Friday, July 15, 2005

SBS TV - UFO Program
Sat 16th Jul 2005
07:30 pm


"This program states that from 1947 into the1960s, US intelligence was able to use UFO paranoia strategically to cover up secret weapons testing. UFO sightings began in Sweden with the so-called ghost rockets in 1946. The authorities assumed the Soviets were testing German rocket technology. From 1947, in the US, there were a large number of sightings of green and blue balls of light over Strategic Air Command centres involved in nuclear weapons programs. A feeling of anxiety and paranoia took over. Were the Soviets spying on American nuclear bases? The intelligence services investigated the phenomena, all the while playing them down in public. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, even more clandestine intelligence circles were covering up the testing of new rockets by using decoys intended to dupe Soviet radar. The UFO hubbub was used as a smokescreen to cover up research and development programs in the US, the USSR and Britain. It was assisted by bureaucracies put into place in order to keep important national secrets, such as the development of the U2 missile. (From Germany, in German, English, Flemish and Russian, English subtitles) CC SMS Alert Code: 7633