Thursday, February 10, 2005

Chickens falling from the sky
Frances O'Shea
10 Feb 2005

THE sky is falling, said Chicken Little. And now chickens are falling from the sky.

Twice in the past six weeks plucked chooks have plummeted on to two roofs at Fletcher, in Newcastle, NSW.

Both times, tiles were smashed, suggesting the birds had fallen from a great height.

Police have been called and the search is on for an answer to the strange phenomenon.

One theory is that someone is using a giant slingshot to launch the probably frozen birds into the air.

After the first chicken fell on to the roof of Stephen Leung on January 2, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority thought it may have fallen from an external luggage locker on a light plane.

That theory now seems less likely after a second chook came crashing on to Warwick Slee's house sometime during the weekend. Mr Slee lives less than 1km from Mr Leung.

The Slee family were away last week and returned home on Sunday afternoon to a foul smell.

Mr Slee was trying to find the source of the smell when he noticed three smashed tiles on his roof.

He climbed into the roof cavity and found the remains of a chicken.

"It was a bit of a shock," Mr Slee, 28, said. "You don't expect a chook to come flying through your roof."

Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson described the incidents as "just too odd".