Monday, June 21, 2004


An American cryptozoologist - an expert who dedicates himself to analysing evidence of the existence of strange creatures - is flying in with a film crew to prove or discount the big cat's existence. More than 600 sightings of the big cat have been registered by Hawkesbury Council in the Hills and Kenthurst district over the past three years. Now expert Todd Jurasek has been invited by Rex Gilroy, an Australian specialist in hunting mysterious creatures, to try to establish if the animal is real.

Mr Gilroy said: "We will be bringing a cameraman with us for two or three weeks and going into the Wollemi area and a gully at Kenthurst where evidence of regular appearance and permanent residency is said to be."

IMAGE: Our big white hunter just loves a camera,

REF: Trackers bring out the big gun, June 21, 2004