Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AUFORNs Miss Controversial

It seems that I missed this interesting item in the last edition of the AUFORN Snore Magazine (Thanks to all my AUFORN spies). Well on page 54, Rebekah Prole who thinks she is the “Most hated controversial column this side of the galaxy” sigh…. Well Miss Controversial reports that some evil blog(s) site(s) with “terrorist activity” … sigh, “…tear and defame the reputation of my good friends Diane Harrison, Robert Frola and Bill Chalker”, so you have been spotted or warned, take your pick evil people.

Well let’s start with this, can someone tell the GOOD friend that we think ‘Harrison in now a

And would that evil, shadow, never share data lot stop picking on these wonderful people.
I should say that Miss Controversial is wise beyond anything natural take this pearl - “So the human condition is sadly endemic” – what the hell? And they took $7.95 off me for this, now that’s “sadly endemic”.

Oh this side note: My AUFORN spies have blown the hidden identity of Miss Controversial, remember I share all my data so this is “she” or “it”!

And that was “Without prejudice”… Oh Dear.