Sunday, June 19, 2005

George Simpson Flip Flops

This was sent to me by some of my AUFORN spies. AUFORNS box camera guru and all round non digital luddite Mr George Simpson (aka Director AUFORN VIC - Digital Camera Retailer - Photographic Technician as he likes to list) has done another brain twister on the ufo community. Now work this one out?

It seems that George now likes blogs and even looks at them... the proof? Well, take this recent AUFORN list post to Bill Chalker where he calmly falls into line when he needs to keep the peace.

Hey Bill,
I just had a brief read of your blogsite....pretty good stuff. Interesting reading. I look forward to reading your new book when itcomes out.
Date: Sun Jun 12, 2005
Yahoo Message 8068

But back in the bad old days this is what 'George the Genius' had to say about blogs:

Hi Diane,Robert and keith,
It's funny how the cretins who write their crap on their blog sites never have any kind of simple grip on the truth or any regard for it. They go out of their way to distort the truth and to ignore or avoid the evidence.
Date: Fri Jul 2, 2004
Yahoo Message 6987

And this:

Hi Diane,
This is in fact what these sites are for. They are a kind of personal diary site, not intended for scruitny of anyone else but the author. They are like reminders for people who can't remember what they thought 2 days ago. Probably useful for people suffering from Altzheimers ( I'm not sure how to spell that offhand, but that will do, everyone getsthe point)..., or skeptics, or liars who have to remember what they have said. They are not worthy of publication, and it's the people who seek these useless sites out , and who PROMOTE them who cause all the problems. I really don't give a bugger what these people or anyone else thinks.... we just have to question the motives of the people who continually remind us of them, or who keep bringing them out for us to see. These are the shit stirrers who need to be ignored.
Cheers.... George. Let the web-loggers (bloggers all) have their sites, but lets not go to them! Date: Thu Jul 1, 2004
Yahoo Message 6979

Oh... And this:

These 'weblog' sites...or blogs for short... are written by NO BODIES for their own purposes. Nerds who don't have a life that's outside of their bed room, where they keep their computers.... along side 6 months worth of discarded Macdonalds packaging....
Date: Thu May 13, 2004
Yahoo Message 6835

Oh Dear Poor George!