Friday, June 10, 2005

Frogs Rain on Serbian Town
June 8, 2005

Thousands of tiny frogs rained on a town in north-western Serbia, Belgrade daily Blic reported

Strong winds brought storm clouds over Odzaci, 120 kilometres north-west of Belgrade, on Sunday afternoon, but instead of rain, down came the tiny amphibians, witnesses said.

"I saw countless frogs fall from the sky," said Odzaci resident Aleksandar Ciric.

The frogs, different from those usually seen in the area, survived the fall and hopped around in
search of water.

Belgrade climatologist Slavisa Ignjatovic described the phenomenon as "not very unusual".

"A wind resembling a tornado can suck in anything light enough from the surface or shallow water.

Usually it's just dust, but sometimes also larger objects," Ignjatovic told Blic.


Thw Melbourne AGEhttp://www.theage.com.au/news/World/Weathers-a-bit-hoppy/2005/06/08/1118123850113.html?oneclick=true

It's Raining Frogs
A Serbian village came to a standstill when a downpour of frogs shocked residents into thinking the end of the world was nigh.

Residents in Odzaci told local daily newspaper Blic that a dark cloud appeared above the village,
before a shower of amphibians came pelting down.

Villager, Caja Jovanovic, said: "This huge 'cloud' seemed to come out of nowhere and its shape and colour looked very strange.

"We were all wondering what it was when suddenly frogs started to fall from the sky. I thought maybe a plane carrying frogs had exploded in mid-air."

However, the froggy-phenomenon has been explained away by climatology experts, who say the frogs were merely gathered from a lake by a whirlwind, which dropped them in the village.

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