Tuesday, June 22, 2004


At last I have Steven Spielberg's "alien abduction opus" series "Taken" in my hand from Amazon (UK), and it cost a few $$, so shop around. I had a bit of a look in last night, and it look very good. For me this will be a weekend sit down job, in one long visual hit. As a reviewer states - "In a nut shell Taken is about Three families experiences of Aliens. One family being taken by Aliens, another investigating Alien existence and the last being visited by Aliens. Each family has been scared by there experiences which carries on through there childrens lives,until 50 years have past."


I see some reviews see the start as a bit slow, now that may be a problem for me, as slow starts are always hard to take. I have placed a lot of hope on the fact Dreamworks studio has had a big part in the production, I love their work. They have created this epic 10-part story or chronicle of the 50 years of habitual abduction over several generations of three American families.

Release Date: May 5, 2003 - ASIN: B000088T1K - £20.97