Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The World's Best UFO Cases

Thanks to PRA - Phenomena Research Australia, yesterday I was very lucky to get an advance look and read of a new book by MUFON UFO Journal Editor Dwight Connelly. Called "The World's Best UFO Cases", it is a 240 page selection of UFO cases that Dwight sees as significant. Full of B/W images the book was easy to read while being able to keep the details of some very complex case issues.

Any problems well, I found the layout a bit hard to follow, not very conventional, but it did the job and that all I ask. An index is provided but that could be more detailed.

I must say Dwight gives the Kelly Cahill case a big rap. And PRA also comes up with 5 stars in Dwight’s view - It’s a very new book and one we all should get a hand on for our files - great stuff.

Bookseller Inc, 14026 Ridgelawn, Martinsville, IL 62442
ISBN 0-9677793-1-6 Ed2004
$9.95US plus $2.00 postage

Do you believe in UFOs?
Why this book? Why now?
Betty & Barney Hill case (1961)
Hill/Fish star mapNiece recalls
Betty & Barney Hill experience
Chemical analysis of Betty's dress
Buff Ledge abductions (1968)
Pascagoula: Hickson/Parker (1971)
Travis Walton abduction case (1975)
Kentucky abductions (1976)
Allagash abductions (1976)
Kelly Cahill encounter (1993) - PRA
Apparent abduction on video tape (1996)
DNA analysis of possible alien hair (1992-1998) - Bill Chalker
McMinnville photos (1950)
Physical traces: the Delphos case (1971)
Delphos soil analysed
Father Gill's New Guinea sighting (1959)
Best animal abduction/mutilation research
Best Roswell research
Analysing the Ramey message
What Ramey researchers have found
Peer review and the Ramey message
Best crop circle research
Most crop circles are not hoaxes
Researcher sees crop circle created
The role of balls of light in crop circles
Crop circle plants & soil effects corroborated
New Berlin UFO repair case (1964)
Best implant research
Implant anomalies continue
A truly mysterious Bigfoot encounter (1973)
Injuries: The Cash-Landrum encounter
The best historic UFO art
The best current case
The Stanley Romanek case
Hypnotism element of the Romanek case
Recommended reading