Monday, July 12, 2004

Portrait of Barry Williams
by Kilmeny Niland

Have a look at this portrait of father skeptic, the bearded burglar aka Santa. Very impressed with Nilands work.In the blurb I learnt some think new, it looks as if father skeptic is an x-member of the Royal Australian Air Force. Oh dear now I know why he became a skeptic poor fellow, all that microwave radiation, hence the big white beard


"Essentially a man of peace, he was not found wanting in time of war. He saw active service in the Near East at the time of Confrontation with Indonesia over the newly independent state of Malaysia. During a crisis he took up a rifle to defend the airforce base, like the heroes in the thin red line facing the Zulus at Rorke's Drift. In the event the Zulus did not appear, being engaged elsewhere. The cause of the alarm, a blip on the horizon, was an artefact produced by a defective radar unit. The base was rendered safe by returning the rifles to the armory before they went off and injured someone."

HAVE A LOOK - Portrait.