Monday, July 26, 2004


Oh dear, another so called myth end up being so. How many sailors and captains have been branded as fools by the establishment after reporting these rogue waves - many! And now where are these establishment dills who think talk by the non scientist is not worthy of any research. I know were they are chasing after people who sell magnets in pillows.

Seas awash with monster waves
ABC Science Online - Monday, 26 July  2004

Rogue waves that rise as high as 10-storey buildings and can sink large ships are far more common than previously thought, satellite images show.

Two European Space Agency (ESA) satellites have monitored the world's oceans to test the frequency of monster waves that were once dismissed as a nautical myth.

Three weeks of data from the early months of 2001 showed more than 10 individual giant waves around the globe over 25 metres high. Previously, ESA said, scientists believed that such large waves occurred only once every 10,000 years.