Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bessent Arizona Footage Update Analysis

If you have been following this Brian Bessent video you would have been told (about 100 times) that this was all a hoax... well it seems that its not that dead after all... well Rich Allen thinks its a good case, and I would agree... why?

Read his last post:

From: Rich Allen Date: Mon Jul 4, 2005 2:33 am Subject: Re: [SO] Bessent Arizona footage Update analysis xenoartz Offline Send Email

Just for the record, I had earlier commented on this video. I have to say, my efforts to duplicate
it using Lightwave have been completely unsuccessful. It's not difficult to animate, or to render it over video of a sky backdrop. It is the consistency of the camera jiggle throughout the entire video that make is hard to reproduce. I tried to play the animation on a 21 inch monitor and film it with camera jiggle off the monitor. This just didn't look the same, and the zoom in was impossible to accomplish.. I also, now believe the video to be authentic. I can not see how it could have been faked. I must say, because of the consistant jiggle, I would seriously question the credibility of anyone familiar with home or small studio equipment who says that it could have been hoaxed. At some point, I was given a clean copy to work with, and found no evidence of the alleged fringing on the clean copy. - Rich