Sunday, June 20, 2004



Writer & Ufologist Timothy Good, was recently in Helena to interview Leo Dworshak (June 10) about his encounters with extraterrestrials. Good heard of Dworshak's experience through a man named Lucius Farrila, who runs a UFO news clipping service in Arkansas. "I find this one of the most compelling contact stories I've investigated," Good said.

It was on a summer night in 1932 that Dworshak and his brother saw a spacecraft land near their North Dakota farm. The first time they ran off in fear. The second time, Dworshak said, they entered the ship.

"The inner shell seemed to be standing still, or perhaps, turning the other way," he said. "It was totally silent and produced no cloud of exhaust or smoke."

Dworshak chronicled the encounter in his book, "UFOs are With Us—Take My Word." The book has become something of a cult classic among believers around the world, and the letters have rolled in from as far away as Australia. ""

Interesting! Life has been very good to good! (Sorry, I had to do that).

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