Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Steve Roberts the Vice President Victorian Skeptics (Born 1950, PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry 1975. Came to Australia from the UK in 1984) has this to say about the City of Whittlesea UFO picture in his little report called "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!":

"Other people were also present and they also saw nothing. I am confident that the image has not been digitally altered."

Then this:

"The UFO is out of focus and blurred in all directions, whereas everything else in the picture - from the distant trees to the gravel at the photographer’s feet, is as sharply focussed as the camera and JPG imagery can achieve. The only way for the UFO to be out of focus is for it to be very near the camera - within about 25 cm, which would make it about 5-10mm in size. I confirmed this by looking through various digital and 35-mm SLR cameras at distant scenes and nearby objects."

Now hang on there Steve! Make up your mind altered image or blurred focus?

Can anyone tell me how he confirms his theory by "looking through various digital and 35-mm SLR cameras..."

Your good Steve but not that good!

What a load of...