Friday, October 19, 2007

You Got Me Ferret - NOT

Frogla Droppings on the Halker Log

OMG the little Queensland pommy editor has turned into a Ferret.

Please give up Miss Ferret. I was resting away from your crapolla. But this afternoon at my Univesity office, an email from a friend of George Simpson and another from UFORNSW arrived in my email box and this was the general thrust of the Ferrets droppings.

Posted by THE FERRET at Thursday, October 18, 2007
For years you have tormented members of the Australian UFO community and now you have been "BUSTED"!!!!



Sorry Miss D Harass On Frogla AKA The Ferret… But again you’re wrong. How sad for you, with all that internet code analysis and ferreting. FUI, I lifted the counter code from an old 1999 PRA web page, for fun… its free and cost PRA nothing, from what I can see they hardly use it. However, problem solved, I found another counter, just for you Madam Ferret!

Do you want to read the Ferrets stuff - Go See

Another big Snore… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

But alas, all my good Monash Uni IT friends followed your email and web page Telstra BigPond dropping, oh so quickly, and she thinks she is oh so smart!

Now Miss Ferret put my link to your blog, Please.

PS: Thanks to Georges Friend.