Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Some days I wish I could stay in bed. Today was such a day. A day from Hell. If you have ever worked with first year University Students then you will understand. I can not tell you how some of our best ever get to University is another mystery of life. You either love them or hate them... I could do without them, but they pay the bills. The best approach it the young mind, fill it with hope and new horizons, over the years I have been rewarded when a lost sole flowers into a creature that would make any parent proud. Today was not one of those days.

This video saved my day, it was spectacular. Mexico is surely the centre of the universe when it comes to UFOs. Errol Bruce-Knapp has a good copy, a big download but good for the files.

Take a look: = 18.6Mb

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The Age, Australia - Apr 30, 2004

""Rod Dickinson made a name for himself when he faked crop circles. But now the British performance artist has something more electrifying in mind, reports Peter Barrett.""

""A former painter, Dickinson became interested in exploring people's belief systems in the early 1990s, beginning by constructing fake crop circles in the fields of Wiltshire with fellow art pranksters. When he and his collaborators "outed" themselves in the British press they received thousands of abusive phone calls and emails from crop circle enthusiasts who felt betrayed. Co-collaborator John Lundberg refuted the claim by some that they had deliberately set out to debunk crop circles, saying they were instead more interested in the myths and folklore that build up around the crop-circle phenomenon.""

The Milgram Re-enactment will screen once only at ACMI, Federation Square, on Tuesday, May 4, at 7pm. Tickets cost $10 adult, $7 concession. For bookings phone 8663 2583 or visit www.acmi.net.au.

What can I say, the mans a hero... in his own mind. Rod Dickinson is a hoaxer, is that art?