Thursday, July 29, 2004

Crop Circles Offer Straight Line To Success
The Age, Australia - Jul 26, 2004
By David Harrison.

"Mr Lundberg's hero is Doug Bowers, a watercolour artist who, with Dave Chorley, a fellow artist, started secretly making crop circles in Britain in the late 1970s. Bowers was inspired by "a couple of crop circles blamed on UFOs" while he was living in Australia. The pair continued their hoaxes for 14 years before confessing to a shocked - and, in some quarters, disappointed - world in 1991.

Bowers, now 80, is surprised at the commercial turn of late. "We just wanted people to think that a UFO had landed in a field, when it was really just two blokes with a plank of wood," he said. "And it worked a treat.

"We'd make the crop circles and crowds would come to see them. We used to mingle with them and listen to what they were saying, all these so-called UFO experts spouting off about aliens. We would look at each and burst out laughing.

"We did it for a laugh. Money - and even art - never came into it. Who would have thought it would come to this?""

The Doug & Dave bull has been doing the rounds for years. These two numnuts have magic powers of being able to create crop circles all over the world while they sit at home in old dart! I wonder if any POM farmer have sent them a bill for damaging their crops? - Thats the POM for yah!