Tuesday, May 11, 2004


(What will the men say? Don't I make you sick with this love in crap?)

Back to my thoughts. In my last post I made reference to Paul Norman, however, I did not add the acknowledgment on Paul's long service to Australian Ufology. Paul is a high flying star and I will be the first to say I will be sad to see him leave the field, so stay Paul. I can only emphasise his long time service and importance to Ufology and hope if we get a transition, Paul stays in the net work. As for Judith no comment!


Back at the same post it occurred to me, MUFON has no Queensland Director?

I thought Glennys Mackay was still in that position, so I wonder why she ended that arrangement. It is a shame as Glennys was a very good director and can I say organised and hosted one of the very best MUFON conferences I have been too. I remember it well, the trip from Melbourne to Brisbane and back was hell. Top marks to her crew as this was one of the very rare occasions when MUFON went out of the US. So is it just burn out or a good rest. I can understand, some times we all need to cut and run just to get a rest. Then come back fresh.

I see her name around the traps but - "Where are you Mrs Mac?"


This was posted out a few days ago and being interested in the magazine world I had a look. For a first try and because the Editor Stuart Miller is an amateur at this magazine production work, he did rather well... I would say three stars ***. The layout was way off - not good - just too simple. Stuart needs to change the format from MS-Word to PDF and add some art to the text - that would help.

The material was good, not great; I did enjoy the "FIRESTORM" - By Ann Druffel book review. Would I pay for this production...? I would say no. If he gives away a few more and the quality improves then I would consider it.

The contents are listed below, down load a copy and save it. Some good photographs of authors and researchers in this edition. As well as all that UFO Research Queensland's Sheryl Gottschall has a chapter.

Good work Stuart, just tighten it up.

Issue 1 May 2004

Published monthly.
Editor: Stuart Miller - E-mail: Stuart@uforeview.net

Click Here to Download Issue 1 - File Size 6.16MB

06 - Monster Man Speaks - Part 1 - By Stuart Miller
Major two-part interview with Nick Redfern on what he's been up to, where he's been, his new book and what he now thinks about the ETH.

20 - Attack Of The Red Cape - By Andy Thomas
Extract from Andy Thomas' book "Swirled Harvest" about the pitfalls of getting involved with loonies and the media simultaneously!

24 -What are the Triangles? - By Richard M. Dolan
We reprise renowned author Richard M. Dolan's fascinating analysis of Flying Triangles.

37 - Contact - By Stuart Miller
In the first of a series of articles on the implications for Mankind of contact with an extraterrestrial species, we look at the impact on religion.

51 - The Many Challenges of the Volunteer Ufologist - By Sheryl Gottschall
Devastating article by Aussie Ufologist Sheryl Gottschall on the pain and heartache of being a researcher. Enough to put you off ever looking at a UFO again.

54 - Book reviews
* FIRESTORM - By Ann Druffel
Publisher: Wild Flower Press, ISBN 0-926524-58-5
* CHALLENGES OF CHANGE - By Stanley A. Fulham
Publisher: Amisk Enterprises Ltd. Winnipeg, ISBN 09687321-1-9
THE PHOENIX LIGHTS - By Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, ISBN 1-57174-377-4

65 - News