Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Oh dear, the Victorian skeptics Vice President, still thinks he can see through a digital camera. (See this post). Now I understand how this is accomplished with a reflex SLR camera but come on Steve fess up it was the view finder your eyeball was up against. Those pictures on the back of Steve’s digital camera, I wonder what he thinks they are?

I must say Steve is an intellectual giant when it comes to skeptics. A Britt who went walk about to Oz and we are glad we got him, but I am perplexed, how does one get a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry and then become a diminutive Director or was that "independent security consultant" or "Computer Systems Consultants" or "Computer security and cryptography consultant" take your pick.

Witham Interesting Web Page Logo

Parked in a small home edition business called "Witham Laboratories" or was that "Witham Pty Ltd" of 15 Ians Gr Templestowe Lower VIC 3107. Sounds all very brrrrright and confusing. What happened to the Organic Chemistry stuff?

I shudder to guess what any sensible business would do with Steve’s services, to be frank cryptography is an well tried art sold in the box load at any good computer retailer these days and if Microsoft has its way I would bet they have the rights to just about every crypkey designed, so what is on offer here Steve -"evaluating algorithms and devices for the banking industry" that takes up all of your time? I wonder out aloud.

Did I say intellectual giant.

("Witham Laboratories" is a trading name of Witham Pty Ltd - ABN: 25 063 282 753)