Thursday, May 13, 2004

Her Web Page

Patricia Piccinini was born in Freetown Sierra Leone in 1965 and arrived in Australia in 1972. From 1985-91 she studied economic history at Australian National University and painting at the Victorian Collage of the Arts. I just lover her work and so does the world. If you can find out more about her exhibitions.

She has a show on right now - "We Are Family" at the Bendigo Art Gallery until 27th Jun 2004.

This is from the Oakleycentre:

"Patricia Piccinini is an artist who explores the frontiers of science and technology through her sculptures, photographs and video environments. Since the early 1990s, Piccinini has pursued an interest in the human form and its potential for manipulation and enhancement through bio-technological intervention. From the mapping of the human genome to the growth of human tissue and organs from stem cells, Piccinini's art charts a terrain in which scientific progress and ethical questions are intertwined."

"Ideas about nature and its simulation are central to Piccinini's works, inviting us to question what is 'real' and what is not. Made with the aid of computer technology, they collapse reality and artifice, and propose that nature is as much a human invention as it is an empirical concept. In the artist's world, birds inhabit a computer-generated forest and the sun sets over a shimmering, digital ocean. A menagerie of human and animal life inhabits this wonderland, modified by and even given life from within the computer. From synthetic landscapes to artificial life forms, Piccinini creates a world in which fact, fiction and fantasy co-exist. She begs the question: what, in our rapidly changing world, constitutes 'the real' anyway?" - (C) Oakleycentre.com

We Are Family" - Take a look!

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