Friday, May 07, 2004


I have to admit, when it comes to great syntax, text or words that impress I am not that good, so work with me try and live with my limits. As a wise man once said "I know what I like and I like what I want", not a bad maxim, well that is all you can expect from anyone who blogs so it should fit my daily plan. Compared to some full time bloggers, some have the word smith art down pat. So as odd as it may look to you I hope I can give the you some new angle on the subjects I will reassess.

Only new to the world of the Blog, I have a lot to learn. My major hurdle to date, well how much of my life should enter the blog pages. I am not quite adjusted to the idea of letting the readers know too much about my daily activities… that may change.

The great advantage of the blog environment is the ability to give a private view on current news or web activity, that is the big appeal to me. As I read a few other well established Blogs, I have noticed how I need to come back the next day just to see what has happened to that person. It has a vox populi appeal, in an odd way, yet if you stay around long enough and read the thoughts of the blogger, then it is quite appealing as a one to one form of cerebral contact, with the warm relationship feel as we all have with a family pet.

I hope I can last one month, let's see, I have some ideas on what I want to review and how to do that, I expect these restrictions to change with time, so please come back and look.


The counter to the left is just that a counter, no tracking format. I do not know if this was a good idea, but I have an urge or want, to see just how many people look in on my rubbish... or gems.