Friday, October 19, 2007

UFOUpdates Is Kaput!

Well what can I say, Errol Bruce-Knapp you’re on the wrong path old chap. Now I am the first to acknowledge Errols work in the up keep of this wonderful collection of UFO material, but Errol, you have made one big mistake… hoping that people will pay to read the dribble between the good stuff is an end game play.

The facts are, over a week, only about 5 posts are worth the read. Now Errol may post up a hundred that week but who wants to read the shit… not me. So it’s good by UFOUpdate.
I offer this warning, because the pages are not observable to the general public, very soon all the links will disappear as the Google Search Spiders, by pass the closed shop front. After some time all you will have is the Dick Hall Mafia shit, with their heavy handed, brow beating talk from a high (Jerry Clark your on the borderline) - to look at and that folks, will spell the end.

Errol please open it up again so People & Google, can at least see archive after say 3 months, just close down the way people add comments (Membership), your dumb posting format rules and then advertise the page.