Saturday, May 08, 2004


This little snip on page 2 of the local Herald Sun (3.5.2004), is a gem. Have you ever noticed when big Corps have problems they tend to blame it on the small. In Victoria we have this wonderful excuse used by power industry spin doc, if you ever get a power outage than a tree Possum did it! Have you ever thought how one Possum can take out 20,000 home? Well TXU likes the excuse. They do not like to mention the power grid is in decline.

Another gem from page 11 of the local Herald Sun (3.5.2004). Australians don't like PayTV. The article said "47% of us probably won't ever subscribe"... I wonder why? I know why, who wants reruns and then have to pay. And what ever happened to the promise "No advertisement on PayTV".

PayTv use went from 19% to 25% - Death
Internet use went from 35% to 59% - We love our WWW/NET
Mobile phone use went from 46% to 72% - Love

Charles Fort was right!