Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Richard Hall

Why are you so knee-jerk averse to the word
"science?" Could it be that you believe in New Age "truth?"

Stuart Miller

And why do you wail to the heavens when New Agism is mentioned?
Is it because there are lots of women in it? J'accuse! You are a
mysogonist masquarding as a ufologist.

Nah, I don't have much time for New Agist theories either. But
neither do I go swinging my cave man club about when it gets
mentioned. Here's the trick Dick. I listen. Who knows? I might
actually learn something. And, with the admitted exception of
one English sceptic, I don't growl at people in my best Walter
Mathau fashion if they offer ideas contrary to mine.

UFO UpDates - Re: J-Rod And The Challenge - Jul 4, 2004