numbers are up 13 per cent, to 40,167. About 85,000 people are expected to participate this financial year, compared with more than 74,000 last year.”


And this extract from Simon Castles article “How not to get people into jobs” – Age 11 Jan 2005.

“Work for the dole is a flawed and cynical program. A piece of populism masked as policy. A cruel hoax played on unemployed youth by a comfortable generation of politicians more concerned with winning the support of taxpayers than with doing anything to help the jobless. It is an odious exercise in creating scapegoats. A program designed purely to appeal to us, the employed, which fails even in its limited aims to help those without work. I could go on.”

“Sure, occasionally the Government will make a big song and dance about some work-for-the-dole project that could at least loosely be described as interesting and challenging. Call it the anomaly that heads the media release. But to read down the list of work-for-the-dole projects on the Government's website is indicative, and almost funny if it wasn't so distressing. Certain words and phrases keep jumping out: gardening, revegetation projects, weed eradication, grounds maintenance, improving the environment. Who would have thought there were so many ways to describe weeding?”