Sunday, May 09, 2004


It must have been about month ago when I last saw Clive Yates (who is on VUFORS committee) and he looked great. Clive is a long time Ufologist in fact he is one of the first members of VUFORS. Clive is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and very polite so I can not help but see Clive as the future President of VUFORS - as Judith Magee and Paul Norman time ends. That could be months to a few years away but it is very close. When I last saw Paul Norman, he looked great for his age, yet the years are now on top of him and I don't see many more. Pauls work & research has fallen away to just a trickle so it would be a good time for Clive to take control.

As many of you know, this is a very sensitive issue with past VUFORS members and even in the ranks of today's members... it would be nice to see a good transition of power rather than a big end or struggle.

That brings me to my original idea for this post, I have notice Clive's name in a few major position or power shifts, and one of these is Clive link to MUFON. It now looks as if Clive will be taking a bigger role. Now that is good news!

More on this later.

Simon B. Harvey-Wilson Australia - Western Australia State Director
Moria E. McGhee Australia - New South Wales State Director
Paul B. Norman Australia - Victoria State Director
Clive V. Yates Australia - Representative