Sunday, May 16, 2004

Baroness (Professor) Susan Greenfield

""Prepares for a working visit to Australia, Professor Greenfield will take temporary leave of London and become Thinker in Residence for the South Australian Government.

Photo: Rick Stevens

She has been to Australia several times and has been a hit on the lecture circuit and with local media. Many of her concerns are universal: the impact of computers and other information technology on the way children learn; how effectively do universities liaise and work with the private sector; and how to best communicate science and its importance via the media.

"I want to democratise science," she said. "I want to make it accessible as it should be for anyone from any background, from any age, irrespective if they are scientists or not, especially if they are not scientists.

She argues the media is vital to change policy.

Outside my own area, I get all my facts from the media. So, therefore, the media is driving public opinion and therefore driving policy.""

The Melbourne Age - 15 May 2004 - p/Insight 5