Thursday, May 20, 2004


Charles R. Smith thinks the Mexico Video was US fighter planes with special infrared emitting panels intended for formation flying using night vision systems. If you don't like that idea then take your pick - Fly Robot, "pulser" aircraft, Utah Donuts, squadron of new stealth strike, X-45 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) project etc.

How he came to this conclusion Smith does not tell and I am not that sure he actually knows, hell I am positive he knows nothing? SEE - Page

What goy my attention was the fact that Mr Smith is an example of a "Network Wank"! Even his Bio states "Mr. Smith's life sounds like a character in a Tom Clancy novel. He received a U.S. government "Top Secret" clearance as a top-level computer engineer for EDS." Blah Blah...

However today's Network Wanks need to be more than just qualified they need to have at least a string of specialised task to their name before any of the big networks will take them on as advisors or used them in a commentary role. So have a look at the list below, this is Mr Smiths "Areas of Expertise" - Go figure?

Information Warfare - Strategic, Tactical and Practical
Applications/Offensive-Defensive systems
Advanced warfare (energy weapons, genetics, nanotechnology and robotics)
Missile warfare, nuclear warfare, biotox warfare, WMD
Cryptanalyst Computer forensics encryption systems
Computer Programming, Systems Analysis, DP project management, Quality Assurance
Organized crime
Russian and Chinese military/intelligence operations
Privacy & Human Rights, Freedom of Information
Foreign & Domestic electronic surveillance
Super computers - High Speed Computing
INTERNET - Security on the Net/Tracking hackers and stalkers
Gaming System - Training Tools & Analysis Engines for management and leadership

BIO - Data