Friday, October 19, 2007

Stuart Miller – Hall Is a…

Stuart Miller, the British ufologist, has come around to the mass consensus that Dick Hall is a DICK! In his new Blog http://alienworldsmag.blogspot.com/ he sets out the reason why.

The part I like is this:

Thursday, 18 October 2007

UFOs and Science
“People who have had long, distinguished careers in a subject, who have contributed through books and even been a part of the history, should command the respect of others. That Dick Hall doesn’t do that for me is either a testimony to my mean mindedness or a tribute to his ability in pissing people off. Dick requires patience and “understanding” to deal with, and I can’t be bothered.”

“A major area of antagonism is his complete lack of good grace or manners towards others. Fresh from snarling at all and everyone, he has recently posted this message to the UFO UpDates message board. It’s about science and UFOlogy. In between regularly insulting the entire List about its complete lack of any scientific bearing or approach, it would seem that it is only him, a non scientist, who truly applies the scientific method in analysing UFOs.”

Dickhead Hall the old fart of ufology.

However, nice report and Blog Stuart.

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