Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogs in space target aliens
To boldly blog where no-one has blogged before
Iain Thomson, vnunet.com 20 Jul 2005

Bloggers will now be able to send their online musings into deep space for free in an unorthodox
attempt to find intelligent life in the universe.

Florida firm MindComet is offering to transmit all blogs into the ether via a commercial satellite.

The idea is to add blogs to the information being broadcast to any potential little green men, which currently includes all the television and radio signals the planet has generated over the past century.

"I have always believed that other intelligent life forms are out there and for the first time they
will be able to peer into the life of average Homo Sapiens," explained Ted Murphy, president and chief executive at MindComet.

"We are giving bloggers the opportunity to send a piece of their lives into space to potentially
connect with extraterrestrials."

Bloggers can submit their site URLs to bloginspace.com and can keep aliens constantly updated via RSS feeds. Real enthusiasts can also buy bloginspace.com t-shirts and thongs to spread theword.

Dr Lucie Green, from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at University College London, said: "The blogs would be identifiable signals, but the real question is whether any other life form would be able to understand them. By accident any radio waves the earth produces go into space at light speed."