Thursday, June 17, 2004


I have just noticed Skeptic Richard Saunders eyes in this photograph. They are rather odd do you think. Take a look at that dead devil look he has. Oh No!!!!! I think it's the D$#@&. But I had no proof, and like a good skeptic I needed to do some tough leg work and even a bit of thinking!

IMAGE 01: Blow up of Richard Saunders.

With out taking my lunch (two ham sandwich with rye) I rushed over to our very expensive research facility and with the help of no less than 15 Skeptics, three PhD and one Prof - put the image under strict photo analysis using the best system available the "Lynne Kelly Book Protocol Mark III". And yes... Oh yes... I was right! Take a look at what we found, tell me what you see ;).

IMAGE 02: What we found Richard Saunders.