Friday, July 16, 2004


People try a separating religion out of everything these days but its long hand still twist and turn people's lives. Science seems to be the big stick we use to counter religion and that is fine as long as both have a place in this world. The warning bell should ring for us all when either camp decides it has the whole truth. If you see any cults, fundamentalism or dogma then counter it, have a say don't run for cover. For me I am happy as a believer in a God and happy with my science attempts to change me. This is where skeptics fall down and I am always surprised that a person would reach for the skeptic pill, you see both religion and science get their energy on the wonder factor or WOW factor! It is that sense of being driven to new places that over comes our small minds, a drive to understand. If you can fit the two together then as I see it youÂ’re a very healthy and wise person.

Take this item:

"Many Australians dread that unexpected knock on the door: you open it
to find two polite, clean-cut, impeccably dressed young Americans
(usually) who want to explain why you should be a Mormon, or perhaps a
Jehovah's Witness."

"Australians may mock, but what traditional Christianity dismisses as
cults are rising to claim a place alongside the mainstream, says a
visiting professor of religion."

"Dr Terryl Givens says some ingenious solutions were devised, using
popular fiction and the press. In the 20th century, anti-cult
professionals argued that Scientologists, Moonies and Mormons were

"Members are expected to tithe (give a 10th of their gross salary),
abstain from alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee, abstain from premarital
sex,..."  (1)

Now wait a minute did you say 10% of my wage??? After all that NO SEX... gives me a break NO SEX with out coffee you must be deranged son - close the gate as you go out old chap!
A Mormon - not I!
(1) 'New' faith comes a'knocking - By Barney Zwartz - July 12, 2004 - The Melbourne Age.