Monday, June 21, 2004

The AUSTRALIAN & President Dwight Eisenhower Fang

The Washington Post ran this in their Health section. Peter Carlson, Washington Post Staff Writer article "Ike and the Alien Ambassadors: The Whole Tooth About the President's Extraterrestrial Encounter" is a good read. I am interested in the fact the Washington Post decided to mark this event. You may not agree with either the +- theory, yet does it strike you odd or a little strange, Ike skipped out to have a fang fixed, and we find - "Some facts are beyond dispute: Eisenhower was on a golf vacation in Palm Springs on Feb. 20, 1954. After dinner that night, he made an unscheduled departure from the Smoking Tree Ranch, where he was staying. The next morning, he attended a church service in Los Angeles. Also that morning, his spokesman announced to the press that Ike had visited a dentist the previous night because he'd chipped a tooth while eating a chicken wing at dinner. - However we have no dental record from Dr. Francis A. Purcell office," then without the fang proof what do we have?

But, Michael Salla, a former American University professor who got his PhD in government from the University of Queensland, yes he is Australian thinks the whole event is odd and Ike was out with the Roswell Aliens.

Have a read.

Ike and the Alien Ambassadors
The Whole Tooth About the President's Extraterrestrial Encounter
By Peter Carlson
Thursday, February 19, 2004; Page C01
Fifty years ago tomorrow -- on Feb. 20, 1954 -- President Dwight Eisenhower interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., to make a secret nocturnal trip to a nearby Air Force base to meet two extraterrestrial aliens.