Thursday, June 17, 2004


While we are on this theme. A year back or so, this image called "The Indiana Bill" appeared around the "Halls of Ufology", soon after this exchange of ideas. The play opens with Rebecca Langs reference to the word "Indy":

REBECCA LANG: "Bill, I'll definitely look those tomes up! I too have a deep abiding interest in Shamanism (reading Black Elk Speaks just now). I may chase up the Nature magazine too, Indy ;-)"

And the reply was thus:

BILL CHALKER: "The April/May 2002 issue of the Australian glossy magazine "Nature & Health" has an article called "Alien Concepts" by Wendy Champagne (3 page article) which features coverage of Peter Khoury, John Mack and myself. A small error crept in where Wendy dates Peter Khoury's 1992 experience as 1993. Overall it is a reasonable but light intro into the subject matter. I'm not sure what to make of Wendy characterising me as having "more of an Indiana Jones role." I guess it's better than a lot of the other things I've been called!"

Now with that in mind, take a good look at this wonderful image, it is full of great sight metaphors.

IMAGE 03: The Indiana Bill.