Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dick Hall Not Going To Talk - What Again!

That old fossil is at it again, if we did’nt love the old coot then it would be a good kick in the butt and off to bed for you young Dick Hall... by I digress take a look at his last post... again with Stanton Friedman, read on.

"Stan, I give up trying to communicate with you. This is going nowhere, so I decline [not] to participate any longer... - Hall"


Do you remember this "Dummy Spit"!

PRA Director John Auchettl posted this after an exchange with Dick Hall .

"The problem with Dick and Jan is that they can not conceive a life that runs parallel to their beliefs. The Corso anomaly popped into their quantum world, without their approval
and worst of all, who was this Colonel and what did he know about Ufology... - Auchettl"

"John... Until you explain your epistemology, no discourse is possible... - Hall"

How many times has he done this trick? Dick Hall has a child like way of skipping out of an issue when his argument breaks down or he gets himself into a corner, not a very intelligent way to conduct an open thoughtful discussion.

What a champ - And we all love him, well.....!