Thursday, July 08, 2004


TOPIC BY: Sheryl Gottschall - UFORQld
8th July 2004

Q: "How about some constructive discussion towards improving Australian Ufology? I'd be very interested to hear people's views about the possibility of National programs towards raising public awareness, educating the media, funding, pros and cons of moving UFO research from voluntary status to paid work, the role of UFO groups, support for close encounter experiencers, building bridges from the UFO community to our general society as well as close encounter experiencers, and a whole host of other topics just eeking out an existence in the background waiting to be discussed. C'mon, I know you're all just chomping at the bit to get into it! (well aren't you? Paul?)"

PAUL de Blog:
Sound Ok to me. I will set the comment section up (In this post just below) with the Sheryls question first. If it takes off I may place a link so when you come back each day it should be at the top of the page. Say what you like, get as bad as you like, hate everyone all GLOVE PUPPETS welcome (me) - you're free to call. Let's see how it works out shall we - So come one come all let's give it a go.

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