Friday, July 16, 2004


What a feeble mob the Australian Skeptics are. Ufology thought it had its problems but so do the skeptics I see - their numbers are not that good. To add insult to injury and to boost the numbers up at the function, the Sydney chapter decided to send in some support - well hell that did a lot to the numbers you numnut!

IMAGE - Tables.

Table 41 = 9
Table 42 = 8
Table 43 = 9
TOTAL = 26


On table 42 on the left hand side, we have a turkey in black well that is what it looks like to me, and I should know being the big turkey around ufology. Interesting, we thought all the nuts came to our meetings.

IMAGE - What was that?

Kellys lecture to the believers was... well let’s forget that snooze. I want to see the pin up girl in full flight - that’s her flapping her wings - "Down with this down with that all skeptics are right the rest are wrong..." You get the picture.

IMAGE - Kelly in Flight.