Saturday, February 26, 2005

Turtle from Outer Space

"From Eric Vasallo – This photo is from a house owner who took the picture for landscaping purposes. It seems a creature appeared the moment she took the picture. There's a blurry trail behind the creature, and it seems to be looking right at the person who took the picture. She has no pets and the home is fenced in. She's even looked through the grounds to
see if she could find this strange turtle with spiked armor. We don't know what it is. Some people have mentioned that it may be a reptilian species of aliens. This isn't a joke.
[The picture was taken] in early October in Miami Shores, Florida."

"Honestly, it's my sister's boss that lives in Miami Shores. She doesn't have any statuary or lawn ornaments and no pets in her home. She's really freaked out about it and doesn't
really want to talk about it. She's an older French lady that is scared to believe in stuff like this – especially in her own backyard. The picture I sent you is what she got back
from the photo developers." – Eric Vasallo